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Permanency in Technology. ~ by collaboratively building #opensource tools together, we can provide a practical benefit for all. #permatech:matrix.org This is an open public forum using the [matrix] protocol for practical realtime collaborative support for #permaculture based projects worldwide. Devised by: #adinfinitum:disroot.org2 Servers

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12 Mar 2018
18:46:38@yomegui:matrix.org@yomegui:matrix.org joined the room.
18:48:54@yomegui:matrix.org@yomegui:matrix.orgHello everyone, I wanted to create a Riot group in order to link people involved in permaculture from different places, is that the aim of this group ?
14 Mar 2018
11:02:26@adinfinitum:disroot.org@adinfinitum:disroot.orgyomegui: hola!! Thanks for visiting. We have relocated to #permatech:disroot.org
15 Mar 2018
11:02:15@yomegui:matrix.org@yomegui:matrix.org left the room.
19 Mar 2018
22:29:34@joinmove:matrix.orgjoinmove joined the room.
8 May 2018
01:50:07@brianpoe:matrix.orgbrianpoe joined the room.
9 May 2018
10:58:15@adinfinitum:disroot.org@adinfinitum:disroot.org Rocket Stove Fire Baths – Rocket Stove Stuff +
12 May 2018
19:45:56@adinfinitum:disroot.org@adinfinitum:disroot.orgm.video Event
19:49:42@adinfinitum:disroot.org@adinfinitum:disroot.orgm.video Event
20:28:31@adinfinitum:disroot.org@adinfinitum:disroot.orgWe have moved server. #permatech:disroot.org
30 Jun 2018
08:51:30@faber:matrix.org@faber:matrix.org joined the room.
10:17:54@DzzzzzzR:matrix.org@DzzzzzzR:matrix.org joined the room.
10:26:16@DzzzzzzR:matrix.org@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgadinfinitum: I think you should be able to remove the #permatech:matrix.org alias from here and add it to the other room? I just tried adding it there, and discovered this room in the process...
21 Jul 2018
06:17:51@kimcosmos:matrix.org@kimcosmos:matrix.org joined the room.
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25 Jul 2018
07:42:28@necrotechno:matrix.org@necrotechno:matrix.org joined the room.
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20 Sep 2018
01:21:48@adinfinitum:sunshinegardens.orgadinfinitum joined the room.
28 Sep 2018
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13 Oct 2018
18:05:22@faber:matrix.org@faber:matrix.org set their display name to faber.
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4 Nov 2018
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1 Dec 2018
17:21:33@DzzzzzzR:matrix.org@DzzzzzzR:matrix.org left the room.
9 Dec 2018
16:28:39@arkoprovo1996:matrix.orgArkoprovo Ghosh joined the room.
18 Dec 2018
10:36:38@adinfinitum:sunshinegardens.orgadinfinitumHola! @arkoprovo1996:matrix.org
11:04:20@arkoprovo1996:matrix.orgArkoprovo GhoshHola
23 Dec 2018
15:33:33@arkoprovo1996:matrix.orgArkoprovo Ghosh set their display name to Arkoprovo Ghosh.
15:35:21@arkoprovo1996:matrix.orgArkoprovo Ghosh set a profile picture.

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