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17 Sep 2019
15:42:38@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: do you also have a link to the documentation for screenshots?
15:42:48@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: I'm going to open tickets for all of those
15:51:02@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: Screenshots can be added by any admin
15:51:57@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: I am 28 lines into the strings, it is going to take a while
15:52:06@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: outch
15:52:10@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: thx a lot <3
15:52:17@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: oh, I though you could generate them automatically?
15:52:21@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: (the screenshots)
15:53:21@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: Possibly, but I dont think there is a tool for that. I know Qt apps make that easy enough to do. Could just put them in the respective directories I imagine
15:53:46@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: ok
15:53:47@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: What is the rationale of when to use "app" over "application"?
15:53:50@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: I guess we can write stuff
15:54:19@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: erf, I'm not sure, it's an historical decision by people that aren't here anymore
15:54:31@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: and we've never really discussed that again, it's more "intuitive"
15:58:50@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: I've opened 2 issues, thx for that :)
15:59:14@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: I don't know when we'll be able to address them (we are like more that totally overwhelmed by things to do) but that would be cool
16:19:18@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: I'll try to keep it uncontroversial
16:27:05@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: comradekingu:ah, on that side I've rephrased this sentence yesterday https://github.com/YunoHost/moulinette/pull/222/files
16:27:20@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: that's on "moulinette" project (which is the framework on the backend)
16:27:52@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: fire alarm…
16:29:06@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: good luck :/
18:25:06@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: https://github.com/YunoHost/yunohost/pull/799
18:25:09@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: Likewise ;)
18:27:31@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Bram: that's great, thx a lot :)
18:42:45@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: I left the more pedantic stuff for another day. Really like your initiative :)
18:43:38@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] decentral1se: comradekingu: likewise, thanks!
18:49:39@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] Aleks_: woooot comradekingu :O
19:17:47@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: What does "(Warning, this is not decision rights here)." mean?
19:18:21@yunohost:matrix.orgyunohost[irc] comradekingu: https://github.com/YunoHost/project-organization/blob/master/yunohost_project_organization.md#administration-groups-rights
19:45:16@skrlet13:disroot.orgskrlet13 changed their profile picture.

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