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17 Feb 2019
21:00:27@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Hocine> Hello everyone. Do komodo coins show on ladger nano or not yet? Thank you
21:04:56@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Clincaruto> Is this the official komodo group
21:05:36@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <SHossain> the active community is in Discord https://discord.gg/Shq9va
21:05:58@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Zeehenk> They do. You can even claim rewards on it (re @Hocine: Hello everyone. Do komodo coins show on ladger nano or not yet? Thank you)
21:10:51@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Acura360> Our official komodo Discord https://discord.gg/zabAe9
21:11:53@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> how many coins now on comodo platform ?
21:12:07@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> only zilla ?
21:12:41@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> kmd have big potential go to 200-400k sat
21:12:59@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> in 1- 2 year
21:13:01@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Acura360> Over 50 i think (re @Atlas: how many coins now on comodo platform ?)
21:13:09@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Acura360> Assetchains also
21:13:31@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Acura360> Many independent chains
21:13:59@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> will be good see it on explorer or like in eth
21:14:16@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> retings and all lisl
21:14:37@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> reitings and all list
21:15:29@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> now eth cost 100$ and have problem vith 51
21:15:31@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Acura360> https://www.dexstats.info/explorers.php (re @Atlas: will be good see it on explorer or like in eth)
21:15:58@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> kmd cost only 80cent
21:16:22@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Flaux> are you asking or telling us?
21:16:50@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> last telling
21:17:04@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> thx (re @Acura360: https://www.dexstats.info/explorers.php)
21:20:22@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> and have immunity for 51 attack (re @Atlas: kmd cost only 80cent)
21:22:18@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> how ebaut alliance of corporations for kmd ?
21:22:56@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Atlas> its be in plane like in eth or kmd full decentralized ?
21:24:31@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Hocine> Thank you (re @Zeehenk: They do. You can even claim rewards on it)
22:28:34@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <miguelborges99> No surprise. No dev team is so good as kmd. Time to load... Bear market may be on its last days. (re @LuckyBTC: Wow 5 million KMD.. Someone really doesn't want to miss the KMD train.)
22:51:43@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <JaySave75> KMD is pumping
22:52:39@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Bram4> Hello sir, you live under a rock last couple of weeks? (re @JaySave75: KMD is pumping)
22:53:13@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <JaySave75> Apparently
23:06:42@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[telegram] <Bram4> No problem, welcome to nice price movements on kmd

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