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10 Apr 2021
* @yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Alexandre[m]: uploaded an image: (92KiB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/am-networks.fr/kFPdneNcATfnXtjyvOJHySXw/image.png >20:01:57
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Alexandre[m]: Dans le cas où j'ai eu l'erreur, fichier JPEG de 3 Mo (compressé). Dimensions de l'image : 4096x3072 20:04:03
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11 Apr 2021
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Candid: Hey, I'm new to Yunohost and trying to develop a package. My app can be configured through a configuration file or environment variables. So far I have my config settings in my manifest as install arguments, and during the installation I generate the configuration file using ynh_add_config. But how can users change the configuration once my app is installed? Do I have to develop a custom action for that or is there something built 00:08:12
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Candid: in? 00:08:13
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Aleks[m]: Candid: there's a "config panel" mecanism but it's still in experimental state 00:11:30
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Aleks[m]: though it kinda works okay 00:11:35
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Aleks[m]: but the current version is super boring to implement 00:11:45
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Aleks[m]: you can check https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/wordpress_ynh/blob/testing/config_panel.toml + https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/wordpress_ynh/blob/testing/scripts/config for example 00:12:18
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Aleks[m]: and the config panel can be accessed in the webadmin, something like manually appending /config or /config-panel to the app info view 00:12:51
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Candid: Aleks[m]: Interesting. Do I have to enable it somehow or it simply works when the config_panel.toml or config_panel.json file is present? Do you know if the config parameters are directly linked to the app settings, so if I add a config parameter abc, will it show the value of the app setting abc the first time the user opens the config panel? Or is it stored separately somehow? 00:21:27
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Aleks[m]: You don't really need to enable anything apart from adding config_panel.toml (or json but we recommend toml) + config script 00:22:32
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Aleks[m]: it's not really tight coupled to the setting, technically you can interface whatever you want or create meta-settings or whatever 00:22:57
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Aleks[m]: but most of the time you want it to be coupled to a setting, and currently the syntax is hell as you'll see 00:23:17
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Aleks[m]: so in upcoming format / mechanism that should be mostly backward-compatible this should be heavily simplified... 00:23:38
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Candid: ok, but how exactly is the coupling to a setting done? in the example file that you sent, is it that when the section is called [main.overwrite_files.overwrite_nginx] it automatically couples it with the overwrite_nginx app setting? or how does it determine which config parameter belongs to which app setting? 00:29:57
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] ynhuser: Hello , 01:53:01
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] ynhuser: i downloaded the image for raspberry pi 3 with berryboot. 01:53:02
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] ynhuser: i tried yunohost console and web setup but i always have a problem with mysql. 01:53:02
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] ynhuser: Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/f9662c4832d268430eae67148a85d388/pasted.txt 01:53:30
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] helpSeeker: Hi, can someone assist with troubleshooting a Firefly III upgrade issue? 03:40:42
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@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Thatoo[m]: J'ai une petite question en passant. Aujourd'hui mon yunohost se connecte à internet par le port ethernet, se connecte en VPN et distribue cette connexion filtrée en wifi. Est-ce que c'est possible de lui faire partager cette connexion à un adaptateur USB/ethernet sur lequel je viendrais brancher un routeur wifi? 07:32:21
@vilibald:wvi.czvilibaldHello, some apps need subdomain and not path and it looks like it is not supported to have LE cert for it because on the non-main subdomain it says I can't use LE. Am I doing something wrong or this is really not supported usecase?08:40:49
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Hello, some apps need subdomain and not path and it looks like it is not supported to have LE cert for it because on the non-main subdomain it says I can't use LE. Am I doing something wrong or this is really not supported usecase?
It was caused by a mess in DNS, I am hosting from home and I have my own DNS resolver set and yunohost has it's own too and thus the names did not resolve correctly
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] jlaurencin65: bonjour à tous, j'ai le /dev/zram1 qui est plein, que puis-je faire? 09:45:07
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@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost [irc] Elzen: Pour info, j'ai repéré quelques coquilles dans https://forum.yunohost.org/t/fr-contact-via-converse/15329/1, mais j'ai une erreur 500 chaque fois que j'essaye de les corriger. 10:17:29
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