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8 Jul 2021
11 Jul 2021
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12 Jul 2021
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixI have finished the wall tilemap, and have made an issue on Github for it, and for someone to implement them into Godot. Still working on smaller details, but there should be enough for a start.15:53:40
17 Jul 2021
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixOK OpenSus peeps. This is rallying time! As I am sure all of you have seen by now, the Arch Konsole (steam deck) has been announced (which by the way it looks fucking lit) and I want to propose that we plan to release OpenSus on time for it (still gives us plenty of time). What do you guys think?11:39:42
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@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyBut first, OpenSuspect has to be on Steam13:37:35
In reply to @bestonerazy:matrix.org
But first, OpenSuspect has to be on Steam
has to be finished first lol
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazymeanwhile, we can experiment with Godot on the console15:54:14
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyI will work on controller support16:06:03
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyhere is a controller map for a Xbox 360 Pro EX Contoller:16:29:18
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazy03000000c62400000a53000000010000,Xbox 360 Pro EX Controller,a:b0,b:b1,y:b3,x:b2,start:b7,back:b6,leftstick:b9,rightstick:b10,leftshoulder:b4,rightshoulder:b5,dpup:b12,dpleft:b14,dpdown:b13,leftx:a0,dpright:b15,lefty:a1,rightx:a3,righty:a4,lefttrigger:a2,righttrigger:a5,platform:Linux16:29:21
@moxvallix:matrix.orgMoxvallixk cool16:29:47
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerbcool, also it doesn't have to be on steam, you can sideload games16:37:58
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyThat's why I mentioned experimenting with Godot19:07:49
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyYou could even use Pacman19:08:03
1 Aug 2021
@daniel071:matrix.orgDaniel071Hey, is this project still alive?01:50:44
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microhey02:01:20
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microit's alive02:01:25
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Micro but in a serious coma Daniel071 02:01:37
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerb I really want the game to go places but every issue i look at is just AAAAAAAAAAAAA I know somebody has to do these things but I don't want to 04:16:32
@cukmekerb:matrix.orgcukmekerbso please help04:16:42
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microyeah I ran into an issue when making an interface element for a task that I couldn't resolve in 3 weeks, then I had to move, so I couldn't work on it for 2 months11:19:15
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microand now I have no idea what I was even doing 😀11:19:28
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microthe issue is, that many people didn't return after Christmas break, and then more people left after that11:19:51

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