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24 Jan 2020
18:02:54@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> That means the network driver thing didn't install correctly for some reason usually
18:04:01@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <hbicli0840_dfbb7c70> I've tried in other machines with the same OS I always get the same error in this OS version
18:05:40@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> Windows 2012 R2 Foundation works on some machines?
18:06:04@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-grant> Just tried 2012R2 recently. Everything worked fine
18:07:29@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <hbicli0840_dfbb7c70> At least with me in Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundation doesn't work
18:07:40@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <hbicli0840_dfbb7c70> I've tested in other 2012 versions and is ok
18:07:44@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <hbicli0840_dfbb7c70> *it's
18:08:22@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <hbicli0840_dfbb7c70> Indeed it does not create the network interface in network adapters
18:15:11@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <jj> you are installing from local console and not via rdp?
19:46:05@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <jforan_7c80ef11> I just noticed a Port error entry in the knowledge base - you might need navigate to C:\ProgramData\ZeroTier\One\tap-windows\x64, right click on the file zttap300.inf and select "Install"
19:54:08@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> I've downloaded zerotier onto two local Linux systems. One I'll later move to a remote location. But now I'm not sure what to do next and confused by terminology. Whats an access token vs. a device id. Where do I get what I need to no connect these two devices?
19:55:20@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> I thought I had one connected to the network and can actually ping it. But now not sure which of the two devices I'm now pinging.
19:56:18@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> Hi, once both machines are joined and authorized on the same network, they should have ZeroTier Managed IPs; Those are what you use.
19:56:20@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> https://zerotier.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/8454145/Getting+Started+with+ZeroTier
20:12:17@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> Apologize for being so dense. I see network id. Next step seems to be zerotier-cli join xxxxx with yyyyy. Assuming yyy is network address, I seem to be missing xxxx. Where does that come from?
20:17:53@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> zerotier-cli join <networkID>
20:18:10@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> the 16 digit number like a09acf0233f5687a
20:31:59@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> But the doc suggest that I need two params: From the command line simply type zerotier-cli join ################ with ############### being the 16-digit network ID of the network you wish to join. I presume one is the network ID, which I have. But what is the other?
20:32:48@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> It's one param. sorry if that reads like two!
20:36:30@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> OK, I tried zerotier-clie join xxxxx on both systems. But I don't see the result. I see: No devices have joined this network.
20:36:43@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> I'll try again just to confirm.
20:39:25@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> I get 200 join OK in both cases. But after refresh I still get: No devices have joined this network.
20:47:05@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> I sent you a direct message.
25 Jan 2020
02:14:31@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> How can I find this in Linux: node identity is stored in identity.public and identity.secret in the service’s home directory
02:20:49@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> OK. Found them, but not what I need. I'm looking for my device id. I think I mistyped it when I installed zerotier one.
02:23:41@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> zerotier-cli info
02:28:43@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> Yeah, Travis! Looks like success. Many many thanks.
02:33:21@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <lloyd_3f2628e8> May be ssh issue. I have nodes 1 and 2 set up to support paswordless login. I can reach node 2 from node 1 but get permission denied if I try to reach node 1 from node 2. Do I need to copy node 2 ssh public key to node 1?
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