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Discussion of Ruma, a Matrix homeserver, client, and supporting libraries written in the Rust programming language. https://www.ruma.io/97 Servers

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10 Dec 2018
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23:31:37@jimmycuadra:matrix.orgJimmyNot sure if that RSS bot is still working, so just FYI, there's a new (albeit skimpy) TWIRuma: https://www.ruma.io/news/this-week-in-ruma-2018-12-09/
23:35:26@aaron:raim.istAaron Raimist! nice
23:35:54@aaron:raim.istAaron RaimistI don't see any RSS bot in here but you could add @rss:maunium.net or something
11 Dec 2018
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12 Dec 2018
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In reply to @jimmycuadra:matrix.org
Not sure if that RSS bot is still working, so just FYI, there's a new (albeit skimpy) TWIRuma: https://www.ruma.io/news/this-week-in-ruma-2018-12-09/
01:00:31@florianjacob:matrix.orgFlorianI'll need to take a weekend aside to see whether I can move my bot to stable ruma and current Rust now :)
01:21:46@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenwhat's the current status of ruma? I just found out about it and the project looks pretty cool but I don't see a lot of activity
01:21:53@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenis there development happening on the homeserver right now?
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01:23:50@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenand are you guys looking for contributors?
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01:27:33@jimmycuadra:matrix.orgJimmy Hi uelen, take a look at the last couple of news articles on the Ruma website, and this GitHub issue: https://github.com/ruma/ruma/issues/189
01:28:11@jimmycuadra:matrix.orgJimmyLong story short, the project is in a development lull while we wait for things to mature, but in general yes, we're looking for interested people, contributors, and users
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01:29:28@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenis there anything to work on while you guys wait for the async/await + everything else?
01:29:45@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenor is it pretty much halted
01:30:32@jimmycuadra:matrix.orgJimmyOne useful thing would be to go through the ruma-events and ruma-client-api crates to make sure the event and HTTP endpoint definitions match the latest version of the Matrix client-server spec
01:30:52@jimmycuadra:matrix.orgJimmythat's a pretty dull task though
01:31:40@jimmycuadra:matrix.orgJimmyany issue labeled "type/discussion" on GitHub could always use more people's thoughts, too
01:33:08@jimmycuadra:matrix.orgJimmyand of course, any work that helps the Rust Net Web working group will ultimately help Ruma: https://github.com/rust-net-web
01:33:47@jimmycuadra:matrix.orgJimmyjust now I was trying out the Tide framework to get an initial sense of it, and if it's a contender for replacing the Iron framework in Ruma
01:36:34@uelen:riot.firechicken.netuelenI'll take a look at those, thanks!

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