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21 Jan 2021
@noeviricel:matrix.wazo-lab.ioNoé Viriceldo i need to create a specific user and database for the bridge or can I use the same as Synapse ?00:08:12
@noeviricel:matrix.wazo-lab.ioNoé Viricelsorry i though i was on the good one00:08:40
@noeviricel:matrix.wazo-lab.ioNoé Viricelmy bad00:08:42
@noeviricel:matrix.wazo-lab.ioNoé ViricelRedacted or Malformed Event01:10:20
@noeviricel:matrix.wazo-lab.ioNoé Viricel

I don't understand why my docker container can't find slack-registration.yaml when i run:
docker run -v /etc/matrix-synapse/slack-bridge/config/:/config/ matrixdotorg/matrix-appservice-slack --network host

Then file is in /etc/matrix-synapse/slack-bridge/config/

@noeviricel:matrix.wazo-lab.ioNoé ViricelScreenshot 2021-01-21 at 02.21.25.png
Download Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 02.21.25.png
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22 Jan 2021
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@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2khi there23:12:04
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2khow do you enable pupeeting, or can you?23:12:07
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2k(for slack DM)23:12:10
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how do you enable pupeeting, or can you?
23 Jan 2021
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kbut it cannot be done using the offical matrix bridge right?03:06:06
@david:vovo.id.audavothere's no "official" bridge07:56:16
@julius:mtx.liftm.deˈt͡sɛːzaɐ̯Is there even an office?08:36:06
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@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kthere is the one built into matrix client19:10:02
@tulir:maunium.nettulirthere's no official matrix client either19:11:43
In reply to @darkdrgn2k:tomesh.net
but it cannot be done using the offical matrix bridge right?
yes, it can't be done with matrix.org's instance of the slack bridge
@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kaww =(19:16:39
24 Jan 2021
@julius:mtx.liftm.deˈt͡sɛːzaɐ̯btw, is there some documentation on what the matrix.org slack bridge can and cannot do? (and how to use it?)11:35:33
@cos:hacklab.ficosAFAIK it can do plumbing only, no puppeting so you need slack admin to set up the bot on slack side11:54:38
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25 Jan 2021
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