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Latest: 1.7.0 | Bridging slack to matrix via https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack mostly for dev discussions support is better in #bridges:matrix.org 96 Servers

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8 Apr 2021



hmm the module is in package.jsonā€¦

@_neb_github_=40_half-_shot=3ahalf-shot.uk:matrix.orgGithub [@Half-Shot:half-shot.uk] [matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack] erdnaxeli opened issue #585: Missing dependency js-yaml [open] - https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack/issues/585 08:32:45

oh, the dep was added to devDependencies, which is probably wrong, and the lockfile was not updated

@_neb_github_=40_half-_shot=3ahalf-shot.uk:matrix.orgGithub [@Half-Shot:half-shot.uk] [matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack] erdnaxeli edited issue #585: Missing dependency js-yaml [open] - https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack/issues/585 08:46:58
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9 Apr 2021
@_neb_github_=40_half-_shot=3ahalf-shot.uk:matrix.orgGithub [@Half-Shot:half-shot.uk] [matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack] jaller94 closed issue #585: Missing dependency js-yaml [closed] to jaller94 - https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack/issues/585 12:17:35
10 Apr 2021
@carlson2000:matrix.orgcarlson2000 joined the room.09:36:17
@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvpI'm seeing problems with the bridge since about a week. Mentions aren't translated correctly and messages from (some) slack bots are bridged as empty messages.11:02:23
@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvp If I restart the bridge a message like this is printed for every channel: Main channel-name CCODE does not have a WebClient and will not be able to issue slack requests 11:03:31
@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvp When a message is bridged the following warning is in the logs: SlackEventHandler no slack token for CCODE 11:04:07
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12 Apr 2021
@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvpI was able to fix it by unlinking and relinking a channel, and then restarting the bridge11:15:32
@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvpnot sure what went wrong though11:15:40
15 Apr 2021
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@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) joined the room.13:38:48
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)Hey, I'm trying to reconnect some rooms to slack that were disconnected when the app was disabled on the slack side13:40:02
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)I keep getting "Failed to make link: You don't have permission to remove ops level equal to your own" when I try to re-link a room that was linked before.13:40:33
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)Any suggestions?13:40:36
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)Or should I try #bridges:matrix.org?13:40:46
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) * Or should I try #bridges:matrix.org?13:40:50
@cadair:cadair.comCadair Hey Jez (he/him) I assume this is the matrix.org hosted bridge? 14:29:37
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) Cadair: yes, that's right 14:56:17
@cadair:cadair.comCadairSounds like it will need intervention from one of the folk who run that bridge15:00:28
@cadair:cadair.comCadair* Sounds like it will need intervention from one of the folk who run that bridge15:00:36
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)That's what I thought :(15:00:49
16 Apr 2021
@dan:cypherstack.comDan Miller joined the room.01:46:05
@jobzhao:matrix.orgjobzhaohi, It is Unrecognised command "msgcontent"10:36:59
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