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28 Jun 2019
14:01:05@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluchanged room power levels.
14:04:24@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluchanged room power levels.
29 Jul 2019
14:50:30@socanal:matrix.orgsocanal joined the room.
5 Aug 2019
16:27:33@pablors:matrix.orgpablors joined the room.
6 Aug 2019
16:42:20@cmolina:matrix.orgcmolinaord joined the room.
16:56:02@cmolina:matrix.orgcmolinaord set a profile picture.
16:56:53@cmolina:matrix.orgcmolinaord changed their profile picture.
18 Aug 2019
15:54:37@cmolina:matrix.orgcmolinaord changed their profile picture.
27 Aug 2019
09:38:23@gitter_juanlu001:matrix.orgJuan Luis Cano Rodríguez (Gitter) joined the room.
09:38:23@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integrationchanged room power levels.
09:38:24@gitter_juanlu001:matrix.orgJuan Luis Cano Rodríguez (Gitter)ping
09:38:29@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration astrojuanlu pong
09:38:34@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration astrojuanlu okay, now it works :)
09:38:51@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration shreyasbapat Great
09:42:24@gitter_shreyasbapat:matrix.orgShreyas Bapat (Gitter) left the room.
09:42:24@gitter_wselwood:matrix.orgWil Selwood (Gitter) left the room.
09:42:25@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration left the room.
30 Aug 2019
04:05:47@migueldvb:matrix.orgmigueldvb joined the room.
3 Sep 2019
13:41:30@fredy:matrix.orgfredy set a profile picture.
18 Nov 2019
10:24:23@happycompiler:matrix.orgSwetank changed their display name from Swetank to @radicalswetank:matrix.org.
10:37:19@happycompiler:matrix.orgSwetank changed their display name from @radicalswetank:matrix.org to radicalswetank.
11:52:50@happycompiler:matrix.orgSwetank changed their display name from radicalswetank to Swetank.
22 Nov 2019
08:55:09@amitar:matrix.orgamitar joined the room.
26 Nov 2019
19:07:00@amitar:matrix.orgamitar changed their profile picture.
15 Dec 2019
15:05:52@temporary_exa:matrix.orgexa joined the room.
15:17:23@temporary_exa:matrix.orgexa changed their display name from temporary_exa to exa.
19 Dec 2019
12:05:33@sashank27:matrix.orgsashank27 set a profile picture.
6 Jan 2020
15:19:59@ImaSD:matrix.org@ImaSD:matrix.org rejected invite.
15 Jan 2020
22:07:34@jorgepiloto:matrix.orgjorgepiloto changed their profile picture.
16 Jan 2020
13:35:12@jains8844:matrix.orgsarthakj changed their display name from jains8844 to sarthakj.

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