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23 Mar 2020
16:59:25@voroskoi:feneas.orgvoroskoi I get the following error when trying to ligin to gomuks: Login error: msg=Failed to GET JSON to /_matrix/client/r0/login: code=404 wrapped=
16:59:47@tulir:maunium.nettulirthat sounds like whatever you entered isn't a matrix homeserver
17:04:52@voroskoi:feneas.orgvoroskoiI set https://chat.feneas.org
17:06:30@tulir:maunium.nettulirthat's riot, not the homeserver
17:06:49@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeThat’s a Riot instance. How do you login to that?
17:07:05@tulir:maunium.nettuliryou can just use your full user id as the username and it'll autofill the server url
17:10:30@voroskoi:feneas.orgvoroskoii only got Resolving..., but setting to https://feneas.org fixed it, thanks
17:12:39@tulir:maunium.nettuliroh their .well-known is broken
17:12:50@tulir:maunium.nettulirand I guess there's still a bug in the .well-known resolution in gomuks
17:13:53@voroskoi:feneas.orgvoroskoii don't want to look like i understand you :-)
21:42:17@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpfeature request: ignore join/part for marking a room as unread.
24 Mar 2020
09:25:07@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Franke donpdonp: please file an issue at https://github.com/tulir/gomuks
14:54:40@ser:matrix.orgSxan joined the room.
18:34:29@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpis there a way to turn off html parsing ??
18:34:41@donp:donp.orgdonpdonp i need < > in my messages to be literal
18:36:26@tulir:maunium.nettulirno, I guess I should add an option for html escaping
18:36:55@donp:donp.orgdonpdonp it bits me frequently :( id be happy with backtick <literal>
18:37:00@tulir:maunium.nettulirand to disable markdown if I didn't add that already
18:37:23@donp:donp.orgdonpdonp or even a cheatsheat on just what is parsed or not.
In reply to@donp:donp.org
or even a cheatsheat on just what is parsed or not.
mostly github flavored markdown without html escaping
18:39:48@donp:donp.orgdonpdonp triple backtick test <tag>
18:39:57@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpoh well that seems to work :)
25 Mar 2020
09:45:16@joshdm42:librem.onejoshdm42 joined the room.
22:28:17@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/gomuks] donpdonp commented on issue #123: Allow toggle of joins/leaves:

another spin on this feature is to display part/join in the room, but to not flag the room as unread due to new part/join msgs.

26 Mar 2020
02:08:23@Quillasp:matrix.org␀|Ϙυᵻߊ৷ᵅᏕᎵ joined the room.
27 Mar 2020
05:40:03@abstergo_matrix:matrix.org@abstergo_matrix:matrix.org joined the room.
07:01:15@abstergo_matrix:matrix.org@abstergo_matrix:matrix.org left the room.
08:19:18@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mautrix-go] tulir pushed 0 commits to v0.1.0-beta.2 (new tag)
28 Mar 2020
15:47:19@gshumi:matrix.orgpipeweed joined the room.
16:57:51@gshumi:matrix.orgpipeweedthere is a ghost room i cant leave on gomuks

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