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15 Mar 2019
11:30:32@genysys:matrix.orggenysysyou probably need to install git and this should work for you
11:30:40@genysys:matrix.orggenysysor at least bring you to the same error
11:36:46@peace817:matrix.orgpeace817how to install git? thanks
11:38:12@genysys:matrix.orggenysysyou can google alot of this
11:44:07@peace817:matrix.orgpeace817This is like a no ending process. Does anyone have a more complete procedure to setup the Go environment correctly for the delegation testnet? Thank you!
11:49:52@peace817:matrix.orgpeace817just ran the same pasted command again, and it worked this time. moving to next step. thanks.
11:55:50@genysys:matrix.orggenysyswhich command?
12:01:07@gnossienli:matrix.orgGnossienliHow long will phase I take ?
In reply to @genysys:matrix.org
which command?
$ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"
13:31:29@awrelll:matrix.orgaurel - DokiaCapital changed their display name from aurel to aurel - DokiaCapital.
13:51:31@peace817:matrix.orgpeace817Hi, I'd like to run delegation on gaia 13k testnet, is it okay to use the latest mainnet v0.33.0 for checkout? Thanks
14:01:27@mmitech:matrix.orgmmitechI am having issues starting a testnet node
14:02:15@mmitech:matrix.orgmmitechgaiad version --long cosmos-sdk: 0.33.0-12-gea0db504 git commit: ea0db504d15e131a5786c7a2ddf30d04ac51e341 vendor hash: build tags: netgo ledger go version go1.12 linux/amd64
14:02:47@mmitech:matrix.orgmmitechtrying to join faia-13K
14:03:04@mmitech:matrix.orgmmitechusing this seed node as suggested in the testnet repo c24f496b951148697f8a24fd749786075c128f00@
14:03:30@mmitech:matrix.orgmmitechgaiad is failing with this error
14:03:32@mmitech:matrix.orgmmitechE[2019-03-15|14:03:14.653] Dialing failed module=pex addr=c24f496b951148697f8a24fd749786075c128f00@ err="dial tcp i/o timeout" attempts=0
14:03:45@mmitech:matrix.orgmmitechE[2019-03-15|14:03:17.429] Error dialing peer module=p2p err="dial tcp i/o timeout"
14:47:10@peace817:matrix.orgpeace817Hi, I have installed the latest versions of gaiad and gaiacli, and have managed to generate a Cosmos address via Ledger. And I'd like to test delegation on gaia 13k testnet by connecting to a 3rd party full node. Can someone please point me to the testnet 3rd party full node? And can someone please share some Muon for me to test? cosmos1l50dfjsv6wpef0e9txhtkz6jtcmzflju9hwuwp . THANK YOU!
In reply to @mmitech:matrix.org
using this seed node as suggested in the testnet repo c24f496b951148697f8a24fd749786075c128f00@
try these seeds "c24f496b951148697f8a24fd749786075c128f00@,01cbbd3506b422d782e5472e1e1b4aca8f8eaec0@,5e13a96357d7326b1eff969ef8d96da39896327d@,6165404a4b45ab0c2469deda809db89dac5cec01@"
14:55:30@kytzu:matrix.orgkytzufor me gaia13k looks dead
14:55:50@mmitech:matrix.orgmmitechit is syncing, not sure about new blocks
14:55:58@mmitech:matrix.orgmmitechwhich testnet I should use then?
14:56:43@kytzu:matrix.orgkytzu13k is the only one I know
14:56:55@kytzu:matrix.orgkytzubut my node is no longer working]

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