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10 Mar 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 try777: Just provide some sort of evidence for your argument. 10:36:42
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orglook up vfs global.. and you will see they are a visa and permit mafia.. in the business of claiming they own our rights.. but can be bought from them10:40:04
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Huh, so they sell visas online? Odd.10:42:37
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orgmoving into e-visas and e-permits and health passports10:43:01
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 try777: Where's your link describing that they're getting into health passports? I'm not seeing that yet. 10:44:08
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orgin south africa10:44:33
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orgthis thing is world wide10:44:56
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400They say "VFS does not seek any COVID-related health passports" here https://www.vfsglobal.com/en/getting-ready-to-travelagain/4/index.html10:45:05
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400yes, I believe S Africa, Israel and Singapore Airlines are all doing health passports now.10:45:25
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400So is WHO. The WHO is reviewing an implantable microchip or "implantable health monitor" as an alternative for those who don't want to take the vaccine. This would act as a COVID passport of sorts, or "digital green pass," and to probably alert them if you have COVID. https://gab.com/kittylists/posts/10585777055838827810:46:05
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400South Africa will require "health passports" just like Nazis required travel papers. https://twitter.com/veritasnewsfeed/status/1368143156018053123 10:46:41
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orge-permits 10:46:58
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Here's a strange one. LAUSD Adopts Microsoft 'Daily Pass' Program Bar Coding Kids For School Reopening, just like Hitler tatooed Jews. https://gab.com/NVIC/posts/10584511315871492710:47:06
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orgyou want to hear a true story10:47:42
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orgi emailed our concourt that i will make cases against them personally10:49:00
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400What is a concourt?10:49:25
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orghighest court10:49:51
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Do you mean the state supreme court or federal supreme court?10:50:14
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orgconstitutional court of south africa10:50:41
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Ah, you're in South Africa? 10:50:51
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Ok, that was important context.10:51:06
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.organd i cost vfs hundreds of milllions of $ in ransom product and profits10:52:02
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orgmaybe billions10:52:17
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Ransom products? Did you hack their webserver and hold it for ransom?10:52:48
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orgthey took our loved ones and visitor from other countries hostage10:53:39
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.organd tried to send them to vfs to renew visas10:54:06
@try777:matrix.org@try777:matrix.orgthey were not allowed to leave10:54:39

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