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5 Dec 2022
@_discord_279804805814157313:t2bot.iohaihaa changed their display name from haihaa to haihaa#7584.09:56:38
@_discord_279804805814157313:t2bot.iohaihaa changed their display name from haihaa#7584 to haihaa.09:56:41
@_discord_659067608322277396:t2bot.ioFinn1997 joined the room.16:58:02
@_discord_370717538079866881:t2bot.iojaydenb1999#9975 changed their profile picture.22:52:26
@_discord_553664928456638474:t2bot.ioFeonyx ayy, I'm playing for the first few times in a while, playin ng+ again, what all do I need for grav suit? just pbs? 23:22:05
@_discord_871875362878001192:t2bot.ioL3g0man_123 pbs are optional 23:22:47
@_discord_553664928456638474:t2bot.ioFeonyx thought you needed pbs to get to distribution 23:23:19
@_discord_871875362878001192:t2bot.ioL3g0man_123 secret super missile blocks 23:24:09
@_discord_553664928456638474:t2bot.ioFeonyx oooh 23:24:25
@_discord_553664928456638474:t2bot.ioFeonyx ok then ill clear out A3 then go get Grav 23:24:37
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.ioJes Right Need bombs or power bombs to enter the Gravity Halls, that is all. 23:46:01
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.ioJes Right * Need bombs and/or power bombs to enter the Gravity Halls, that is all. 23:46:16
@_discord_553664928456638474:t2bot.ioFeonyx oh sick 23:46:44
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.ioJes Right If you play randomizer, you'll get stuck if Gravity Suit is not inside (unless you use the newly discovered septogg zip trick, though that requires some tightly timed inputs to pull off) 23:49:30
@_discord_553664928456638474:t2bot.ioFeonyx I think I vaguely knew that actually 23:49:55
@_discord_553664928456638474:t2bot.ioFeonyx I used to play a lot last year 23:50:06
@_discord_284162744469553152:t2bot.iowhen is pixeltroid *rocket zip 😄 23:53:22
6 Dec 2022
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita changed their display name from Noita to Noita#6792.03:19:47
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita changed their display name from Noita#6792 to Noita.03:19:47
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita forgot to tell that i restarted the randomizer 03:19:48
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita did fusion this time because puke suit ❤️ 03:20:10
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita and uhhhhhh 03:20:22
Download Screenshot_20221204-160040_Multitroid_142.jpg
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita this isnt custom seeded 03:20:45
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita thats indeed bombs 03:20:59
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita on plain sight 03:21:13
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita in the golden temple. 03:21:19
@_discord_420719291906916364:t2bot.ioNoita i will get the seed if i can 03:25:11
@_discord_142433825241300992:t2bot.ioFusion Varia ScarabRedacted or Malformed Event03:30:05
@_discord_363466903869718528:t2bot.ioSai'noami Snowie (Moth Girl)Download lv_0_20221206032159_780x440.mp410:35:54

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