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15 Nov 2019
15:17:17@luke:matrix.lhackworth.comLukeI think dud1337 was talking about running a bug bounty program for their application
15:19:03@dud1337:chat.138.iodud1337yeah, but that's good info anyway
15:20:08@dud1337:chat.138.iodud1337at the moment, we have our own ad-hoc system, but it could incentivise vagrant hackers to help find bugs if we're listed on a bigger website

Ohhhh, I missed the key word


My bad! We ran a small internal one for students at a former job. It worked out really well for everyone, but it was really lowscale / lowkey. I'd mostly just help the students fill out good reports to the major software vendor that had the issue. (And usually it came back with it being the instructor not using the software correctly. 😂 )

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16 Nov 2019
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02:37:20@peter:ohare.ukpeter I'd not do a beg bounty tbh. But it's definitely set up a security@ type contract and make it as easy as possible for people to contact someone about security.
03:31:26@peter:ohare.ukpeter Even if you don't run a beg bounty you'll get emails from people demanding payment because your X-Frame-Options header isn't set or there's my favourite, "plaintext content injection".
11:38:29@dud1337:chat.138.iodud1337hahah, yeah, that has happened already and we do have the contact system
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15:36:04@bob2938:matrix.orgbob2938what IDS/ firewall do hackers use?
15:37:49@peter:ohare.ukpeterpf or iptables/nftables I guess
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17 Nov 2019
In reply to @takeitdowntommy:matrix.org
Splunk question: I want to take a search output, compare a field of IP Addresses from that output with a file that has a list of IPs, and if there's a hit I want to remove the IP from the output. I've got the output and the file, but I have no idea how to compare then. Any clues?

Curious, why ask me in particular ?
You would upload the file as a lookup table first.
Then you would do something like:

index=myindex source_ip=* 
| lookup .... OUTPUT somecolumn as somefield
| eval source_ip=if(source_ip=somefield,source_ip,"")

but quite peculiar how you asked me this ...

06:51:49@terabit:matrix.orglookup tables and "if" eval basically does wonders. IIRC splunk also comes with a 'dnslookup' lookup table if you want to enrich your logs by doing PTR record lookups
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14:42:34@takeitdowntommy:thomcat.rockstakeitdowntommy@terabit:matrix.org: Thanks! Sorry, you and I had talked about Splunk before.
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