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31 Jan 2022
@unixfox:matrix.orgunixfox Good and you? I guess you should wait for the reply of dalf or return42 :) 22:37:54
@unixfox:matrix.orgunixfoxOr Paul :D22:38:17
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul BraeuningHi I also have seen your reddit post... I really like your theme; the only problem I see with it is that its built on top of oscar... If we can get this to work without depending on oscar this would be great 👍️22:38:25
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul Braeuningfor vis: https://github.com/katacarbix/searx-material22:39:06
@reese:matrix.seaofvoic.esreese you're right about that. i had to add !important to so many lines, it was rather painful 😅 22:40:14
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul BraeuningI think if you modify simple theme a little; You can for example change colors here: https://github.com/searxng/searxng/blob/master/searx/static/themes/simple/src/less/definitions.less and broder radius here: https://github.com/searxng/searxng/blob/master/searx/static/themes/simple/src/less/mixins.less you could probably port this to simple for example. This would make the theme pretty simple to maintain since we are actively maintaining that theme and this way there are only a few CSS files that need to be maintained for each extra theme22:41:40
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul Braeuning (IMO I think this is kinda the future for how we are going to do themes so Instead of having to maintain everything like JS CSS and so on for every theme; It would probably be pretty cool to just maintain a few CSS files like definitions.css and so on for each theme and then juts rely on the JS and so on from simple return42 unixfox push-f dalf what do you think?) 22:43:32
@reese:matrix.seaofvoic.esreeseone thing that confused the hell out of me is that the on-off switch checkboxes seem to be inverted from how you would expect them to work.22:57:58
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul Braeuningwait isnt left off and right on the default for toggle buttons?23:05:32
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul Braeuning(thats how those buttons wokr in SearXN rn])23:05:57
@reese:matrix.seaofvoic.esreesewhat i mean is that as far as i could tell, the checkbox input itself being checked means the thing it applies to is turned off, and the way it's styled in oscar seems to reverse that so it's normal again to the user. it's weird behavior that caught me off guard.23:08:36
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul Braeuningyeah that is weird, but only like this in oscar; With simple it works normally so checked is set for input when a toggle button is actually checked 👍️23:11:25
@reese:matrix.seaofvoic.esreesethat's very odd.23:13:56
@reese:matrix.seaofvoic.esreesei just switched my instance to searxng and i'm trying out the simple theme. it looks great and very different from oscar, in a good way!23:14:43
@reese:matrix.seaofvoic.esreeseand digging around in devtools it looks much simpler in terms of finding the right selectors to style it how i want.23:17:13
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul Braeuning Thanks! So if you want you can modify the SCSS files from simple to port your theme there; You can test your changes locally by running (on linux or mac os for example) make themes.all to build the themes and create the css files from your changes to the SCSS files and make run to test them locally in a browser; If you feel like it you could even fork SearXNG and add your changes in a branch and create a PR in SearXNG... 23:17:26
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul Braeuning(also if you use make run it will actually show you where the CSS rules are in the SCSS files )23:18:05
@mrpaulblack:matrix.orgPaul Braeuninghere is also a overview of dev commands: https://docs.searxng.org/dev/quickstart.html23:18:50
@reese:matrix.seaofvoic.esreesethank you!23:33:04
1 Feb 2022
@gi-yt:matrix.orgArya K (Site: aryak.ml) changed their display name from Arya (Site: aryak.ml) to Arya K (Site: aryak.ml).04:12:56
@appservice:libera.chatappservice 12:39:43
@jack.smith:matrix.orgjack.smith joined the room.12:45:27
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@ami-:matrix.orgAmosearx for the win!!!!!20:56:00
@unixfox:matrix.orgunixfoxwhats the video? brave is advertised though, that's bad :(20:59:18
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In reply to @unixfox:matrix.org
whats the video? brave is advertised though, that's bad :(
this is this video https://youtu.be/iB5y3QsKRr0
from Nathan, on the New Oil
Download image.png
In reply to @ami-:matrix.org
this is this video https://youtu.be/iB5y3QsKRr0
from Nathan, on the New Oil
out of the box, ad's or or otherwise, brave is the most private browser, so the default expereince out of the box is the most private than FF
in terms of ads, yeah brave is using them, and had issues with using them as they said they do, though this model of keeping the project going is suitable for an ever growing project
for this, this is why i think brave is amazing, it's amazing out of the box, promotes libre technologies, and is maintained with care
for this reason, i would actually love for searx to have an option at the bottom to support the instance owner with a montly or repeating donation
i love searx and such projects
@unixfox:matrix.orgunixfoxbrave is built on top of chromium, a product made by google. if we want to keep an internet free of google monopoly we should use products that are not made by google so using firefox is voting for keeping an internet freedom.21:10:22

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