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17 Nov 2019
21:35:28@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: alright, and then if you try to "dig +short yunohost.org @", does that work ?
21:37:13@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasit does (
21:39:50@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: but if you do it without the @ it doesnt?
21:40:19@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: can you check that dnsmasq is running using "systemctl status dnsmasq" ?
21:41:19@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasNo, it returns a connection timed out
21:42:12@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasIt is running, however, I tried this half an hour ago and I was getting a "Failed to restart dnsmaq.service: Unit dnsmaq.service not found."
21:42:48@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: because it's called dnsmasq, not dnsmaq
21:43:18@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: so what about "cat /etc/resolv.dnsmasq.conf", is it showing up a bunch of uncommented nameserver's ?
21:44:10@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasGood point haha sorry
21:44:18@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasYes, all of them uncommented
21:45:10@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: hmokay
21:45:28@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: and if you pick one ip and use it as a replacement for in the previous dig comment, does that work ?
21:47:33@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasI tried like 5 of them
21:47:38@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasworth trying all?
21:47:50@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: nah
21:47:56@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: soooo let's see ...
21:48:00@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: what about ?
21:48:06@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: ooooor
21:48:52@telemias:matrix.orgtelemias1.1.1.1 worked, didnt
21:50:25@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasI restarted dnsmasq service (now with the right name)
21:50:28@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasnow its working
21:50:44@telemias:matrix.orgtelemiasdig +short yunohost.org
21:51:07@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
21:51:13@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: as we say: all computes are broken
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