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29 Jan 2023
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 That or maybe center them in the middle of the page? 21:51:33
@_discord_759169401437683712:t2bot.iohobesman#6697 I think they were at the top before and they were moved down so as not to block settings and such. 21:56:48
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Instead they now block 2 books worth of buttons 22:00:03
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Then maybe putting them in the middle might be the better choice? 22:00:32
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 So they don't block anything on the right side of the page 22:00:40
@advplyr:matrix.orgadvplyrThere is a few things we can do here. Some of the notifications can be combined, like that one and the match all authors errors. The notifications can be reduced in size. We could limit the number of notifications on the screen at a time so older notifications get dismissed.22:08:43
@advplyr:matrix.orgadvplyrFor those that don't already know you can click anywhere on the notification right now to have it go away22:08:59
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor can probably also just move them into the dead space top center 22:53:16
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor tho if the page is small enough that'll cover some of the top settings again 22:53:49
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor and the filter area 22:53:53
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor or use native notifications 22:54:21
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor tho the fallback implementation when native notifications don't work is definitely worser 22:54:32
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor * tho the fallback implementation when native notifications don't work is definitely worse 22:54:35
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor nevermind since i last worked on browser native notifications like 5 years ago seems chrome has flipflopped on the setting 22:55:36
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor and it's no longer reliable 22:55:41
Download image.png
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor this 22:57:41
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor maybe it is idk apparently chrome has "system notifications" and "native notifications" 22:57:54
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor https://www.bennish.net/web-notifications.html 22:58:02
30 Jan 2023
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31 Jan 2023
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 I decided to do a mobile release with what we have so the more important bug fixes can be patched. Still a lot more to do though on some of these new features.
Both are pending review on the app stores

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