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19 Sep 2020
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherfordRedacted or Malformed Event11:23:17
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherfordRedacted or Malformed Event11:24:30
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: I even went into the particlcore folder and started it manually but status still says particl running NO 11:27:21
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Weird piece of software, definitely needs some kind of update... 11:27:43
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Well gonna reinstall the whole os, sorry for the spam guys. This just killed my mood 🤨 11:31:29
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Well i fixed the issue with a fresh os install 11:44:29
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Port 51738 still not open even tho i opened it in my router interface as tcp port 11:44:53
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: @lninc did you run the partyman firewall command? 14:53:18
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <mbacoinin@discord>: Just checked and the bitcoin core requires both TCP and UDP to be forwarded 16:37:10
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Thank you really appreciated your instant help 16:56:10
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Yes i did run the firewall , may caused some trouble but now its working fine, without firewall. 16:56:44
20 Sep 2020
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Fck 09:36:51
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: After os reinstall it worked 09:36:58
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Now i tried to restart it and now the error is back 09:37:10
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Seems like partyman and raspberry os doesnt work well together ? 09:37:29
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: When i type partyman restart it puts out the error particld unexpectedly quit. Exiting.. why is that

Seems like core is not able to shutdown correctly and then crashes without the option to bring it back up.. mhh this is robbing my time

@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/392014161523245105/757174866989547660/image0.jpg 09:42:37
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Why is there nobody who manages partyman in here ? 09:43:02
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Quite concerning, because in my opinion it is one of the most important software here to secure the network 09:43:39
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Could it be that i installed it as pi user and not as another "particl" user like it was recommended 09:46:54
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: And may some file permission are corrupted or something 09:47:12
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Shit i cant figured it out 🤨 09:47:20
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Now it worked 😮 mhhh 09:50:28
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: I will try it again here and there and keep an eye on it 09:51:01
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <dros@discord>: Use the search. There were some pi related things. 10:13:57
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <del@slack>: I had same problem 12:40:17
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <del@slack>: I had to delete folder with Blockchain data then it would work 12:42:17
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <lninc@discord>: Where is the blockchain data located on pi ? 13:05:56
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <dros@discord>: !tag config 13:22:13
@rutherford:matrix.particl.xyzrutherford <ParticlBot@discord>: Particl's config folders location:

Particl Core Config Folder

It holds the blockchain data, smsg data, logfiles for the blockchain relevant events, and all the wallets you create.

Windows: %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Particl
MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/particl
Linux: ~/.particl

Particl Desktop Config Folder

It may hold the Particl Desktop application itself and the particld deamon depending on your installation type.

Windows: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Particl Desktop AND `%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Programs\Particl Desktop
MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Particl Desktop
Linux: ~/.Particl Desktop OR /opt/Particl Desktop

Particl Marketplace Config Folder

It holds the marketplace database, marketplace logfiles, images, and your marketplace configurations eg. smsg key mappings to your wallet profile.

Windows: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\particl-market
MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/particl-market
Linux: ~/.particl-market

Particl Bot Folder

It holds informations about bots and their configurations.

Windows: %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\particl-bot
MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/particl-bot
Linux: ~/.particl-bot


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