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14 Dec 2018
19:50:45@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: mybe i misred your question. yes i can run apt update. just small signature error for mongodb
19:51:29@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: *The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 58712A2291FA4AD5 MongoDB 3.6 Release Signing Key <packaging@mongodb.com>*
19:51:41@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: well yep that might be the issue
19:51:55@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: oh how do i solve it?
19:52:16@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: hmmm a quick and dirty fix would be to disable the mongodb repo i guess
19:52:43@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: you can find the line with "grep -nr 'mongo' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/" I think
19:52:44@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: is it a known issue or is it just me?
19:53:16@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: dunno, do you know which app installed on your system uses mongodb (perhaps wekan ?)
19:53:29@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: yes wekan
19:53:48@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: are you on stretch / yunohost 3.x ?
19:53:54@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: yes
19:54:02@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: did you install wekan recently ?
19:54:16@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: a few weeks ago
19:54:32@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: error just shwed up today
19:56:57@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: sounds like some key expired, dunno if that's expected or if the mongodb version is outdated
19:57:10@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] juuulienr: hello, i have install yunohost server and choose a domain name and i put an database on the domain but when i go on the domain name i'm redirecting to my internet box, someone can help me ?
19:57:15@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: (in the sense of 'Mongodb 3.6 shouldnt be used anymore at all')
19:57:43@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: juuulienr: did you configure port forwarding on your internet box ?
19:59:31@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] juuulienr: No, on what port do i have to forward ?
19:59:50@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: massimiliano : rereading the source of the package, i think this repository shouldnt be configured at all, so you should just comment/remove the corresponding line in the appropriate file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
20:00:08@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: juuulienr: please have a look at https://yunohost.org/#/port_forwarding_fr
20:00:14@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: (or https://yunohost.org/#/port_forwarding in english)
20:01:44@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: so mongodb is not needed?
20:02:18@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: it is, but now it is available in debian's repository (that was not the case in jessie)
20:02:40@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] juuulienr: Aleks_ : ok thanks for your help !
20:04:53@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: Aleks_ thanks you for your time and help
20:05:22@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: and also for explaination
20:05:31@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: no errors now
20:05:40@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[xmpp] massimiliano: ;-)
20:05:44@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: great ;P

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