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Bridges Instagram posts to Matrix (chat not supported) | https://github.com/turt2live/matrix-appservice-instagram-media | Road to v1: https://github.com/turt2live/matrix-appservice-instagram/milestone/19 Servers

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22 Jun 2019
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27 Jun 2019
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29 Jul 2019
14:50:31@a2sc:matrix.orgalex joined the room.
14:51:50@a2sc:matrix.orgalexHey! More and more people are using Instagram for messaging. Would it be possible to modify the bridge to be capable of this?
14:52:37@travis:t2l.ioTravisRNo, it's strictly against the instagram terms of service. Another bridge will have to take care of it.
14:55:30@a2sc:matrix.orgalex Well, fb and Google have to be overcome anyway :)
Will try to proselytize my friends. But nice work anyway TravisR
2 Aug 2019
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6 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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23 Sep 2019
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1 Oct 2019
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10 Oct 2019
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5 Nov 2019
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10 Nov 2019
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3 Dec 2019
20:17:27@cos:hacklab.ficos joined the room.
20:18:21@cos:hacklab.ficosI'm confused about "Only users that have allowed the bridge to post media will post media in Matrix. To allow the bridge to use your account, open a conversation with @_instagram:t2bot.io and send the message !auth."
20:18:52@cos:hacklab.ficoswhat users? instagram users? matrix users? do i need to log in to the instagram account with !auth to use the bridge?
20:22:46@cos:hacklab.ficosI invited @_instagram_accountiwanttofollow:t2bot.io to room, but riot warns that the user doesn't exist.
20:28:50@cos:hacklab.ficosI don't have an instagram account or plan to get one, but I'd like to get new posts to matrix. They seem to be available on instagram website without login.
20:33:36@travis:t2l.ioTravisRThe instructions are a bit of a lie - it was intended to make it to t2bot.io but the terms of service of instagram prevent that.
20:33:50@travis:t2l.ioTravisRThe bridge needs to be rewritten to comply
20:42:27@cos:hacklab.ficosOk.. so it's not usable currently?
20:45:04@travis:t2l.ioTravisRit probably works if you run it yourself, but I can't remember how any of it works
20:47:36@cos:hacklab.ficosok, sounds like not worth using. or perhaps i could write a simple bot to monitor ig feeds if there's a sane python api available.
5 Dec 2019
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6 Dec 2019
10:55:46@x00167006:matrix.orgKarol invited @x00166625:matrix.orgx00166625.
22 Dec 2019
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