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15 Nov 2019
13:54:49@gitter_tomkralidis:matrix.orgTom Kralidis (Gitter)yes, I would try with your ISO docs
13:58:48@gitter_epifanio:matrix.orgepifanio (Gitter) @tomkralidis thanks for your support! I hope I will get close to an usable approach soon :)
13:59:14@gitter_tomkralidis:matrix.orgTom Kralidis (Gitter)looking forward to hearing how things work out! Half the battle is the proper metadata :)
17 Nov 2019
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20:48:04@gitter_epifanio:matrix.orgepifanio (Gitter)

with the little hack below I can get the xml, retrieved from the OAI-PMH endpoint, indexed in pycsw:

import xmltodict

with open('test.xml') as fd:
    doc = xmltodict.parse(fd.read())
    doc['record']['metadata']['gmd:MD_Metadata']['@xmlns:xsi'] = doc['record']['@xmlns:xsi']
    iso = doc['record']['metadata']
with open('fixed.xml', 'w') as isofix:

with some more work I should be able to fix the xml before writing to file.

However, the ISO xml I have now looks like:


As I can see from how the xml is rendered in the QGIS metasearch plugin, the XML looks sub-optimal and it needs some fix.

The datasource is a netcdf file which is available online via OpenDAP protocol and also as WMS.

May I ask some help in fixing the xml so to fully exploit the CSW (and metasearch) power. What I am more interested on is to enbling the "get data" feature to load the data directly into QGIS.

20:48:22@gitter_epifanio:matrix.orgepifanio (Gitter)this is how the record shows up in metasearch:
20:48:34@gitter_epifanio:matrix.orgepifanio (Gitter)
20:48:50@gitter_epifanio:matrix.orgepifanio (Gitter)see the add data option is not available
20:49:16@gitter_epifanio:matrix.orgepifanio (Gitter)while this is the window when I select the record
20:49:31@gitter_epifanio:matrix.orgepifanio (Gitter)
18 Nov 2019
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21:20:42@gitter_tomkralidis:matrix.orgTom Kralidis (Gitter) @epifanio can you update ur gist with pretty printing the XML? I left a comment to do so, but if you do it/update, then line numbers will show up and be able to be hyperlinked, at which point I can point to specific lines to change/update
19 Nov 2019
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05:05:42@gitter_epifanio:matrix.orgepifanio (Gitter) @tomkralidis thanks for the comment, I just prettified the gist :)
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20 Nov 2019
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21 Nov 2019
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13:39:28@_slack_osgeo_UE6FG921L:matrix.orgTom Kralidis epifanio https://gist.github.com/epifanio/4dba6c5406294d1c7f7994aad9c97201#file-fixed-xml-L134-L147OGC WMS should be OGC:WMSgmd:name should have the value of the layer name
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13:40:17@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: fixed.xml · GitHub (at gist.github.com)
13:43:07@_slack_osgeo_UE6FG921L:matrix.orgTom Kralidis https://gist.github.com/epifanio/4dba6c5406294d1c7f7994aad9c97201#file-fixed-xml-L150-L163gmd:protocol should be FILE:GEO Having said this, I believe FILE:GEO needs to be a file on disk, as opposed to a URL, can you test?
13:43:10@freenode_sigabrt:matrix.orgsigabrtTitle: fixed.xml · GitHub (at gist.github.com)

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