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13 Jan 2024
@_discord_163774782406393856:t2bot.ioentiss they finished it like years ago 05:29:51
@_discord_871875362878001192:t2bot.iol3g0man_123 i thought it was still in beta 05:33:00
@_discord_871875362878001192:t2bot.iol3g0man_123 yeah prime 3 doesnt even show up in the supported games list 05:33:40
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.ioyes.no.maybe.i_dont_know It's not finished, just kinda sorta a port of prime 2 rando with a lot of stuff not working and broken 06:02:54
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.ioyes.no.maybe.i_dont_know Prime 3 random only exists because prime 2 rando is already like most of the work so they might as well just get it working, but it's not getting dully working until all others are done 06:17:05
@_discord_163774782406393856:t2bot.ioentiss i was talking about dread 07:55:02
@_discord_163774782406393856:t2bot.ioentiss i have no idea about prime 3, i've never even played the vanilla game 07:55:09
@_discord_163774782406393856:t2bot.ioentiss but i guess i didnt specify and you said prime 3 last 07:55:17
Download image.png
@_discord_163774782406393856:t2bot.ioentiss from randovania's github: 07:56:09
@_discord_163774782406393856:t2bot.ioentiss you can see dread isn't in the experimental games section like prime 3 07:56:20
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.ioyes.no.maybe.i_dont_know Ah neat, haven't been too caught up 09:01:39
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.ioyes.no.maybe.i_dont_know I know their priorities were dread, prime 1, prime 2, and then prime 3. So prime 3 has a ways to go 09:02:04
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@_discord_704321592028561579:t2bot.ioechox_ray 20:34:39
16 Jan 2024
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1 Feb 2024
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3 Feb 2024
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6 Feb 2024
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17 Feb 2024
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20 Feb 2024
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23 Mar 2024
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31 Mar 2024
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17 Apr 2024
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