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11 Sep 2018
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19 Sep 2018
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08:39:38@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.orgHello, i have a question about the expyriment library
08:40:58@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.orgis it possible to play two videos next to each other at the same time?
08:56:22@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.orgi already succeeded in showing two videos next to eachother, but since the resulution is high the second video is mostly offscreen. And it seems that the second video is constantly flickering
08:59:39@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org unfortunatly the Video class has no scale or resize method to see both video's on one screen. I was thinking to use two Rectangle's and then some how play one video in each Rectangle, but i can not find in the docs if/how this can be done.
09:34:51@fladd:matrix.orgFlorianhi Lynn_
09:35:21@fladd:matrix.orgFlorianExpyriment does not allow for scaling the video. You could use moviepy or some external programm e to do that beforehand.
09:36:47@fladd:matrix.orgFlorianConcerning the simultaneous presentation of two videos, while it is possible, it will potentially (or most probably actually) lead to issues with timing accuracies. One approach could be to grab the current frame of each of the videos and then plot them onto a canvas, which you then consequenlty present. This, however, takes time, and you will most likely drop frames.
09:37:15@fladd:matrix.orgFlorianAgain, the most easy solution here might be to just create a video with an external programme, that shows the two videos next to each other.
09:39:37@fladd:matrix.orgFlorian Instead of presenting both on a canvas, btw, you could also present the frame from the first video with present(update=False) and the second one with present(clear=False). However, if you have a double buffer, you would need to do this twice of course.
09:40:34@fladd:matrix.orgFlorianIf timing is absolutely crucial for your design, and if creating a single video beforehand is not an option, then the only solution I see is to have all of your video frames prepared as single images (and hence Expyriment Picture stimuli), which you can then present in any way you want, and be in control of your timing. This, however, will use a lot of memory (when preloading all those stimuli), or requires you to cleverly preload only the necessary parts somewhere in your design, where there is space to do that.
09:40:42@fladd:matrix.orgFlorianI hope this helped
09:50:48@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.orgOkay, I will see what I can do. Thank you for your response!
09:51:12@fladd:matrix.orgFloriansure, always glad to help. good luck
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12:30:14@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.orgI tried with `present(update=False)` and `present(clear=False)` but the `present()` method of the `Video` class does not allow arguments, or do you mean that i use an other class?
12:35:59@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.orgi also tried to use `Canvas` but i did not succeed in showing a video on it. `my_canvas.plot(my_video)` gives an error of `Video` not having a `_get_surface()` method.
12:38:35@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.orgI also tried `my_video.preload() my_canvas.set_surface(my_video) my_canvas.present()` but the screen stays blank, no error though.
12:51:10@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.org@freenode_Lynn_:matrix.orgI think I will go with making composed videos for every combination of videos then
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4 Oct 2018
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10 Oct 2018
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12 Oct 2018
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25 Oct 2018
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29 Oct 2018
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