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18 Jul 2021
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@lordfrikk:matrix.orglordfrikk MrTimscampi: the string that's part of the new Next Up feature for displaying seconds only has versions for singular and plural (X second and X seconds) but in many languages, including Czech, we also need a third one that's usually used for numbers from 5 and up, I believe non-Vue Jellyfin translations do have that (might be mistaking it for another project) 08:10:12
@lordfrikk:matrix.orglordfrikkIs that something that could be solved without too much effort? If not that's OK :)08:10:47
@mrtimscampi:matrix.org@mrtimscampi:matrix.org I need to check how vue-i18n works for that, but it should be possible to add more 08:11:39
@mrtimscampi:matrix.org@mrtimscampi:matrix.org Looks like we need to set pluralization rules for some languages 08:14:10
@mrtimscampi:matrix.org@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgI’ll look into adding it 😋08:14:28
@mrtimscampi:matrix.org@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgCan you make an issue for it so I don’t forget?08:15:08
@mrtimscampi:matrix.org@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgWe can probably extract the rules from here, to cover most common languages: https://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/html_node/Plural-forms.html09:10:09
@_discord_209388051825295360:t2bot.ioCoop changed their display name from Coop to Coop#6763.12:17:03
@_discord_209388051825295360:t2bot.ioCoop changed their display name from Coop#6763 to Coop.12:17:03
@lordfrikk:matrix.orglordfrikkSounds exactly like what we'd need, thanks! I have filed an issue here: https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-vue/issues/135414:20:13
@_discord_807303661020905472:t2bot.iodankorneff joined the room.20:09:16
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19 Jul 2021
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20 Jul 2021
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21 Jul 2021
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22 Jul 2021
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