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Latest: 1.9.0-rc1 | Stable: 1.8.0 | Bridging slack to matrix via https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-slack mostly for dev discussions | If you have an issue with the matrix.org Slack bridge please email support@matrix.org.104 Servers

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7 Oct 2021
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shotchanged room power levels.08:50:27
In reply to @Evidlo:matrix.org
Half-Shot: I see the fix for issue 622 got merged. Any idea when it will be deployed?
For everyone else's benefit: The change is now queued to go out for the integation manager and element.io/develop should already have the changes for the frontend
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotSo it should be fixed "soon"08:56:02
@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-ShotThis is now fixed on Element develop13:11:42
8 Oct 2021
@georgyo:nycr.chatgeorgyo joined the room.21:59:12
@georgyo:nycr.chatgeorgyoHey all 👋, I'm part of a group that is decommission their slack. We are running our own synapse and slack bridge. Is there a simple way to clean up after matrix-appservice-slack? IE unlink all the rooms, deregister all the matrix users, and such?22:03:08
@cadair:cadair.comCadairI think you can do that at least room by room in the admin room for the bridge22:13:37
@georgyo:nycr.chatgeorgyoYep, that's what I was doing, but at a few hundred rooms it is time consuming. I scripted it, but there is still tons of puppet ghosts in the directory23:00:09
9 Oct 2021
@georgyo:nycr.chatgeorgyoI ended up using synadm to deactivate all the dead puppet ghosts.03:02:14
@cadair:cadair.comCadairhmm, the directory is interesting, I guess deativating them would really be the only option10:20:30
10 Oct 2021
@youngchiefbtw:matrix.orgyoungchief btw ツ changed their profile picture.22:41:12
11 Oct 2021
@tobi:phreeknet.deTobi Naryi have a weird problem where mentions from slack are not bridged to matrix, instead posting the uid-string to matrix. any ideas?13:52:44
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@slackbot:matrix.orgSlack Integration 15:59:16
12 Oct 2021
@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmari Dear devs: Ain't you going to merge 1.9.0 into master repo branch? =) 19:38:18
@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmari * Dear devs: Ain't you going to merge 1.9.0 into master repo branch? =) 19:38:32
13 Oct 2021
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14 Oct 2021
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15 Oct 2021
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18 Oct 2021
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19 Oct 2021
@michimalek:matrix.orgMichael Malek joined the room.13:23:30
@michimalek:matrix.orgMichael MalekIam not sure if this is the right community, but did someone in here try to implement the puppet slack by Sorunome? Currently working on it and its a pain in the ass13:24:40
@drwahl49:matrix.orgDavid Wahlstrom joined the room.19:26:38
21 Oct 2021
@nukeador:matrix.orgNukeadorIs just me or avatar and nicknames are not traveling anymore to slack?17:52:51
Download imagen.png
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@nukeador:matrix.orgNukeador Will be fixed by this 21:45:36
In reply to @nukeador:matrix.org
sent an image.
* Will be fixed by this
22 Oct 2021
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