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8 Apr 2020
07:44:47@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: There was a little problem with stealth address that kewde fixed. Ledger wanted to finish this this week, so we can hope everything is solved by friday 🙂
07:46:35@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: @yasabi you avatar is from what games? It reminds me of the old Final Fantasy series^^
08:00:33@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: its from Octopath Traveller, which takes a lot of inspiration from FFVI and Chrono Trigger
08:01:12@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: highly recommend if you have Steam or a Switch
08:01:51@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: also excited to hear wrt ledger releasing this week 🤞
08:02:22@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: need to pick up more PART at these prices but want to make sure i can stake it first
08:05:56@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: oh yes, I've played this game
08:05:59@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: it was great
08:06:15@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: didn't finished though.... I don't think I've finished a game in a long time <<
08:06:34@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: im rushing to finish it before FFVIIR drops on friday lol
08:06:57@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: ouch, don't talk about it xD
08:07:06@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: I should have received it last friday
08:07:18@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: but I'm not locked down at my appartment
08:07:38@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: so.... I will need to WAIT for the lockdown to end to play it 😭
08:07:47@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: the horror
08:07:58@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: (ff7 is my favorite game of all time)
08:08:05@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: only thing keeping me sane in this quarantine is knowing i get to play that in a couple days
08:08:10@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: same
08:08:26@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: spent so many hours of my childhood playing it
08:08:44@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <yasabi@discord>: first RPG for me
08:11:31@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: same ^^
08:12:01@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: I had to play it again later to have a better understanding of it
08:13:01@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: maybe we should go to #ID:392014273280213003 lol
14:16:53@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <CaptainSkywalker@telegram>: Oh yea guys can't w8 for FFXII so nice to have some old school gamers in this community
14:17:02@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <CaptainSkywalker@telegram>: Oh yea guys can't w8 for FFXII. so nice to have some old school gamers in this community (edited)
14:17:27@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <CaptainSkywalker@telegram>: Oh yea guys can't w8 for FFVIIr. so nice to have some old school gamers in this community (edited)
14:34:53@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: ... that's hard xD
14:35:15@rutherford:matrix.orgrutherford <ffmad@discord>: saying FFVII is old school, I feel old xD
14:51:49@crz:matrix.orgcrzUltima online here :p
14:52:15@crz:matrix.orgcrzStill subject for offtopic

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