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20 Sep 2020
@waff:wvffle.net[#] wvffle
In reply to @vurpo:hacklab.fi
the gpu is made for rendering graphical things
acrually, if it comes to terminal emulators, there has been a bottleneck with applications that spam the stdout
@waff:wvffle.net[#] wvffletheir speed was dependent on the speed of the terminal emulator displaying the output02:44:53
@waff:wvffle.net[#] wvfflewith hardware accel, alacritty or other GPU based emulators can overcome this bottleneck02:45:33
@waff:wvffle.net[#] wvffleI've recently switched from alacritty to kitty to test out the images (which work great in ranger, dunno how would they work with scrollable context in gomux) and the clipboard over ssh02:47:02
@waff:wvffle.net[#] wvffleI haven't tested the clipboard yet, I guess, it needs some config, so I have to read a bit how to do it (or there's someone who can teach me ;) )02:47:52
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchDo your images work over ssh atm?09:11:14
@waff:wvffle.net[#] wvfflehaven't tried it yet09:12:24
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchAh well I think if u use the kitten for ssh the images will work over ssh and the clipboard will follow09:13:32
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwch kitty +kitten ssh myserver 09:21:57
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchShould work if ur POSIX complient09:22:15
@waff:wvffle.net[#] wvffleI'll check that in an hour or so, I'm pretty busy right now09:22:58
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchFair dw09:23:18
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessive joined the room.10:18:47
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessivewhen i do ctrl arrow up it shows the previous message i typed10:19:38
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessive* when i do ctrl arrow up it shows the previous message i typed10:20:11
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessivemaybe i misread it but how do i switch rooms with ctrl+arrow up?10:20:38
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchwhat terminal are you useing?10:21:50
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchtry using alt and up/down arrow10:22:27
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessiveim using dvtm on raw console10:23:14
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessivealt doesnt work :(10:23:22
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessivectrl+k does work btw but its some more work10:23:39
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchyou probably have a conflict you should check your config file but idk for shure10:25:19
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessiveits weird because ctrl arrow up gets my previous message and edits it10:27:46
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessivetotally love this client btw, thanks so much10:28:34
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchRedacted or Malformed Event11:11:19
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchRedacted or Malformed Event11:11:36
@tywyllwch:matrix.orgtywyllwchhttps://github.com/martanne/dvtm/issues/80 seems to be a bug with dvtm13:28:05
@obsessive:matrix.orgobsessivebare console too14:04:28
@github:maunium.netGitHub [tulir/mauview] noborus starred the repo 18:33:54
21 Sep 2020
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