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4 Mar 2021
@cdutsov:pi2.devChavdar DutsovI'm OK with my non matrix account 05:06:26
@tomte:matrix.bluebill.orgTomte Same here I am using my own homeserver with gomuks. 05:15:20
@aaron:raim.istAaron NULL: what's the problem? 05:23:27
In reply to @null:kde.org
Anyone have trouble logging in with non matrix.org accounts on Gomuks?
This but nitro.chat
@null:kde.orgNULLI attempted to log on but the button reverted14:51:08
@null:kde.orgNULLI'll just purge config files and try again14:51:28
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpi use gomuks with my local synapse install. works fine.16:53:17
@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/gomuks] codykrieger starred the repo 18:54:59
@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mauview] codykrieger starred the repo 18:57:47
@null:kde.orgNULLIt turns out my homeserver isn't kde.org but https://kde.modular.im22:50:42
@null:kde.orgNULLOther clients don't have issue with it so I didn't know about it22:51:09
@null:kde.orgNULLNow good 'ol Gomuks works23:01:44
5 Mar 2021
@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/gomuks] carlsverre starred the repo 00:56:55
@fbpyr:tchncs.defbpyr joined the room.15:05:49
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonphow do I get the room id of the current room15:39:08

NULL: for future reference: $ host -t srv _matrix._tcp.kde.org
_matrix._tcp.kde.org has SRV record 10 5 443 kde.modular.im.

@tulir:maunium.nettulirclients don't use SRV records (and servers don't use that SRV record either because they have a .well-known file)15:43:53
@tulir:maunium.nettulir gomuks will autofill the correct server url using https://kde.org/.well-known/matrix/client if you enter @username:kde.org in the username field 15:44:27
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpso SRV records are obsolete? i can remove mine?15:45:14
@tulir:maunium.nettulirno, SRV can still be used for delegating federation (that's the only thing it has ever been used for in Matrix)15:46:25
@tulir:maunium.nettulirif you just need to delegate to a different port, there's essentially no difference between .well-known and SRV15:47:02
@tulir:maunium.nettulirbut for delegating to a subdomain or a completely different domain, .well-known is easier to set up15:47:16
@tulir:maunium.nettulirand clients only use .well-known, so you need that if you want clients to autofill the server url15:47:28
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpis there a way in the gomuks UI to get the room id?15:49:36
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpdamn that was easy.15:52:11
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonpis 'direct chat' a status specific to gomuks, or is it managed by the homeserver?16:49:18
@donp:donp.orgdonpdonp oh nm, i just found "is_direct boolean" 16:49:56
@fmlatghor:matrix.orgfmlatghorRedacted or Malformed Event23:27:21

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