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29 Sep 2020
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30 Sep 2020
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@daddykitty04:matrix.orgPacman Pleb darkflib: I thought my Pi cluster was huge. 🤣 12:48:32
@darkflib:wwff.techdarkflibI always tell the everyone that mine is bigger13:15:34
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@daddykitty04:matrix.orgPacman PlebYou should make a stack so big that it hits your ceiling.15:44:38
@daddykitty04:matrix.orgPacman PlebImagine cooling that much stuff.15:44:56
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@proactiveservices:matrix.orgproactiveservicesHeh, so weird seeing a Noctua fan that small. Hi folks :-)16:32:01
@proactiveservices:matrix.orgproactiveservicesI cheated and bought one of the Pimoroni Fanshims. Works nicely but the wee fan can be a bit noisy.16:32:35
@darkflib:wwff.techdarkflibI have bigger fans too... but these actually pretty nice for this application16:33:24
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@darkflib:wwff.techdarkflibNot fully setup after my office move yet tho...16:44:42
Download 20200930_174507.jpg
@darkflib:wwff.techdarkflibThe two running are pi 4b 8gig16:45:37
@proactiveservices:matrix.orgproactiveservicesThree on the Heath Robinson scale.16:45:49
@darkflib:wwff.techdarkflibyeah... setting up those with gitea + drone.io + harbour (docker registry)16:47:10
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