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7 Oct 2019
11:43:43@telegram_4948258:tchncs.deхиран венугопалан (Telegram) changed their display name from Hiran Venugopalan (Telegram) to хиран венугопалан (Telegram).
11:40:39@telegram_4948258:tchncs.deхиран венугопалан (Telegram)Or one website that all community projects can use?
11:40:27@telegram_4948258:tchncs.deхиран венугопалан (Telegram)Are we creating plus website
11:40:54@telegram_4948258:tchncs.deхиран венугопалан (Telegram) Like fosscomm? @j4v4m4n
15:36:35@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveenхиран венугопалан (Telegram): just redesigning plus.fosscommunity.in
15:36:47@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenAt least make it responsive
15:37:25@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenThere is fsug.in fsci.in etc like FOSSCOM
13 Oct 2019
14:19:12@telegram_31273498:tchncs.deAlfas (Telegram) changed their display name from Alfas Esty (Telegram) to Alfas (Telegram).
14:19:24@telegram_31273498:tchncs.deAlfas (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
19 Oct 2019
12:34:47@vishnuedavarath:matrix.orgVishnuRedacted or Malformed Event
12:34:48@vishnuedavarath:matrix.orgVishnuRedacted or Malformed Event
15:18:34@dnlcv:matrix.orgdnlcv invited @randheerrrk:matrix.orgrandheerrrk.
15:18:55@randheerrrk:matrix.orgrandheerrrk joined the room.
27 Oct 2019
08:23:49@abbyck:matrix.orgabbyckA 2 hour 3D modelling and designing workshop on Blender conducted at NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad by FOSS cell NSSCE over 2 days(23-oct and 24-oct). It was open to all students event. We got 40+ registrations for the event in a single day! The hands-on session was handled by maze-n and Hazil of computer science dept. At the end of day 2, they all built a 3d model of a wine glass from scratch
08:40:46@bady:poddery.comPirate Bady👍👌
16:15:52@abbyck:matrix.orgabbyckScreenshot from 2019-10-27 21-42-20.jpg
Screenshot from 2019-10-27 21-42-20.jpg
16:16:44@abbyck:matrix.orgabbyckWhat about something like this for PLUS website?
16:17:13@abbyck:matrix.orgabbyckThis one is created by randheerrrk
28 Oct 2019
04:55:40@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveenabbyck: looks good to me
04:56:08@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveenabbyck: post in our loomio group too
3 Nov 2019
17:17:56@telegram_173307602:tchncs.de/bin/su (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
28 Oct 2019
06:33:01@athulkpm:matrix.orgathulkpm joined the room.
3 Nov 2019
01:23:35@dnlcv:matrix.orgdnlcv changed their display name from Tupio to dnlcv.
10 Nov 2019
15:09:23@ramesh:poddery.com@ramesh:poddery.com set a profile picture.
13 Nov 2019


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