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This is a place to find rp partners for anything no rules except ask people when you want to slide into there dms and don't be a dick 16 Servers

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4 Jan 2020
10:50:18@flamingo_ok:matrix.orgLeah :3Nu-
10:50:32@rileyisbi:matrix.orgRileyIsPan unfastening your pants and pulling them down
10:50:41@flamingo_ok:matrix.orgLeah :3 sighs
10:50:49@rileyisbi:matrix.orgRileyIsPanI want to lick you...
10:51:45@flamingo_ok:matrix.orgLeah :3(I started another chat)
10:51:55@flamingo_ok:matrix.orgLeah :3(Lets go on there)
10:52:09@rileyisbi:matrix.orgRileyIsPanOk invite me
10:53:59@flamingo_ok:matrix.orgLeah :3ok
22:58:05@lucy03:matrix.orglucy03 joined the room.
5 Jan 2020
01:33:21@oscar:matrix.kiwifarms.netoscar joined the room.
21:48:00@niels:chat.datenburg.orgniels joined the room.
7 Jan 2020
21:20:46@mateo:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.commateo joined the room.
11 Jan 2020
17:33:55@lena:tomesh.netlena joined the room.
14 Jan 2020
14:06:14@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) joined the room.
14:35:22@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) hewo * giggles *
14:41:54@des123matrix.org:matrix.orgruby (cosplay name ) IM14 and i love BOYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS im straight
15 Jan 2020
00:25:54@flamingo_ok:matrix.orgLeah :3UwU
16 Jan 2020
14:06:53@mitsurukitsune:matrix.orgMitsuruKitsuneWhen is somebody going to fuggin touch me.
18 Jan 2020
00:00:52@gatord:matrix.orgGator joined the room.
19 Jan 2020
15:25:58@pathof:matrix.dunkklar.orgpathof joined the room.
20 Jan 2020
00:58:30@its-kat:matrix.orgits-kat joined the room.
00:59:21@its-kat:matrix.orgits-kat set a profile picture.
00:59:47@its-kat:matrix.orgits-katAnyone here?
01:00:45@its-kat:matrix.orgits-kat Well, I'm 16, girl, pan, kinda kinky, and lonely
21 Jan 2020
In reply to @its-kat:matrix.org
Well, I'm 16, girl, pan, kinda kinky, and lonely
Sounds like an explosive situation 😜
23 Jan 2020
09:41:07@finch:matrix.orgFinch joined the room.
25 Jan 2020
13:17:18@flab-ta:matrix.orgflab-ta joined the room.

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