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2 Jul 2020
@pumpkinpieee:matrix.org♡ρυмρкιи♡(In r?? Wha-)17:51:16
@the.witcher:matrix.orgThe Witcherrp=roleplay17:51:54
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi Ackerman
In reply to @pumpkinpieee:matrix.org
(In r?? Wha-)
I want your number ( roleplay number)
@pumpkinpieee:matrix.org♡ρυмρкιи♡Oh..? Gehe.. here ya go -I tell you my number-17:55:01
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi AckermanThanks he smiled17:55:20
@pumpkinpieee:matrix.org♡ρυмρкιи♡-Blushes smiling back-17:56:20
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi AckermanHe siped black tea17:56:47
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi Ackerman * He siped black tea17:56:51
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi AckermanThanks I would like to go out sometime ^^18:02:36
@pumpkinpieee:matrix.org♡ρυмρкιи♡ G-go out..? Like.. like how? -I sip my apple juice- 18:03:35
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi AckermanLike for dinner18:04:08
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi Ackermanor a Movie18:04:17
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi Ackerman * or a Movie18:04:23
@nfrealmusic:matrix.orgArthur Morgan-I hitch my horse at the hotel and pull a deer off the back of my horse-18:13:33
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi AckermanHello18:20:14
@the.witcher:matrix.orgThe Witcher-drinks a beer and stares ahead-18:20:49
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi Ackermansighs sit down and sipps his tea18:21:39
@nfrealmusic:matrix.orgArthur Morgan-I sell it to the butcher happy to make a few bucks and walk to the saloon18:24:38
@pumpkinpieee:matrix.org♡ρυмρкιи♡I would love to -Smiles-18:26:42
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi AckermanI would like to go later this day.18:27:32
@pumpkinpieee:matrix.org♡ρυмρкιи♡ Sure~.. lets do that^^ 18:31:37
@nfrealmusic:matrix.orgArthur Morgan-I enter the saloon and lean against the bar drinking a beer18:35:51
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi Ackerman
In reply to @pumpkinpieee:matrix.org
Sure~.. lets do that^^
Great 5 oclock
@nfrealmusic:matrix.orgArthur Morgan-I light a cig and smoke it watching the door-18:38:03
@pumpkinpieee:matrix.org♡ρυмρкιи♡(So like- the time is different here from- yeah nvm lol)18:41:25
In reply to @antisepticeye:matrix.org
Great 5 oclock
Yes. Awesome^^
@antisepticeye:matrix.orgLevi Ackerman
In reply to @pumpkinpieee:matrix.org
Yes. Awesome^^
Okay he smiled
@nfrealmusic:matrix.orgArthur Morgan-I see a man in a red bandanna enter and my hand goes to the handle of my revolver-18:51:12
@nfrealmusic:matrix.orgArthur Morgan * -I see a man in a red bandanna enter and my hand goes to the handle of my revolver-18:51:23

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