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5 May 2021
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@corstrix:matrix.org@corstrix:matrix.orghello guys14:05:41
@corstrix:matrix.org@corstrix:matrix.orgI hope this is the official sway coder forum ...14:05:54
@corstrix:matrix.org@corstrix:matrix.orgI'm trying to accomplish some headless sway/wayvnc session jailed on FreeBSD 14:06:30
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolos corstrix: nope, this is not the official sway coder forum 14:06:51
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosthat would be in #freenode_#sway:matrix.org14:07:01
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@corstrix:matrix.org@corstrix:matrix.orgok... anyway perhaps my voice regarding the topic will ring some bells also here.. so ... I'm not willing to pass the dev/hw to the jail for mesa renderer, since the servers does not have any valuable HW available... so the issue I'm hitting is, that after startup of the sway, the software renderer is used - llvmpipe and consume a lot of cpu. Seems like it is rendering constantly even when there is no need to refresh the picture background [perhaps the clock only[14:09:49
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosjust in case you did not get my message: this is the Fedora specific chat room, we're mostly concerned with config & packaging here14:10:41
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosif you want to talk to the coders, go to #sway on freenode14:11:05
@corstrix:matrix.org@corstrix:matrix.orgthere are some paramteres which can be set to the llvmpie as "LP_NO_RAST" but then as the name says.. the screen is black, but no cpu cycles in use :)14:11:05
@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosthere you'll reach the actual devs14:11:07
@corstrix:matrix.org@corstrix:matrix.orgthankyou will rush off to the right forum14:11:25
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6 May 2021
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9 May 2021
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10 May 2021
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11 May 2021
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@freenode_Glynumbo:matrix.org@freenode_Glynumbo:matrix.orgHi All, Just curious, what would have to happen to get a sway spin for fedora? Is this something I could help with?00:29:25
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@defolos:matrix.orgdefolosWell they stayed for long…07:08:07
15 May 2021
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