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24 May 2022
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@wingedrhino:matrix.orgwingedrhinoSo... My Raspberry Pi Zero 2W arrived. I pre-ordered it from my local distributor sometime in the 2nd week of January. 4½ months!13:30:19
@digital_pilgrim:matrix.orgdigital_pilgrimOof. What're you going to do with it now that you've finally got it? 13:36:40
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Oof. What're you going to do with it now that you've finally got it?
I had assumed I'd be able to order 4 units plus cameras, get them to output 1080p30 h264 streams to a mothership Pi 4, multiplex the streams together and build a composite video camera that can change scenes with foot switches, with the intention of using these in a couple of live music venues near where I live, for streaming concerts. But COVID-19 related lockdowns are still around; and I can find neither V2 cameras Pi Zero 2's in stock (or any other Pi). I guess it'll just run docker containers for when I webdev on the Chromebook and need to free up some RAM :(
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