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21 Jan 2023
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoq(a gamboy like handheld)21:04:37
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinaoh I see21:04:55
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinaI mean keycodes are still keycodes but that input could be something homegrown21:05:15
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqyes, I didn't actually check the code21:05:33
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqI will probably work on a Hugo page for another community project next week. I guess I could make a similar one for libregameing the same time23:20:28
22 Jan 2023
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqthis Hugo theme is kinda cool: https://blowfish.page/20:55:55
27 Jan 2023
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29 Jan 2023
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31 Jan 2023
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqso as previously mentioned I worked on a Hugo page last week. Worked out pretty well (but isn't deployed yet) and definitely nicer to work with than Zola (it will replace a Zola page).13:29:50
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqI think we should consider that for lg.org as well13:30:20
@chris:hribhrib.athribhribi can easily switch the deployment to hugo if you want to work on the website! :) just give me 1 day in advance time to switch it if i recall it right, one would have worked rather with zola on the website but that never really happened, so there is no real reason to stick to it (correct me if i am wrong)15:30:55
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqyeah I think back then there wasn't a clear preference for either and someone used Zola so that stuck.17:54:23
@irc_irc.freegamedev.net_povoq:irc.freegamedev.netpoVoqhowever personally I got stonger oppinions about Zola these days. Its not bad in general, but Hugo is substancially more userfriendly in my opinion.17:55:28
5 Feb 2023
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8 Feb 2023
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9 Feb 2023
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11 Feb 2023
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17 Feb 2023
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18 Feb 2023
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24 Feb 2023
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