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6 Jan 2019
20:00:14@goldel:matrix.orggoldelERROR: {"codespace":"sdk","code":5,"message":"15000STAKE,10000000000photinos \u003c 1020photino"} ??
20:01:36@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki goldel: what transactions are you trying to send?
20:02:02@zmanian:matrix.orgZakisounds like you have min fees in correctly configured
20:02:10@goldel:matrix.orggoldelgaiacli tx stake create-validator --amount=10000STAKE --pubkey=$(gaiad tendermint show-validator) --moniker="adriana" --chain-id=game_of_stakes_3 --from=timex --commission-rate="0.10" --commission-max-rate="0.20" --commission-max-change-rate="0.01" --fee=1020photino
20:04:15@goldel:matrix.orggoldel Zaki: it's ok like this ?
20:04:53@zmanian:matrix.orgZakihow are min fees set on your node?
20:05:57@goldel:matrix.orggoldelaiad start --minimum_fees=1000photino
20:06:15@zmanian:matrix.orgZakithat's way too high
20:07:05@goldel:matrix.orggoldelplease tell me the "correct" amount
20:07:10@goldel:matrix.orggoldelto set
20:10:29@goldel:matrix.orggoldel--minimum_fees=1STAKE,1photino ?
20:17:47@7alisman:matrix.org7alisman | Firmamintmake sure to use photinos (with the s)
In reply to @7alisman:matrix.org
make sure to use photinos (with the s)
it really matters?
20:20:29@7alisman:matrix.org7alisman | Firmamintyes, we dont have any photino tokens...but we do have photinos
20:20:38@7alisman:matrix.org7alisman | Firmamintjust the sake as stake vs STAKE matters
20:20:42@7alisman:matrix.org7alisman | Firmamintsame*
20:23:05@goldel:matrix.orggoldel 7alisman | Firmamint: thanks i will try now
7 Jan 2019
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10:11:36@eon_1:matrix.orgeon_1 | Sentinel.co Zaki: Is it possible to add something like our zone to GoS chain,if we already have application logic implemented on cosmos-sdk
10:12:35@slamper:matrix.orgHendrik Hofstadt | certus.one eon_1: IBC is not implemented yet, so that should not be possible atm.
10:13:15@eon_1:matrix.orgeon_1 | Sentinel.coYeah just wanted to confirm,if some progress has been made
10:49:05@li_wei:matrix.orgli_wei Peng Zhong:
Could you share me the vector asset about the picture https://cosmos.network/img/cosmos-ethereum-peg.40bba4cb.png
14:11:47@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbez eon_1: progress on IBC wont be made until after we launch
14:12:05@nylira:matrix.orgPeng Zhongcosmos-eth-peg.svg
14:12:17@nylira:matrix.orgPeng Zhong li_wei: the vector version needs to be cleaned up a bit
8 Jan 2019
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