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12 Oct 2021
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrix left the room.12:30:18
@paul:luon.netPaulThis is not really related to getting Matrix-software in Debian (and keeping it up-to-date)12:32:41
@paul:luon.netPaulSo I doubt, there will be an answer here 🙂12:32:57
@paul:luon.netPaulFind a relevant room in the Debian space: https://chat.luon.net/#/room/#debian-space:matrix.debian.social12:33:36
@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrisMO 🇬🇷 🇵🇱 joined the room.14:16:07
13 Oct 2021
@random_teaboy:matrix.orgrandom_teaboy joined the room.13:59:30
14 Oct 2021
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrix joined the room.21:56:33
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixhi peeps21:56:40
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixim trying to build FSV the file manager..21:56:53
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixand i cant find this package for debian anymore 21:57:00
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixlibgtk1.2:i386 21:57:02
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixno this one 21:57:23
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixnm i found it 21:59:45
15 Oct 2021
@paul:luon.netPaulEryn83FL_Matrix, this room is about getting Matrix stuff in Debian, not Debian stuff for Matrix users. Find a relevant room in the Debian space: https://chat.luon.net/#/room/#debian-space:matrix.debian.social07:29:11
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixyes im trying10:40:51
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixonly one that generica debian is on freenode and everyone left that 10:44:18
@jan:heitkoetter.netjan Try #debian:matrix.org 11:01:36
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixyes im in that one now 11:06:34
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrixhow do i move a channel from a space to my normal one?11:07:00
@jan:heitkoetter.netjan I assume you’re talking about how rooms are displayed in your Matrix client? You’d better ask that in the client’s room. 11:24:57
@jan:heitkoetter.netjan Also, be aware that Spaces are still beta and not all clients support them, let alone completely. 11:26:36
@eryn-1983-fl:matrix.orgEryn83FL_Matrix left the room.11:31:25
@paul:luon.netPaul(They are considered out of beta for the Element clients though.)11:39:49
@paul:luon.netPaul By default, Element does not show rooms that are in the spaces you joined also in the "Home"/root space. There is an option to enable that in the preferences. 11:41:08
16 Oct 2021
@g5u8qkbx5ztperdyc:matrix.orgg5u8qkbx5ztperdyc joined the room.00:19:34
@_neb_rssbot_=40hubert=3auhoreg.ca:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@hubert:uhoreg.ca] Debian package news for libquotient:
<a href="https://qa.debian.org/cgi-bin/vcswatch?package=libquotient">version in VCS is newer</a> than in repository, is it time to upload?
17 Oct 2021
@udaba:matrix.orgu joined the room.03:45:52
@_neb_rssbot_=40hubert=3auhoreg.ca:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@hubert:uhoreg.ca] Debian package news for matrix-synapse:
matrix-synapse 1.44.0-2 MIGRATED to testing
18 Oct 2021

hi all, when new version of nheko in sid? we have 0.8.2 in experimental since some months, and new version is require to fix http://bugs.debian.org/981525


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