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31 Mar 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 * Salem Oregon will not let people defend themselves against terrorists. Old man arrested for pulling gun on Antifa terrorist. A dictatorship is a core Democrat Value folks. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/03/video-police-arrest-old-man-pulling-gun-attacking-antifa-thugs-salem-oregon/09:12:06
1 Apr 2021
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6 Apr 2021
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8 Apr 2021
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9 Apr 2021
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11 Apr 2021
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12 Apr 2021
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13 Apr 2021
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@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400This guy sends flowers to his married neighbor Steve that says "Love Laura".12:31:08
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 * This guy sends flowers to his married neighbor that says "Love Laura".12:31:31
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Download I_was_bored_flowers.mp412:31:39
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 * This guy sends flowers to his married neighbor Steve that says "Love Laura".12:31:50
15 Apr 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 Prelude to war? Russia is closing the strategic Kerch Strait in the Black Sea for warships and state ships of foreign countries from next week until October 2021, closing off the Ukrainian ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk to traffic (Interfax Ukraine). https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1382715377579393025?s=19 20:44:19
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400James OKeefe Twitter account censored. https://twitter.com/mattgaetz/status/138278644578661581420:44:27
18 Apr 2021
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20 Apr 2021
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21 Apr 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Take the COVID-19 vaccine poll. Polls about the coronavirus vaccine, masks and lockdown. 94% think the vaccine should not be mandatory. In December 2020: 94% are NOT getting the vaccine. 93% think masks should not be mandatory. Disable your ad blocker for this site or it may not work. https://www.worldvaccinepoll.com/15:44:25
22 Apr 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Dangerous racist Democrat Valerie Jarret says it's ok for blacks to kill each other with knives. Police should not have stopped the attack in Columbus, OH. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/04/top-democrat-valerie-jarrett-defends-deadly-knife-attacks-young-women-black-neighborhoods-not-racist/17:57:49
24 Apr 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 Limiting the capacity of bars and restaurants does NOTHING to cut the risk of catching COVID-19, new research claims. Massachusetts Institute of Technology research says reducing capacity does not cut the risk of catching Covid in well-ventilated indoor spaces. Professors Martin Bazant and John Bush from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology say the 'six foot rule' that encourages people to socially distance in public has no solid basis in science. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9505803/Risk-COVID-19-indoors-6-feet-60-feet-apart-wearing-mask.html The study in PNAS: https://www.pnas.org/content/118/17/e2018995118#sec-6 11:25:13
27 Apr 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400Newscaster narrates: "Providers are running out of people who want to be euthanized (with a vaccine)."
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400How to identify ballots as fake. Ballots that were sent to people to be mailed back, went through special rollers which leave a mark on the paper ballot. Then the ballot will be filled in by a pen. This will leave pen marks. It is then folded, and mailed back, and it goes through rollers again. When paper is folded it creates a "kinematic artifact" from broken paper fibers. When a professional large 4 color printer prints ballots, there is no pen impression on the paper. How can it be a mail in ballot if there is no sign of folding and no sign of being mailed? Description of process at 6:10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgeqGmvQXKs21:06:41
28 Apr 2021
@potehtffo:matrix.org@potehtffo:matrix.orgRussia has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (post-mortem) for a Covid-19 corpse. After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Covid-19 does not exist as a virus, but rather a bacterium that has been exposed to radiation and causes human death by coagulation in the blood. Covid-19 disease has been found to cause blood clotting, which causes blood clotting in humans and causes blood clotting in the veins, which makes it difficult for a person to breathe because the brain, heart and lungs cannot receive oxygen, causing people to die quickly. To find the cause of the shortage of respiratory energy, doctors in Russia did not listen to the WHO protocol and performed an autopsy on COVID-19. After doctors opened arms, legs, and other parts of the body and carefully examined them, they noticed that the blood vessels were dilated and filled with blood clots, which impeded blood flow and also reduced the flow of oxygen. In the body it causes the death of the patient. After learning about this research, the Russian Ministry of Health immediately changed the treatment protocol for Covid-19 and gave aspirin to its positive patients. I started taking 100 mg and Imromac. As a result, patients began to recover and their health began to improve. The Russian Ministry of Health evacuated more than 14,000 patients in one day and sent them home. After a period of scientific discovery, doctors in Russia explained the treatment method by saying that the disease is a global trick, “It is nothing but a coagulation inside blood vessels (blood clots) and a method of treatment. Antibiotic tablets Anti-inflammatory and Take an anticoagulant (aspirin). This indicates that it is possible to treat the disease. According to other Russian scientists, ventilators and an intensive care unit (ICU) were never needed. Protocols for this effect have already been published in Russia. China already knows this, but it has never released its report. Share this information with your family, neighbors, acquaintances, friends and colleagues so that they can get rid of the fear of Covid-19 and realize that this is not a virus, but a bacterium that has only been exposed to radiation. Only people with very low immunity should be careful. This radiation also causes inflammation and hypoxia. Victims should take Asprin-100mg and Apronik or Paracetamol 650mg. Source: Russian Ministry of Health🚨22:44:09
29 Apr 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca4002020-0417. What dozens of COVID-19 autopsies have revealed. COVID-19 patients can sometimes have blood clotting to a "dramatic extent". Rapkiewicz explained, "The clotting was not only in the large vessels but also in the smaller vessels. And this was dramatic, because though we might have expected it in the lungs, we found it in almost every organ that we looked at in our autopsy study." https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2020/07/14/covid-autopsies The NYU Langone Medical Center report: https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2020/04/17/organ-damage11:23:41
3 May 2021
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5 May 2021
@bacca400:matrix.orgbacca400 BUSTED! Behizy Huge News in Michigan. Video clearly shows computer results of 2020 presidential election were fraudulent in Michigan. They put in 6 test ballots, results that printed out of the vote scanning machine were totally different in favor of Biden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_XyeW3Kky410:48:41
11 May 2021
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@12punch:matrix.org12punchThe voter fraud was legal, but nor lawful, because the pirates have power of attorney over millions of Americans. They simply exercised their fiduciary power and voted on behalf of the millions of Americans deemed incompetent.06:30:30
@12punch:matrix.org12punchIt's accomplished via the fraudulent conveyance of language, contract fraud, and secret Trusts.06:31:37

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