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26 May 2022
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 just use perfect placement https://streamable.com/an7qr 16:42:56
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 lua only of course 16:43:00
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz i do! unfortunately it doesnt exist for skyrim :P 16:43:11
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 skyrim is fail 16:43:47
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz indeed 16:43:51
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz skyrim is like drinking a fantastic whisky on the rocks. great ideas, but muddled and brought down by everything around it 16:44:27
@_discord_174163372475023360:t2bot.ioKayla#0800 I like the idea of TR Firemoth 16:46:48
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 whiskey requires some kind of water for aromatics to be expressed 16:50:45
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz shush let me have my dumb metaphor 16:51:18
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 lmao 16:51:22
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz scotch? 16:51:26
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz idk who cares 16:51:30
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 scotch is like skyrim to bourbon morrowind 16:51:46
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 you can only drink one at a time, why waste your time with an inferior product 16:52:07
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz OHHHHHH 16:52:14
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz also patently false 16:52:24
Download unknown.png
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz you could put scotch in one and bourbon in the other 16:52:54
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 what is the point of the nobel prize if innovators like that don't get recognized 16:54:25
@_discord_106528712584892416:t2bot.iomort#6103 brilliant 16:54:28
@_discord_179777383337820161:t2bot.ioZinitrad#1006 hellish 16:54:29
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz most geniuses are only recognized long after their death 16:54:36
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz like nikola tesla or sir isaac newton 16:54:49
@_discord_117338689163493378:t2bot.ioperegrine_flame#3859 Isaac Newton? Only recognized after his death? 17:02:52
@_discord_122847705159565312:t2bot.ioGnomey#8642 I mean, Tesla isn't really a better example. 17:14:00
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz dont put more effort into thinking about my dumb analogy than i did creating said dumb analogy 17:15:55
@_discord_554855375854108685:t2bot.ioparz that defeats the purpose of it being dumb 17:16:00
@_discord_827111714323431470:t2bot.ioSir Eudes the Turtle Knight#0635 An small settlement or encampment meant to be used as "neutral" grounds for the tribes, maybe? 17:33:25
@_discord_372434202391740416:t2bot.ioOgmios hyped - stronghold stuff always gets me. MW strongholds, freaking uvirith's grave mods, the stupid castle in pillars of eternity, the island in skies of arcadia 17:54:48
@_discord_827111714323431470:t2bot.ioSir Eudes the Turtle Knight#0635 You see that a lot with tribal and semi-nomadic cultures. Mostly they serve as yearly markets, but it would be a perfect ashlander stronghold 17:55:04

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