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29 Sep 2020
@telegram_903579586:t2bot.ioLê Anhimage.jpeg
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@telegram_903579586:t2bot.ioLê AnhBuilding my 21700 lion packs12:55:19
@telegram_903579586:t2bot.ioLê Anh4s2p12:55:26
In reply to Jordi
B type or A type? Thanks!!!
ordered A type
In reply to Norbert
ordered A type
Thank you!
@telegram_857489777:t2bot.ioNorbertyou could compare the pictures from Ali with your short cable...., that's how I did it.. 😜13:38:22
@telegram_857489777:t2bot.ioNorbertif you already have the cam13:38:49
@telegram_801472296:t2bot.ioMarcel Essers
In reply to Norbert Riesterer
Saw this in the forum ant that was why I was thinking about how to get the best result
I use that kind of wiring on all my pi3 models, and I didn't face any issues with it. For air it's better to solder the USB connection and to keep data lines as short as possible and shielded.
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiGood evening! Whats currently the no compromise setup? :D21:32:53
@telegram_914831099:t2bot.ioStephen Oliverpi3a+ in the air, pi4b on the ground 2x AC-56 cards and an antenna tracker on the ground21:33:23
@telegram_914831099:t2bot.ioStephen Oliverand the pi hq camera21:33:30
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiIsnt the hq quite heavy?21:33:41
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiThats the one with the lens mount right?21:34:00
@telegram_914831099:t2bot.ioStephen Olivercompared to a v2 camera, sure the lens mount is heavy (it can be replaced)21:34:19
@telegram_914831099:t2bot.ioStephen Oliverthere are 3d printable m12 mounts21:34:30
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiHas anyone tried capturing hd with it while doing all the open.hd stuff?21:35:23
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiThat would remove the need for an actioncam then 😁21:35:41
@telegram_914831099:t2bot.ioStephen Olivera lot of people record the video yea21:35:55
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiOn the airpi?21:36:04
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiAt a reasonable bitrate i mean21:36:17
@telegram_914831099:t2bot.ioStephen Oliverah, yes that too we had an experimental way to do it in 2.0, planning to make it an official feature in 2.121:36:38
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichi🤟 ok im sold gonna buy the hq cam + a 3a+21:37:16
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiStill got like 3x 4a‘s and a 7“ display for that21:38:01
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiOk what card should i use on the airpi?21:44:58
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiA third ac-56?21:45:27
@telegram_914831099:t2bot.ioStephen Oliveroh you want 2 on the ground, yea go for another 5622:00:31
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiPerfect! Then i only need a nice plane22:06:59
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichiCurrently thinking of buying a double wide extended wings big drak22:07:11
@telegram_22678267:t2bot.ioMichi* Currently thinking of buying a double wide extended wings big drak22:12:47

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