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Bridging slack to matrix via https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack mostly for dev discussions support is better in #bridges:matrix.org 55 Servers

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4 Apr 2020
09:16:05@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvpAs in, did you follow this link in the readme of the bridge: https://api.slack.com/apps?new_classic_app=1
09:17:05@christian:kampka.netChristianI would say yes but it was some time ago so maybe not
09:20:47@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvpI'm assuming that's the problem, since I can't think of another reason for why the information on that page would differ from what I see.
09:21:13@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvp * I'm assuming that's the problem, since I wouldn't know another reason for why the information on that page would differ from what I see.
09:21:31@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvp * I'm assuming that's the problem, since I can't think of another reason for why the information on that page would differ from what I see.
09:34:43@christian:kampka.netChristianI'm creating a new App, seems to be the right path

Christian: Here are screencasts of the step you're having trouble with. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


In reply to@christian:kampka.net
hmm, these is no App Credentials section there, just, Authorizations, Bot User and Remove Application

In the sidebar it's called "OAuth & Permissions". You'll want the second code that starts with "xoxb-".

09:59:42@david:vovo.id.audavohm, this new-ish api might be interesting for bridging files https://api.slack.com/messaging/files/remote
10:10:19@christian:kampka.netChristianI have recreated the app as classic and OAuth somewhat works now, but DMs don't seem to go through
10:16:56@david:vovo.id.audavodid you do whatever is required for puppeting?
10:26:38@christian:kampka.netChristian davo: I don't know how to answer that :D
10:27:37@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvp you need to send oauth christian:kampka.net true in your bridge control room
10:28:05@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvpthat will return a link that you need to follow, which will grant the bridge permission to do things as your slack account
10:28:24@christian:kampka.netChristiandid that, the bridge created a user association and a token in the puppets database table
10:28:49@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvpthen the DMs should work I think
10:29:01@charlotte:vanpetegem.mechvpat least, that's what made them work for me
10:33:50@christian:kampka.netChristian I'm still getting the You have not enabled puppeting for this Slack workspace. You must do that to speak to members message. Did I muss something on the Slack side?
10:35:51@david:vovo.id.audavo I think you missed the @ at the beginning of your mxid maybe?
10:36:26@david:vovo.id.audavopuppeting is woefully undocumented (and unfinished afaik) for this bridge

Or don't have oauth configured in config/config.yaml of the Slack bridge:

# Allow users to add channels dynamically by using oauth, or puppet themselves.
# Optional
#  client_id: ""
#  client_secret: ""
  # A prefix similar to inbound_uri_prefix for oauth2 requests. inbound_uri_prefix will be used if this is not set
  # Optional
#  redirect_prefix: "https://my.server.here:9898/mycustomoauthendpoint"
10:39:13@jaller94:matrix.orgChristianIf you text me the steps, I'll add it to the docs and record another video to help others.
10:41:59@david:vovo.id.audavo if Christian is trying to get DMs working then my understanding is that needs to be filled in
10:44:56@christian:kampka.netChristianOauth is configured, I get the Url from slack, get redirected to my bridge and it shows a very blank page with "Successful" written on it
10:45:16@christian:kampka.netChristian looking at the logs of the bridge, I see this ERROR bridge [-] POST http://localhost:8008/_matrix/client/r0/register (AS) HTTP 400 Error: "{\"errcode\":\"M_USER_IN_USE\",\"error\":\"User ID already taken.\"}"
10:45:22@christian:kampka.netChristiancould that be related?
11:26:26@christian:kampka.netChristianOkay, I truncated the database and started over, it seems to work now.
11:27:32@christian:kampka.netChristianOne more question: Is my understanding correct that every matrix user in a linked channel will now be using the Puppet user for messaging?
11:52:03@david:vovo.id.audavoas I understand no
12:26:48@christian:kampka.netChristianah, it's mapping implicitly by name, isn't it?

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