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Latest: 2.0.0 | Bridging slack to matrix via https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack mostly for dev discussions | If you have an issue with the matrix.org Slack bridge please email support@matrix.org.116 Servers

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16 Jan 2023
@0xc0deba5e:matrix.orgTobiasHave you checked that the first docker run has modified the config.yaml you provided? The second docker run needs the modified one as a config input (same -v).21:21:28
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18 Jan 2023
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@bzbz1:matrix.orgbzbzbz1 Hi All, I have managed to set up the bridge and it works fine to bridge messages. I have added the slack bot into a slack change and bridged it to a room on my home server. One small thing that I notices is that when I do list in the admin bot room it shows the rooms with PENDING-NAME UNKNOWN. Is there anything to worry about. 09:27:50
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19 Jan 2023
@robbert:beardhatcode.bebeardhatcodeRedacted or Malformed Event08:21:42
@bzbz1:matrix.orgbzbzbz1 Just did a search of the history seems that PENDING-NAME is OK? Bridge works great! 08:39:25
20 Jan 2023
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23 Jan 2023
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24 Jan 2023
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25 Jan 2023
@hookshot:element.iohookshot jkms created new issue matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack#730: ""Can't join remote room because no servers that are in the room have been provided."" 07:49:07
@hookshot:element.iohookshot jkms closed issue matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack#730: ""Can't join remote room because no servers that are in the room have been provided."" with comment "oh my god. Despite the documentation saying to "Decide on a spare local TCP port" and having that work with the npm build, for some reason docker requires that the port in fact be 5858 recreating slack-registration.yaml with port 5858 instead of my randomly selected 1313 has solved the problem for me. Might want to add some clarity to the documentation. Regardless, thanks for bridge. Now that it's working my life is just a little bit simpler. " 08:08:21
26 Jan 2023
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27 Jan 2023
@hookshot:element.iohookshot MarkWieczorek created new issue matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack#731: "Can not unlink inaccessible bridge. Can not create new slack bridge (Failed to make link: Failed to make bridge request)" 11:34:14
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@mark-wieczorek:matrix.orgMark Wieczorek(thats my issue above. I didn't realize that there was a room here until I submitted it) I have a problem with the Slack Bridge that I was hoping someone could help me with. In essence, I had a private room that was bridged to a slack channel. I left the room with the slack bridge still active. Now, it is impossible to rejoin the room (I was the only person there), and I can not create a new bridge to the same slack channel. Any suggestions?12:16:08
28 Jan 2023
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29 Jan 2023
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@pilot51:p51.mePilot_51 I'm having trouble getting the bridge working with the appservice and synapse in separate docker containers. The bridge can connect to Postgres and Synapse, but I'm getting this error in the bridge log that apparently prevents the bot from joining the admin room: Homeserver cannot reach the bridge. You probably need to adjust your configuration. 16:33:11
@pilot51:p51.mePilot_51 Figured it out. The documentation was confusing where it says -u "http://$HOST:$MATRIX_PORT". It would be less confusing if it said -u "http://$HOST:$APPSERVICE_PORT" 18:51:36
30 Jan 2023
@hookshot:element.iohookshot kennedyshead closed issue matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack#542: "Main Ignoring ev for matrix room with unknown slack channel in admin room" 09:48:50
@hookshot:element.iohookshot justinbot opened a new PR matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack#732: "Optimize Dockerfile for rebuilds" 16:18:17
@hookshot:element.iohookshot tadzik ✅ approved matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack#732 "Optimize Dockerfile for rebuilds" 16:20:18
@hookshot:element.iohookshot justinbot merged PR matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack#732: "Optimize Dockerfile for rebuilds" 16:26:41
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31 Jan 2023
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