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18 Mar 2023
In reply to @via:the-apothecary.club

wait does ddg block searx

2023-03-18 15:06:00,859 ERROR:searx.engines.duckduckgo: Searx is blocked

You can get round that by changing the browser type to curl … there’s a post on how to do it further up … yesterday …
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@jindiggs:matrix.orgJin DiggsI fixed it. Up and running baby ! http://xng.ushby.org ! Hopefully by tomorrow, it goes under ssl as well.20:19:03
@jindiggs:matrix.orgJin DiggsBy the way, there is a cache issue. I have to restart my VPS, in order for file changes to take effect.20:19:52
@jindiggs:matrix.orgJin DiggsAlso the instance stops running when vsftpd is running. 20:20:30
@jindiggs:matrix.orgJin DiggsSo I had to disable that.20:20:41
@jindiggs:matrix.orgJin DiggsIs the bot protection automatically configured ?20:30:40
@jindiggs:matrix.orgJin Diggssettings.yml says : limiter: true image_proxy: true Is that all ? 20:38:28
@jindiggs:matrix.orgJin Diggs * settings.yml says :
limiter: true
image\_proxy: true
Is that all ?
@jindiggs:matrix.orgJin Diggs * settings.yml says :
limiter: true
image_proxy: true
Is that all ?
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19 Mar 2023
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20 Mar 2023
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