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9 Sep 2023
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️LISP like languages are sexy09:21:46
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinaI made it in an evening based on another bot's code, it's not like I was deliberate with my choices09:22:21
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️Did the clojure one work? If I understood correctly the main issue was that most people aren't into LISP like languages09:22:45
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinasure, I remember it being on the channel while seabass was trying it09:23:14
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinathe issue is that poVoq doesn't want to host that one09:23:30
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinaJVM allergy09:23:35
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️Fully justified.09:23:53
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️What are features that should be added or easy to add in a new bot? (not promising anything ofcourse)09:25:40
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinascheduling is the main one that people wanted I think09:28:10
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️My suggestions are: 1. Support multiple chat networks simultaneously (I think the currrent bot has something simillar) 2. Support game aliases 3. Have a description for each game 4. Being able to get a list of the list's you're in09:29:21
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️Again, Zero promises here!09:29:35
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinathe current bot can do 1 independently (they don't share data)09:30:01
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️How do you and everyone expect the scheduling to work?09:30:05
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinait would be trivial to make them share data though09:30:07
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinayeah aliases isn't a bad idea09:30:26
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoina https://git.libregaming.org/LibreGaming/matchmaking-bot/issues/3 09:31:02
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoina https://git.libregaming.org/LibreGaming/matchmaking-bot/issues/2 09:31:10
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinaarcmage's bot has an implementation of that (C#)09:32:14
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️Btw, should we close issue? 09:32:20
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️#6* 09:32:27
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️arcmage's bot? is that the second one or is it an external one?09:33:27
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinaan external one09:34:18
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoinait was posted recently on #organi09:34:26
@rampoina:matrix.orgRampoina #libregaming-organization:tchncs.de 09:34:31
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️I missed it09:34:59
@franzopow:matrix.orgfranzopowBleah C#09:35:21
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️I can't find it09:36:08
@franzopow:matrix.orgfranzopowJust search it in the arcmage github repo09:37:12

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