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10 Apr 2021
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11 Apr 2021
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In reply to @damie310:matrix.org
is a pi zero w able to emulate MAME games?
I belive so. The Pi zero W doesn't look that bad. But can imagine some of the biggest games stuttering.
@damie310:matrix.orgwahok i only want it to play MAME and maybe SNES games00:42:58
@damie310:matrix.orgwahthank you00:43:04
@damie310:matrix.orgwahand also how do i make my pi 3 run n64 games better00:43:29
@damie310:matrix.orgwahbecause it is slow if i try mario kart or mk400:43:46
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In reply to @damie310:matrix.org
and also how do i make my pi 3 run n64 games better
Half of the blame is probably emulator optimization. I don't think there is much to be done about it. Most n64 emulation is still buggy.
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@goodvibesonly:matrix.orgGoodVibesOnlyIs worth creating a router with a pi4?08:49:02
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