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4 Jun 2020
12:32:41@ziemniak:matrix.orgZiemniakVIM + TMUX with navigator ftw
13:40:58@venant:matrix.orgvenant "vi vi vi, the number of the beast"--st. ignucius
13:42:27@darkflib:wwff.techdarkflibI combine autossh + tmux for remote access... awesome pairing... (I can roam through a few different networks on my commute)
13:49:21@darkflib:wwff.techdarkflibI tried teleport initially, but that wasn't quite as responsive... and mosh doesn't do port forwarding and udp blocks can be common...
13:58:05@ziemniak:matrix.orgZiemniak changed their display name from ziemniak to Ziemniak.
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5 Jun 2020
02:40:03@hanyu:matrix.orgMatriarchs 🌗 changed their display name from #Blacklivesmatter to Matriarchs 🌗.
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6 Jun 2020
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07:42:18@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaberGuys see devices that are running CoreApps and CoreStuff, from Nintendo Switch to Raspberry Pi based mutantC https://cubocore.gitlab.io/pictures.html
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7 Jun 2020
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