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26 Jan 2021
@inoricd:matrix.orginoricdAnd politicians prefer to put some money in their pockets 10:10:26
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In reply to @nth_vr:matrix.org
Are there other rooms/community specialized in that area?
+cybersec:matrix.org this community has a few rooms. when element updates communities (perhaps a bit more discord-esque) it should be easier to find
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Hey. I want to run like 4 different nodes of a openvpn server, but when I connect, I want to connect to one of the by random choice. I'm not knowledgable in c language ATM or have I done anything like this before but I'm determined to do it. I know I can just add 4 servers to my openvpn client, but I need my VPN turn on on screen on and I don't want to think about and be "user friendly". I know I can jus make my own client, which I might end up doing if this ends up being too hard. But I want to to know what's the proper way to do it? A proxy server?
Put 4 servers in your config and use remote-random option
@greeneggsnspam:matrix.orggreeneggsNo programming required14:29:42
@inoricd:matrix.orginoricdYou also get high availability that way!14:32:19
@inoricd:matrix.orginoricdIf one node is down, it should try another14:32:29
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Put 4 servers in your config and use remote-random option
Sweeeet, thanks
@foolosofi:matrix.orgfoolosofist* Sweeeet, thanks14:47:26
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