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18 Oct 2021
@tabatkins:matrix.orgTabAtkinsoh my lord https://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/zoneinfo?tz=Africa/Monrovia22:09:06
@tabatkins:matrix.orgTabAtkinstheir most recent DST transition was setting the clocks forward 44min30sec22:09:28
@tabatkins:matrix.orgTabAtkins"most recent" being in 197222:09:58
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicWikipedia says they stopped this in 1972 and moved to GMT?22:10:12
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicThus the example in the slides being 1972, I see22:10:24
@pchimento:igalia.comptomatoit's kind of a misnomer that that site calls that a DST transition; it's just a time zone change, they don't have DST there22:10:22
@tabatkins:matrix.orgTabAtkinsyeah, i'm assumign this site just treats all time-zone changes as being DST transitions, since that is the 99% case for changing time zones22:10:54
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicSeems kinda sad to lose that information in the serialization, but if the IETF insists, whatevs...22:12:52
@pchimento:igalia.comptomatoI agree. if I understood correctly, the insistence was not so much 'you cannot standardize this precision', but more like 'this would detract from the calendar annotation and would be better in a follow up'22:16:02
@pchimento:igalia.comptomato ryzokuken would be able to give more info 22:17:01
19 Oct 2021
@usharma:igalia.comryzokuken ptomato: yes, exactly. 05:52:28
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenConvincing people to make any changes to the existing grammar of 3339 is a very hard sell, and I wanted to prioritize getting the extensions standardized05:53:08
@ctenny:igalia.comcjtenny changed their display name from cjtenny (back on 19th) to cjtenny.18:01:06
21 Oct 2021
@jugglinmike:matrix.orgjugglinmikeIs there a formal policy regarding the approval of normative changes to proposals in stage 3?17:16:20
@jugglinmike:matrix.orgjugglinmikeI can't find one in ECMA262's contribution guide, the process document, or the "how we work" repository17:26:31
@ljharb:matrix.orgljharbi don't think there is one; but if normative changes don't receive consensus before stage 4, then it'd presumably be required to achieve stage 4 - but at that point they may have already shipped. it seems reasonable to enhance the process document to indicate that within stage 3, normative changes require committee consensus?22:22:29
@jugglinmike:matrix.orgjugglinmikeYeah, that sounds right to me. I can file a pull request and go from there (the process document has a good place to mention this, too)22:27:17
@jugglinmike:matrix.orgjugglinmikeArg, rather, "the 'how we work' document has a good place to mention this, too"22:54:21
@justingrant:matrix.orgjustingrant If "how we work" is being updated, one good thing to include would be how the proposal-advancement submission deadline affects normative changes for proposals not looking to advance, esp. during Stage 3 where implementers are actively finding bugs and bringing up issues. Concrete example: we discovered a Temporal spec bug several days after the deadline. Should we included it in our "Stage 3 update" slides next week? 23:09:34
@shuyuguo:matrix.orgshui feel like how it works in practice is add whatever you want with an hourglass emoji to make it clear it's a late addition23:12:30
@shuyuguo:matrix.orgshuleave it to chairs to deprioritize as needed23:12:46
@shuyuguo:matrix.orgshuif you're asking about discovering new info after an agenda item has already been added and whether that new info can be folded into the existing agenda item, that sounds straightforwardly fine to me23:13:36
@jugglinmike:matrix.orgjugglinmike set a profile picture.23:22:21
22 Oct 2021
@ljharb:matrix.orgljharbCommented on the issue; the deadline only applies to stage advancement, not to non-advancement normative items02:58:18
@ljharb:matrix.orgljharbyou can add a non-advancement item the day of if you want (but it’d be reasonable for someone to withhold consensus out of a desire to spend more time thinking about it)02:59:01
@jugglinmike:matrix.orgjugglinmike ljharb: I won't be present at next week's meeting 18:33:31
@ljharb:matrix.orgljharbif I’m not too exhausted I’m happy to present it, otherwise we can wait til the next meeting after it18:34:12

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