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6 Dec 2018
08:44:40@abansemer:matrix.orgzaSmilingIdiot set a profile picture.
08:45:26@abansemer:matrix.orgzaSmilingIdiot changed their display name from abansemer to zaSmilingIdiot.
09:20:15@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<gaston05> Hi everyone, wrote the following mail to hello@particl.io, but hav not received anything yet. Maybe someone here, can point me in the right direction? Hi Particl team, https://portal.particl.io/login - is that portal still working fine? I have a problem, as I lost my phone with my 2fa on it for the login to the portal. My username is „...“ and I was trying to reset my password with my email address (the one I am sending this mail from). It said "Please check your inbox to reset your password.“, but until now I have not received anything. There is a small chance that I used my other email address from protonmail (...). Can you tell me what is going with my account? All in all I should have ... Part. I also installed Particl Desktop Version 1.1 back then, but my Wallet does not show any Part, so I assume I did not transfer them. If you need anything else from me to proof my identity, please let me know.
7 Dec 2018
23:32:59@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> Hello there. I recently had one of my staking nodes crash and I was not successful in recovering it, so I sent all of the funds to a wallet that was staking correctly a few hours ago. The cold staking button in that wallet is now greyed out and the cold staking node is only showing the old balance. It does show it is staking a couple of thousand parts in the hot wallet. How long does it take for it to show up in my cold wallet and do I need to reenter the cold wallet public address into the hot wallet or will it cold staking button ungray itself? Thanks experts.
8 Dec 2018
03:40:49@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> Ok...I figures it out. Thanks for the help.
13:34:14@Tenebrosus:matrix.org@Tenebrosus:matrix.org If you’ve sent it to another wallet, you should give it around 8 hours to mature. Should all be sweet after that. 225 blocks if I’m not mistaken
14:38:46@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<B3N27> Can t accept terms 😆
14:46:31@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<B3N27> It works now I had to change the graphic resolution
16:17:31@abansemer:matrix.orgzaSmilingIdiotWhich resolution were you using previously when it didnt work? Just curious :)
16:17:56@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> Good morning. My cold staking wallet is calling for an update, but it won't update because of a sha256 error. How do I fix that?
16:19:38@abansemer:matrix.orgzaSmilingIdiotWhich version are you currently using? And which version is it trying to update to?
16:25:41@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> 17.1 to 17.2
In reply to @rutherford:matrix.org
17.1 to 17.2
Hmmm.... You should be going from to then (the latter is the latest release)
16:39:36@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> I think you are right. This is what it says:particld version : particld up-to-date : NO (
16:41:25@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> particld version : particld up-to-date : NO (
17:00:40@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> I figured it out abansemer. Thanks. I should have never quit my toilet cleaning job. I did a couple of updates and git pulls and restarts and shutdowns and it went away. FNM.
17:13:17@abansemer:matrix.orgzaSmilingIdiot Hehe.. lol
And FNM?? From where I'm from thats Friday Night Magic :D :P
18:24:02@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> No.... f'n magic.
11 Dec 2018
10:35:44@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<B3N27> Forwarded from smailgroup: why is zap not active?
11:10:01@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<B3N27> https://github.com/particl/particl-desktop/pull/1212 🤔
11:16:36@abansemer:matrix.orgzaSmilingIdiotHmmm... I don't think we've released a new version since the changes have been merged in.
19:19:03@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> Can you help a brother out? I set up cold staking on a Windows10 Particl desktop wallet. It is cold staking to my pi. What command do I use to delete the old cold staking address and replace it with the cold staking pool address?
19:20:07@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<Cryptoguard> On Desktop? What I usually do is I note my seed somewhere, delete the wallet.dat file, and re-import the seed. Maybe there is a better way though, so actually curious about an alternative solution!
19:24:58@abansemer:matrix.orgzaSmilingIdiotI don't think that works with the cold staking address though? I'm not 100% certain how to help, but I'm sure one of the team members knows. I' sure I can find something out otherwise.
23:26:58@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<ben.> @iloveyou if you cannot disable the smartcontract on your desktop wallet manually just create a new address in your wallet (which begin by P), then send all your funds to this address and it will disable it. Nevertheless after that you will have an other issue: you won t be able to zap your funds after entering the coldstakingpool address (they need to release a new version of the desktop wallet). At this step I recommend you to use the qt to create a smartcontract with the coldstakingpool as explained in this tutorial: https://link.medium.com/oGADzh9yzS
12 Dec 2018
00:12:58@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<iloveyou> Thanks Ben!
01:52:44@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford<joe_particl> i completed my pin order and funds were moved into escrow. The total should have been 10 part but the escrow lock is for 15

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