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8 Oct 2019
20:06:01@patcon:tomesh.netpatcon cc hng ^^^
20:08:01@patcon:tomesh.netpatcon💡 maybe a weekly summary (or just a count) of new threads on the CoTech forum would be more effective in letting ppl know about that place, without being so noisy?
21:13:52@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum - Latest topics:
Let's enabled forum ability to close/reopen threads (clearer convo spaces for some topics)
23:29:52@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum - Latest topics:
Which is the most recommendable crowd-funding / user feedback platform for co-op projects?
10 Oct 2019
08:58:34@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum - Latest topics:
Energy Co-operatives
16:16:46@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum - Latest topics:
CICOPA General Assembly in Kigali this Sunday
17:26:48@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum - Latest topics:
Petition for retail coops in the UK to buy goods from Rojava?
18:06:07@patcon:tomesh.netpatcon bump to the above msg hng ^^^
11 Oct 2019
10:19:18@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum - Latest topics:
Looking for penetration testing
20:58:49@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum - Latest topics:
Can someone please rescue me from this hell
12 Oct 2019
14:13:27@hng:matrix.orghng@patcon Yeah, you are right, will turn it off when I am back at a computer
13 Oct 2019
02:06:15@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum - Latest topics:
Hello from Pavilion
14:32:18@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org@_neb_rssbot_=40hng=3amatrix.org:matrix.org left the room.
14 Oct 2019
15:23:02@hng:matrix.orghng@channel If anyone is coming or thinking about coming to c3 in germany (yearly conference of the chaos computer congress, one of the (if not THE) biggest hacker/internet/culture conference in Europe, let me know and I'll invite you to our channel for coordination. We will organize our own physical space for tech-coops :)
15:23:20@hng:matrix.orghng invited @georgeowell:matrix.orgkawaiipunk.
15:42:00@patcon:tomesh.netpatconkawaiipunk 🖖
15:43:01@patcon:tomesh.netpatconhng oh heck, I've been dreaming of making it for years :) but alas, this year I've got the time, but not the budget
15:44:45@hng:matrix.orghng patcon: Maybe all of the tech-coops from US/Canada can delegate you and pay for your trip? :D It would be awesome!
19:41:49@osuiowq:matrix.orgosuiowq joined the room.
24 Oct 2019
01:17:52@georgeowell:matrix.orgkawaiipunk joined the room.
16 Jan 2020
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20 Jan 2020
11:20:02@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinismHeres a mastodon post that made me think of this room and ideas for bridging networks
11:22:32@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinismAlso doing a search of matrix rooms I see there isnt yet a general coop chat
16:53:36@patcon:tomesh.netpatconThanks for thinking on this place!
16:54:16@patcon:tomesh.netpatconInternational Cooperative Alliance is getting ready to launch a Mattermost instance too
5 Feb 2020
13:17:39@josef-davies-coates:matrix.orgjosef-davies-coates joined the room.
In reply to @patcon:tomesh.net
Thanks for thinking on this place!
It's been launched, see https://patio.ica.coop/t/tech-coops-chat-mattermost/263/16?u=jdaviescoates :)
12 Feb 2020
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