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20 Jan 2020
20:06:04@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
A potential MASSIVE catalyst for Litecoin: the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020
20:11:04@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
When will LTC break $100 - Live Technical Analysis
21 Jan 2020
05:41:04@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Litecoin Slow Confirmation
07:16:04@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
A detailed guide to help beginners buy Litecoin
11:21:04@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Easy and secure way to exchange LTC
12:01:04@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
A closer look at Litecoin’s confidential transactions
16:06:04@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Introducing BTCPay Vault - Desktop app that allows you to use any hardware wallet with BTCPay Server and its full node 🔒
20:21:05@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
How blockchain can solve ticket fraud and secondary market issues
22:41:06@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Over $100Bn+ was transacted on the Litecoin Network in 2019.
23:31:07@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Can Blockchain Technology Replace Banks?
22 Jan 2020
02:56:10@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
The PlatForms I've Used to Lend Litecoin: Let me if you guys see any red flags
08:51:08@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Trusted and reliable platform ever!! Click link below 👇👇
11:31:08@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Fairplay casino on blockchain.
15:31:10@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
accointing.com added to track and create a tax report with public litecoin addresses :)
18:01:08@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Possible scam?
18:06:08@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Litecoin: Risk management strategies
23 Jan 2020
04:06:12@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Jack Dorsey confirms that Square Crypto is working on Lightning Network
08:36:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Earn up to 40% cash back in LTC for shopping at sites like eBay, Groupon, Microsoft, and 400+ more.
14:36:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
⚡️lnd v0.9.0-beta has just been released! ⚡️
14:56:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Jewelry stores accepting Litecoin as a payment
19:16:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
New Privacy Features Expected On Litecoin (LTC)
24 Jan 2020
02:46:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Is it possible to get support from exchanges again?
03:31:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Collected some sites that Pay % Interest on Litecoin Lending/HODLing
04:51:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Bitcoin & Litecoin Halving - 2020 Update & Predictions
23:21:44@ada:matrix.allmende.ioada joined the room.
23:36:33@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Where can I find a good wallet to buy and store LTC?
25 Jan 2020
01:21:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Me now .🤞😁
03:26:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Raise $1.5M to Fund Litecoin Foundation –Charlie Lee Charges Mining Pools
04:11:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
Raise $1.5M to Fund Litecoin Foundation –Charlie Lee Charges Mining Pools
13:41:32@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:matrix.org] Litecoin:
@SatoshiLite: 1/ I think a better way to fund development is mining pools voluntarily donate a portion of the block reward. How about Litecoin pools donate 1% (0.125 LTC) of block rewards to the @LTCFoundation ? If every miner/pool does this, it amounts to about $1.5MM donation per year!

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