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11 Nov 2019
20:35:55@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> Hi all, I was wondering if you had some advice for using ZeroTier through corporate firewalls? I am using ZeroTier for personal use, connecting to my home backup server, from the internet at school. I've tried this at a few campuses, and normally it works well, but sometimes I have issues. Its not that ports are explicitly blocked, but I find that many packets are lost of ZT (e.g <clipped message>
20:36:07@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> . using ping), and sometimes asymmetrically very slow (few KBps). I'm thinking its due to corporate firewalls/filters. Any ideas/suggestions?
20:36:21@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> for example:
20:36:36@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> `64 bytes from koko ( icmp_seq=229 ttl=64 time=25.8 ms
20:36:49@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> 64 bytes from koko ( icmp_seq=230 ttl=64 time=18.2 ms
20:36:55@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> 64 bytes from koko ( icmp_seq=231 ttl=64 time=23.1 ms
20:37:29@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> 64 bytes from koko ( icmp_seq=239 ttl=64 time=23.4 ms
20:37:57@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> 64 bytes from koko ( icmp_seq=240 ttl=64 time=21.6 ms
20:38:09@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=283 Destination Host Unreachable
20:38:16@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=284 Destination Host Unreachable
20:38:25@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=285 Destination Host Unreachable
20:38:33@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=286 Destination Host Unreachable
20:38:38@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=287 Destination Host Unreachable
20:38:48@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=288 Destination Host Unreachable
20:38:55@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=289 Destination Host Unreachable
20:39:00@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=290 Destination Host Unreachable
20:39:04@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=291 Destination Host Unreachable
20:39:08@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <sirgogo> From gca-3hby5y2 ( icmp_seq=292 Destination Host Unreachable`
21:17:36@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <thiago.martins_17e4981c> https://zerotier.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/6815768/Router+Configuration+Tips
21:18:17@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <thiago.martins_17e4981c> I actually followed the tips and enabled UPnP in my home router, where I have a Zerotier node behind it. It's a lot better now but, not fixed.
21:26:18@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-travis> unfortunately it's not uncommon for campus networks to be locked down in ways zerotier and other p2p can't handle well
23:10:13@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <quehaygermanperez_3ba43930> Hello, how to remove user from my network, thanks for your help
23:10:47@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <zt-grant> If it's a private network, you just unauth them. If it's a public network, you don't, as they can just rejoin again if they want to
12 Nov 2019
03:02:53@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <corbin.murrow_a08fc4fb> Hi all, is it possible to use Wireshark to capture packets flowing across a ZeroTier interface in Windows? The interface isn't showing up in Wireshark and I've made sure it's not hidden or anything
03:08:07@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <corbin.murrow_a08fc4fb> Turns out updating Wireshark was the answer!
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10:34:17@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <vinayak.warikoo_03b6416f> Congratulations
11:15:32@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <davidnumber1_1_a3d3df62> Hi, I have configured all the devices but I cannot access from outside.
11:15:33@freenode_zt-community:matrix.orgzt-community <davidnumber1_1_a3d3df62> How do I connect from outside, what do I have to use?
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