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4 Sep 2022
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5 Sep 2022
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8 Sep 2022
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10 Sep 2022
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11 Sep 2022
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12 Sep 2022
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[Chitchatter] Peer-to-peer chat
13 Sep 2022
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14 Sep 2022
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15 Sep 2022
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16 Sep 2022
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@mfrisch:mfrisch.commfrischis this room broken?13:16:16
@mfrisch:mfrisch.commfrischI got dendrite to use coturn by changing the file /opt/yunohost/dendrite/dendrite.yaml here is what made it work. # TURN server information that this homeserver should send to clients. turn: turn_user_lifetime: "24h" turn_uris: [turn:your.com:5349] turn_shared_secret: "PaSS in turnserver.conf" turn_allow_guests: True turn_username: "" turn_password: "" 13:21:12
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17 Sep 2022
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18 Sep 2022
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Expo Serendiep in Rotterdam, install workshop Sunday September 25th
20 Sep 2022
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21 Sep 2022
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25 Sep 2022
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