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19 Jan 2020
21:33:58@momoshiki:matrix.orgmomoshikiseems like he's reinventing the operating system
21:34:20@momoshiki:matrix.orgmomoshikimy man's attempting to build his own information age i think
21:34:52@momoshiki:matrix.orgmomoshiki4600 commits though, he's definitely serious about this
21:35:52@momoshiki:matrix.orgmomoshiki... though it doesn't seem like he's squashing them
21:40:38@dud1337:chat.138.iodud1337rip Terry
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20 Jan 2020
01:22:09@pyrosanical:matrix.orgPyrosanical changed their profile picture.
In reply to @momoshiki:matrix.org
plus it sounds like he just conjured up buzzwords and shoved them into the document
looks like a side project gone out of hand
04:24:09@terabit:matrix.orgnot sure to admire that project or to be confused tbh , but yeah...
04:24:24@terabit:matrix.orgreminds of xanadu for some reason
04:41:21@unkn0wnbyte:matrix.orgunkn0wnbyte Hi
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In reply to @terabit:matrix.org
looks like a side project gone out of hand
i don't think even he knows what's up with it tbqh cuz he doesn't seem able to describe what's he's attempting to build
18:41:58@momoshiki:matrix.orgmomoshikibut whatever frankly all the luck to him
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23:16:05@terabit:matrix.org momoshiki maybe it's a kid , I remember drawing crazy things when I was pre-puberty (but like diagrams of flying cars and shit lmao) \o/
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21 Jan 2020
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