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This is a place to find rp partners for anything no rules except ask people when you want to slide into there dms and don't be a dick 1 Servers

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13 Aug 2019
14:18:42@nekoda:matrix.orgNekoda changed their profile picture.
14:19:01@nekoda:matrix.orgNekodaIf anyone want to rp I'm here ^^'
17 Aug 2019
02:36:37@erp-girl:matrix.orgerp-girl joined the room.
25 Aug 2019
16:14:19@henteliti6:matrix.org@henteliti6:matrix.org joined the room.
16:14:28@henteliti6:matrix.org@henteliti6:matrix.org left the room.
16:57:06@angelofdeath:matrix.organgelofdeath joined the room.
27 Aug 2019
21:56:45@createdstories:matrix.orgcreatedstories joined the room.
21:58:42@createdstories:matrix.orgcreatedstoriesGoodness, not very active
28 Aug 2019
5 Sep 2019
04:11:39@mokiwulf:matrix.orgmokiwulf joined the room.
6 Sep 2019
03:10:26@mokiwulf:matrix.orgmokiwulf set a profile picture.
11 Sep 2019
11:21:30@vivifey88:matrix.orgVivi Llian joined the room.
11:22:26@vivifey88:matrix.orgVivi LlianHi
11:22:42@vivifey88:matrix.orgVivi Llian changed their display name from vivifey88 (trans lf fun) to vivifey88 (trans lf sexy talk and erp).
12 Sep 2019
17:30:01@bestever:matrix.orgbestever joined the room.
18:13:18@bestever:matrix.orgbestever set a profile picture.
20:44:04@vivifey88:matrix.orgVivi Llian changed their display name from vivifey88 (trans lf sexy talk and erp) to Vivi Llian.
14 Sep 2019
02:00:41@vivifey88:matrix.orgVivi Llian set a profile picture.
18:21:19@hakahiri-chan:matrix.orghakahiri-chan joined the room.
18:45:53@hakahiri-chan:matrix.orghakahiri-chan set a profile picture.
18:56:04@vivifey88:matrix.orgVivi LlianHi
18:58:22@bestever:matrix.orgbestever changed their profile picture.
18:58:38@bestever:matrix.orgbesteverHi any girls want to rp with daddy
20:41:27@vivifey88:matrix.orgVivi LlianMe
20:50:08@bestever:matrix.orgbesteverWould you like to message private vivi and discuss what we would like to roleplay if so message me
15 Sep 2019
11:58:56@bestever:matrix.orgbestever changed their profile picture.

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