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19 May 2019
02:37:34@jobregon:matrix.orgjobregon!tg bridge -1001246878900
02:37:34@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram BridgeRedacted or Malformed Event
20 May 2019
05:52:08@telegrambot:tchncs.deTelegram bridge bot joined the room.
05:52:10@telegrambot:tchncs.deTelegram bridge bot

This room is already a portal room.

21 May 2019
02:34:47@jobregon:matrix.orgjobregonPrueba ignorar mensaje
22 May 2019
20:36:12@telegram_64451823:tchncs.deGastón (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
25 May 2019
03:19:52@altavista:matrix.orgaltavista joined the room.
03:19:57@altavista:matrix.orgaltavista left the room.
30 May 2019
23:20:07@jobregon:matrix.orgjobregon!tg bridge -1001246878900
23:24:06@telegrambot:tchncs.deTelegram bridge bot left the room.
23:20:14@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge

That Telegram chat already has a portal at #telegram_autoformaciontl:t2bot.io. Additionally, you do not have the permissions to unbridge that room.

23:25:19@jobregon:matrix.orgjobregon!tg ping-bot
23:38:55@jobregon:matrix.orgjobregon!tg unbridge
23:25:20@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge

Telegram message relay bot is active: Matrix Telegram Bridge (ID 420415423)

To use the bot, simply invite it to a portal room.

23:38:58@telegrambot:tchncs.deTelegram bridge bot joined the room.
23:39:00@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge

This is not a portal room.

23:41:19@jobregon:matrix.orgjobregon!tg logout
23:45:43@alias:t2bot.ioAlias Bot left the room.
23:41:24@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge

This command requires you to be logged in.

23:47:49@jobregon:matrix.orgjobregon!tg bridge -1001246878900
23:50:00@telegrambot:tchncs.deTelegram bridge bot left the room.
23:47:50@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge

That Telegram chat already has a portal at #telegram_autoformaciontl:t2bot.io. Additionally, you do not have the permissions to unbridge that room.

23:53:46@jobregon:matrix.orgjobregon<prueba2>ignorar y disculpar el mensaje</prueba2>
15 Aug 2019
06:05:05@aguito:matrix.orgaguito set a profile picture.
19 Aug 2019
00:15:01@telegram_31697721:tchncs.dero (Telegram) changed their display name from roro (Telegram) to ro (Telegram).
24 Aug 2019
15:14:54@lightergpsychin6:matrix.orglightergpsychin6 joined the room.
15:15:07@lightergpsychin6:matrix.orglightergpsychin6 left the room.
26 Aug 2019
10:55:05@telegrambot:tchncs.deTelegram bridge bot joined the room.
22 Sep 2019
01:16:54@hrfabarac:matrix.orghrfabarac left the room.
8 Nov 2019
13:49:37@telegram_326040862:tchncs.deManfred (Telegram) changed their profile picture.

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