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26 Nov 2022
@_discord_843039393883488256:t2bot.ioAnonymous Chameleon#7054 So that's what that means.... I feel old, don't even know basic slang (for lack of a better word) now. 05:22:11
@_discord_310835408961536000:t2bot.ioKorven@NotGuix come Gramps let us smoke pipe and tell ppl to get off our lawn 05:23:10
@_discord_387036585033465856:t2bot.ioAlejandro 🤣 05:23:23
@_discord_768720033320534047:t2bot.ioStrange Supreme#8154 Back to Linux guys 😄 06:46:49
@_discord_768720033320534047:t2bot.ioStrange Supreme#8154 * Back to Linux, guys 😄 06:46:53
@_discord_843039393883488256:t2bot.ioAnonymous Chameleon#7054 We are talkin abt Linux. 07:12:01
@_discord_768720033320534047:t2bot.ioStrange Supreme#8154 07:25:19
@_discord_475254981176328192:t2bot.ioy_not joined the room.08:19:06
@_discord_231589103819292672:t2bot.ioNshv#3030 joined the room.08:19:37
@_discord_231589103819292672:t2bot.ioNshv#3030 Sorry, but there is no macOS channel here.. Is it possible to send firefox tab to another display somehow? 08:19:37
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 in a multi monitor setup? 10:51:52
@_discord_231589103819292672:t2bot.ioNshv#3030 yes, figured out - I use yabai, so it has special command for this 10:52:20
@_discord_448347778913927168:t2bot.ioChris-15_2#4631 nice 10:52:44
@_discord_743532656767270934:t2bot.ioChiragAgg5k joined the room.11:42:53
@_discord_419060328383512576:t2bot.ioExMachina#8838 joined the room.13:39:13
@_discord_419060328383512576:t2bot.ioExMachina#8838 For anyone that has a laptop that they constantly dock, Autorandr is a godsend 13:39:14
@_discord_419060328383512576:t2bot.ioExMachina#8838 the ability to run commands automatically post docking is just chef's kiss 13:39:36
      dconf write /org/mate/desktop/font-rendering/dpi 124.0
      dconf write /org/mate/desktop/font-rendering/dpi 96.0
feh --randomize --bg-fill ~/.local/share/wallpapers/*
i3-msg restart
@_discord_419060328383512576:t2bot.ioExMachina#8838 This is my bash example 13:40:39
@_discord_419060328383512576:t2bot.ioExMachina#8838 * This is my an example of a post switch script I have 13:41:09
@_discord_438124064024821773:t2bot.ioRedyf 13:42:33
@_discord_438124064024821773:t2bot.ioRedyf that's what i thought 13:42:51
@_discord_438124064024821773:t2bot.ioRedyf i switched to nix later tho 😭 13:43:01
@_discord_742408353547812905:t2bot.ioRishabh69#6396 yeah nix is a very tempting option 14:09:28
@_discord_742408353547812905:t2bot.ioRishabh69#6396 * yeah nix is a very tempting option to switch to ust for curiosity 14:09:44
@_discord_742408353547812905:t2bot.ioRishabh69#6396 * yeah nix is a very tempting option to switch to just for curiosity 14:09:48
@_discord_742408353547812905:t2bot.ioRishabh69#6396 well for me nowadays i am very busy so i dont have time to switch to any distro 14:10:45
@_discord_438124064024821773:t2bot.ioRedyf i really like to try new distros, that's why i installed it 14:10:46
@_discord_438124064024821773:t2bot.ioRedyf but arch is great 14:10:51
@_discord_438124064024821773:t2bot.ioRedyf 14:11:04

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