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16 Sep 2019
21:00:15@telegram_571446290:t2bot.ioMatterbridge[discord] <cipi> 9.99% is not enough, i want 99.99% every day 😄
21:02:49@telegram_878916939:t2bot.ioLuara David changed their display name from Luara David (Telegram) to Luara David.
17 Sep 2019
01:09:05@telegram_835506433:t2bot.ioGideon joined the room.
01:10:06@telegram_844236111:t2bot.ioKaraban joined the room.
01:11:05@telegram_934501412:t2bot.ioAse Yf joined the room.
02:14:57@telegram_558439563:t2bot.ioMixic new Seven Seas GUI release - contains the Android mobile app connector and an updated info screen.

02:56:09@telegram_858881998:t2bot.ioyiyi soj joined the room.
02:55:27@telegram_858881998:t2bot.ioyiyi sojok
02:56:12@telegram_858881998:t2bot.ioyiyi soj changed their display name from telegram_858881998 to yiyi soj.
03:23:08@telegram_395034348:t2bot.ioT SEnd of this year
04:12:49@telegram_542930326:t2bot.ioD BoWill KMD ever recover?
04:13:16@telegram_542930326:t2bot.ioD Bo changed their display name from D Bo (Telegram) to D Bo.
04:13:15@telegram_542930326:t2bot.ioD BoWhen is exploit solved?
04:18:13@telegram_542930326:t2bot.ioD BoPinned message should be fixed
04:42:19@telegram_814976892:t2bot.ioChris changed their display name from Chris (Telegram) to Chris.
06:17:21@telegram_395034348:t2bot.ioT S the Komodo logo (which they should replace btw) is in a good company here ;) http://hackuta.com
07:21:11@telegram_306385004:t2bot.ioAron Goldbergimage.jpeg
07:53:33@telegram_797378498:t2bot.ioBlock Surfer changed their display name from Block Surfer (Telegram) to Block Surfer.
08:53:51@telegram_558439563:t2bot.ioMixic everyone we released atomicDEX mobile 0.1.8 (beta) - this version brings many improvements and resolves pretty much all of the reported issues. It is already on playstore (Android) and will be available for iOS (testflight) in the coming 24-48h (pending approval). Happy testing!


refactor api provider
wallet configuration
add missing exception handlers

new mm2
new encryption
sync improvement
add additional logs [debug]
enable biometric only protection
add precise error messages

08:56:33@telegram_558439563:t2bot.ioMixic https://twitter.com/zaddex_com/status/1169203358479081472?s=20
09:05:09@telegram_354063457:t2bot.ioBear The traderIs this going to affect atomicdex?
09:05:09@telegram_354063457:t2bot.ioBear The trader https://t.co/BkYOFX3TU1
09:05:29@telegram_354063457:t2bot.ioBear The trader changed their display name from Bear The trader (Telegram) to Bear The trader.
20:35:28@telegram_646145852:t2bot.ioPrince Hilary changed their display name from Prince Hilary (Telegram) to Prince Hilary.
18 Sep 2019
00:45:34@telegram_690445180:t2bot.ioSun coinlim&exchange changed their display name from Sun coinlim&exchange (Telegram) to Sun coinlim&exchange.
14:46:07@telegram_395034348:t2bot.ioT S changed their profile picture.
16:05:15@telegram_273137588:t2bot.ioBoris changed their display name from Boris (Telegram) to Boris.
19:50:40@telegram_947264486:t2bot.ioHal 9000 changed their display name from Hal 9000 (Telegram) to Hal 9000.
19 Sep 2019
20:27:00@telegram_139971791:t2bot.iokenCode changed their display name from kenCode (Telegram) to kenCode.
20:45:45@jvtdlc:matrix.orgjvtdlc joined the room.

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