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6 Oct 2022
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66ok, real question, i want to make a personal wiki that already has a wikia/fandom, but I want my pages to be more detailed, what do i do?15:19:25
@Reedy:libera.chatReedyAdd more content?15:20:30
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@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66Content addition follows rule, Reedy17:18:42
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66rule is objective unbiased17:18:52
* @Reedy:libera.chatReedy blinks17:19:04
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66I want my own wiki . Is this the project for me ? #faq17:19:54
@Reedy:libera.chatReedyYou can do whatever you want with MediaWiki17:20:11
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66 ok, i will put it on my uncle's laptop, edit the 1TB of content by manual entry for 10,000 years and then what 17:21:17
@Reedy:libera.chatReedyWhatever you want17:21:25
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66how do i host it, Reedy17:21:26
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66nginx, apache, my liver?17:21:46
@Reedy:libera.chatReedyVery much upto you. On your machine. Pay a hosting provider...17:21:51
@bawolff:libera.chatbawolff I think your uncle's laptop is available 17:21:57
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66no way17:21:58
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66bawolff exactly, which server is native to mediawiki project on win1117:22:27
@Reedy:libera.chatReedythere is no native server17:22:35
@Reedy:libera.chatReedyyou can run it on IIS if you want, or on apache... or probably on any other webserver you can install17:22:56
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66 I'm going to start with no installations, no payments. Until 1k views. 17:23:26
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66FOSS forever!17:23:58
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66thanks guys, this has been a very good convo.17:24:49
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66I tried nginx but it had error17:42:48
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66shall i go diquss with #nginx team17:43:03
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66they are far into it17:49:09
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66i hope this project gets updated soon rather than phased out.17:49:32
@IndigoKiwi66:libera.chatIndigoKiwi66the year is 202217:49:48
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