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7 Feb 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 protectthepeople: No, because that's what a spammer would do and most services don't allow anonymous bulk email, even if you pay for it. Even if you set up your own SMTP (outgoing) email server you still need to connect to another commercial server downstream to send your emails out, and you have to pay for that too. I did some research on this a few years ago. 12:58:12
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Remember rr.com? They had so many spammers on their domain they ended up on a third-party block list for quite a while. Hence the new rules.12:58:53
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400rr.com (Roadrunner) was from about 2001. 12:59:22
@protectthepeople:matrix.org@protectthepeople:matrix.org.. do you have a solution?13:16:34
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 protectthepeople: Nope, I never found a solution. But here's a search for you. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=rent+bulk+email+server&t=brave&ia=web 13:24:03
@protectthepeople:matrix.org@protectthepeople:matrix.orgok. thanks anyway13:27:13
9 Feb 2021
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11 Feb 2021
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12 Feb 2021
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13 Feb 2021
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@redneck25:matrix.orgKing Frogmerica baby01:03:07
14 Feb 2021
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17 Feb 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Find out what the 7 National Crimes are here: https://app.element.io/#/room/#GeneralInfo44nn:matrix.org11:51:22
18 Feb 2021
@redneck25:matrix.orgKing Frog set a profile picture.14:27:41
19 Feb 2021
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@mrg.matrix:matrix.orgMRGParler is back up!!!16:12:34
21 Feb 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Gab is also back up. 14:37:07
22 Feb 2021
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@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400For our Texas friends: What to do during cold weather power outages. With a link to 80+ survival tips. https://wordsalad.info/2021/02/what-to-do-during-cold-weather-power-outages/22:39:11
23 Feb 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400LinkedIn is down since about 2pm EST.20:01:24
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 * LinkedIn is down since about 2pm EST.20:01:35
@redneck25:matrix.orgKing Frogwhy20:01:52
26 Feb 2021
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4 Mar 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400UNCONFIRMED: Marines, Chinese Soldiers, under DC; Mass Gunfire, Arrests, Trump. (US military ground troops have been training for underground fighting for at least 5 years.) US, Russian and Indian forces fought CCP underground as shots were heard around DC. Biden made trade deal with CCP for CCP to test their weather machine on Texas. Texas might be the center of the new republic. Chinese president Xi, who declared himself president for life, planning to remove CCP. https://rumble.com/ve82q3-breaking-news-marines-chinese-soldiers-mass-gunfire-arrests-trump.html 40 minute video.17:14:41
9 Mar 2021
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@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orghi.. vfs global is organised crime are you allowed to talk about this11:09:07
10 Mar 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400What is vfs? 10:36:08

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