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26 Sep 2020
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] lariasb: Hola Perdón por escribir en español talvez alguien me puede orientar ? Tengo ya todos los servicios activos de mi servidor pero ahora quiero crear una página principal pero no quiero usar un CMS quiero hacerlo directamente con HTML y CSS pues será algo simple y estático, cómo puedo hacerlo para que el sitio web se abra en mi dominio principal así como cuando establecemos una aplicacion como predeterminada ??? Gracias13:31:22
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] ynhuser|29780: Hi can anyone help me with Peertube? my instance doesn't federate with other instance, and I can't follow or search for other instances14:49:47
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] yot: Bonjour, pouvez vous m'indiquer quel est le fil de discussion du forum afin de faire supprimer un nom de domaine? Merci d'avance15:06:49
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] yot: Au revoir15:17:54
@jurcheck:matrix.orgjurcheckhi, finally i was able to install wekan. first i have to rm some old mongodb config and than i could reinstall wekan. but now i cant login with pasword. no normal user and no admin user. pasword reset runs into "internal server error" aarrrrgh. anyone can help?15:27:27
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks[m]: lariasb : i think what you're looking for is https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/my_webapp_ynh ?15:30:35
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks[m]: FriendlyPerson: sounds like minetest's PR just got merged ;P15:40:31
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Gilou: trying a web-based upgrade to yunohost 4 / deb 10, let's do that :P15:42:11
@jurcheck:matrix.orgjurcheckok, got it. login with ldap method works, than you can login as user and pasword. weird. 15:52:30
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] FriendlyPerson[4: Awesome thank you there Aleks , will this work on a new Yunohost installation or must i wait until Yunohost itself push a new release for it to be packaged in itself?15:55:58
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Gilou: Migration 0015_migrate_to_buster terminée15:57:43
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Gilou: so far, so good15:57:45
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Gilou: :P15:57:46
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks[m]: FriendlyPerson: hmnah it's available either immediately if you specifically install it from the github repository (e.g. 'yunohost app install https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/minetest_ynh ) or if you do a "regular" install from the app catalog, it may just take up to 8ish hours for it to get updated15:58:03
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] FriendlyPerson[4: Awesome, thank you very much Aleks for being a very supportive person to me and helping me understand this. ❤️15:59:38
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Gilou: success! :P16:16:29
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] xavavu: @lariasb quisas instalando Custom Web App?16:36:22
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Gilou: congrats on the upgrade to 4.x, I'm really happy hehe17:05:14
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Gilou: simple instance with WordPress/RainLoop/Nextcloud did it really smoothly17:05:35
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] lariasb: > <Aleks[m]> lariasb : i think what you're looking for is https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/my_webapp_ynh ? Gracias lo reviso21:39:41
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27 Sep 2020
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@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] ynhuser|81436: bonjour12:36:51
@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] ynhuser|85772: hallo meine benutzeroberfläche funktioniert nicht12:47:07
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@jc.verdie:smart4.ioJC VerdiéHello, Mobilizon installation seems broken? https://paste.yunohost.org/raw/agojewiwen19:51:20
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