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26 Sep 2020
@chrispaquin:matrix.orgNight Trader changed their display name from Lil Chris to Chris.15:35:26
@chrispaquin:matrix.orgNight Trader changed their display name from Chris to Night Trader.16:02:18
@chrispaquin:matrix.orgNight Trader changed their profile picture.16:03:13
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@chrispaquin:matrix.orgNight Trader changed their profile picture.16:25:03
@chrispaquin:matrix.orgNight Trader changed their profile picture.16:25:47
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27 Sep 2020
@lucren:matrix.orgLuc joined the room.02:17:58
@lrvick:matrix.orgLance R. Vick changed their profile picture.09:30:59
@lrvick:matrix.orgLance R. Vick changed their display name from lrvick to Lance R. Vick.09:32:57
@pandaru:matrix.orgpandaru changed their profile picture.13:27:24
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28 Sep 2020
@zeedoo:matrix.orgzeedoo joined the room.06:21:32
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29 Sep 2020
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