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24 Jul 2020
@gitter_vi:matrix.orgVitaly Shukela (Gitter) (edited) ... other reviewss. But ... => ... other reviewes. But ... 16:25:39
@gitter_vi:matrix.orgVitaly Shukela (Gitter) (edited) ... en masse? => ... en masse? On of aspects of such system may be "reviewer audits" (like in StackExchange suggest edit queue), where a deliberately modified code is shown to a reviewer to catch if it just "rubber stamps" everything as "looks good for me" instead of actually looking at the code. Other gamification techniques may also be a fit for such a system. 16:28:10
@gitter_vi:matrix.orgVitaly Shukela (Gitter) (edited) ... masse? On of ... => ... masse? One of ... 16:28:24
@dpc:matrix.orgdpcCrev is just a idea of having a standardized format to circulate reviews. There can be multiple different UIs, GUIs, web-based solutions etc.20:55:39
@dpc:matrix.orgdpcThis year due to this covid stuff and changes in my personal life I have little and will still have little time to work on anything, so it is what is, and any progress is entirely dependent on other people building the basic idea. 20:57:18
@dpc:matrix.orgdpcAs for docs.rs , there's lib.rs that does have crev integration, and https://web.crev.dev/20:57:54
26 Jul 2020
@gitter_vi:matrix.orgVitaly Shukela (Gitter) Maybe the "gamified" low-thoroughness reivews should be a separate project, integrated with Crev system with a bot (such as when the system decides that a crate version accumulated enough mechanical-turk-y reviews, it automatically signs a bot-review). 15:58:19
@gitter_vi:matrix.orgVitaly Shukela (Gitter) (edited) ... signs a ... => ... signs and pushes a ... 15:58:46
27 Jul 2020
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2 Aug 2020
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3 Aug 2020
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7 Aug 2020
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9 Aug 2020
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15 Aug 2020
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10 Aug 2020
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16 Aug 2020
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18 Aug 2020
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20 Aug 2020
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25 Aug 2020
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7 Sep 2020
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10 Sep 2020
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14 Sep 2020
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16 Sep 2020
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17 Sep 2020
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20 Sep 2020
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25 Sep 2020
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