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18 Jun 2021
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <goodc0re@telegram>: Hi, how do I know if I my anon balance is frozen - no idea if I have to claim anything. But if my anon balance is less than 200 PART, then there is no point claiming anything, is that right? 10:24:40
19 Jun 2021
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: @goodc0re "if my anon balance is less than 200 PART, then there is no point claiming anything, is that right?"
That is correct
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <skybitman@telegram>: Why?
(re: mbacoinin@discord:
@goodc0re "if my anon balance is less than 200 PART, then there is n...)
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <skybitman@telegram>: Why there is no point to claim? 14:59:24
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <karolyi@discord>: hey guys, I have a " character in my recovery passphrase and I get a "String not a boolean value." error when trying to import the HD wallet 23:39:10
20 Jun 2021
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <karolyi@discord>: after investigating, it's just the Qt wallet that has this error, particl-desktop managed to restore my wallet successfully 00:23:35
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <karolyi@discord>: is there a way to find out which inputs in my wallet are not staking? 12:18:56
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: @karolyi you can see on the blockchain which outputs have staked 12:21:01
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <karolyi@discord>: I guess with a block explorer? 12:22:34
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: @karolyi Yep. I presume you asking on how to monitor which outputs staked without using a wallet right ? Otherwise you should be able to see which outputs have staked in your wallet 12:27:33
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <karolyi@discord>: yes, my goal is to find out which inputs/outputs have not staked since I changed OS (moved to linux full time) and have reinstated my wallet. hence my problem from yesterday, probably tecnovert will need to look into that 12:28:37
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <karolyi@discord>: luckily I stored my wallet.dat too, but even more luckily, particl desktop was able to recover my wallet without having to use that 12:29:23
@mike.bacoinin:matrix.orgmbacoinin@karolyi Use the blockchain to monitor your outputs for staking. As soon as you have some statistical evidence with 95+% confidence that there is some issue with one or more of your outputs, lets poke Tecnovert. 13:48:31
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <karolyi@discord>: it's all cool, I know I've forgotten to put one output into staking, just need to see which one 14:26:24
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <karolyi@discord>: it's rather the " that bothers me 14:26:35
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <skybitman@telegram>: Hi @B3N27 I DM you , can you please take a look, thanks. 19:06:17
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <My name is Sylar!!!@discord>: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/392014161523245105/856250654753685534/IMG20210620151148.jpg 19:14:24
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <My name is Sylar!!!@discord>: has this never been solved? 19:15:25
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <My name is Sylar!!!@discord>: lol 19:15:27
21 Jun 2021
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@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <WhiteFlag@discord>: TipBot is down? 🤔 17:10:58
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22 Jun 2021
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <genuinelyfx@discord>: any idea why my client keeps dropping nodes? win10 64 08:56:10
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <genuinelyfx@discord>: I see them connecting and dropping in real time 08:56:28
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <genuinelyfx@discord>: i clearban and then see them connecting and dropping one by one 08:57:11
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <genuinelyfx@discord>: reason: node misbehaving 08:57:17
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <genuinelyfx@discord>: I tried older client too, same result 08:57:25
@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: @genuinelyfx Can you send me your debug.log m8 via DM. 13:32:12
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