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2 Feb 2023
@taylan:libera.chattaylan There seem to be some entries in the upload log which I can't mark as patrolled. I think it's because another file was moved on top of them after an untrusted editor originally uploaded the file. Anyone familiar with this issue? 21:53:05
@RhinosF1:libera.chatRhinosF1 !ops b4531826 21:53:38
@appservice:libera.chatappservicechanged room power levels.21:55:21
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@RhinosF1:libera.chatRhinosF1Thanks p858snake21:56:08
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@Tamzin:libera.chatTamzin ooh we're banning Izno? 22:39:59
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@taylan:libera.chattaylan anyone want to look over https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/mediawiki/extensions/TitleKey/+/886172 ? it's a trivial fix... 23:12:23
@zabe:libera.chatzabe +2'ed 23:13:25
@Izno:libera.chatIznoTamzin, D:23:14:59
@taylan:libera.chattaylanis it normal that I got literally 23 consecutive emails from the build system? :D I think it sent out a few duplicates...23:18:20
@taylan:libera.chattaylan and it's still going... 23:18:58
@taylan:libera.chattaylan I hope it's not stuck in a loop and destroys my inbox :D 23:19:06
@zabe:libera.chatzabeI cherry picked the change to 3 release branches, so you get the same kind of mails 4 times23:19:12
@Izno:libera.chatIznowhich is pretty close to the number of comments made by jenkins-bot23:19:33
@Izno:libera.chatIznoif you multiply by 423:19:37
@taylan:libera.chattaylanah ok, better too much info than too little I guess :D23:20:29
@Izno:libera.chatIzno I would guess there's some way to ask Gerrit to send you a digest 23:21:20
@Izno:libera.chatIznoin prefs23:21:24
@Izno:libera.chatIznorather than one email a comment or similar23:21:31
3 Feb 2023
@Gryllida:libera.chatGryllida joined the room.00:26:16
@Gryllida:libera.chatGryllida is there a raw version of diff view, i.e. in plain text only? i added a few hundreds of lines to a page on another wiki, and VE started dying on it. i'd like to move these lines back out, into a subpage, and then transclude it. in the normal diff viewer, selecting a few hundreds of table rows may as well take an hour, i'd like to avoid that 00:26:33
@Gryllida:libera.chatGryllidaResolved by viewing raw wikitext of a page revision, rather than of the diff.00:46:00

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