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17 Jun 2020
@gitter_vorner:matrix.orgMichal 'vorner' Vaner (Gitter) Ah, I see. I'll probably stick with the CLI myself, as I really prefer vim over whatever browser thing, but I understand how this could help some people lower the entry barrier. 10:33:21
@gitter_lucianobestia:matrix.orgLuciano (Gitter) Here is one advisory that has a complete link: https://web.crev.dev/rust-reviews/crate/dtb/ 10:34:46
@gitter_vorner:matrix.orgMichal 'vorner' Vaner (Gitter) And I hope this'll be kept there as read/browsing thing. I'd like to show this to people from other departments that are worried about security, so this might look nice. 10:35:16
@gitter_lucianobestia:matrix.orgLuciano (Gitter)Yes, the goal of the web-page and the local web-server+browser frontend is to gain more traction for new developers. Intensive developers will use the CLI.10:36:03
@gitter_vorner:matrix.orgMichal 'vorner' Vaner (Gitter)Maybe the tool could „guess“ the RUSTSEC-YYYY-XXXX format and generate the links? That one might be quite common.10:36:12
@gitter_lucianobestia:matrix.orgLuciano (Gitter)Yes, now I see that most of the advisories come from RUSTSEC. But this is not a limitation. I will check and if the format looks similar, I wil make a link to RustSec. Thx.10:37:12
@gitter_vorner:matrix.orgMichal 'vorner' Vaner (Gitter)Anyway, great thing10:37:45
@gitter_lucianobestia:matrix.orgLuciano (Gitter)The web page has a stable uri and this 5 basic functions . I will try to make it work 24/7.10:38:19
@gitter_vorner:matrix.orgMichal 'vorner' Vaner (Gitter) Another little tip. Would it be possible for the column headers (the cryptic colorful one-letter ones) to have a hover-tip on them? I'm not sure I'm calling it with the right name, the thing that if you hower the mouse over it, this little helpful bit of text appears in small rectangle? 10:40:29
@gitter_vorner:matrix.orgMichal 'vorner' Vaner (Gitter)Ah, sorry, it has them, but one has to hover the letter, not the cell background O:-)10:40:56
@gitter_vorner:matrix.orgMichal 'vorner' Vaner (Gitter) Another one with links: https://web.crev.dev/rust-reviews/crate/isatty/ ‒ the github link doesn't lead to the github. 10:45:56
@gitter_vorner:matrix.orgMichal 'vorner' Vaner (Gitter) https://web.crev.dev/rust-reviews/crate/memoffset/ ‒ the link in issues probably leads to the correct place, but the rendered text of the link seems to be for some other crate entirely? 10:47:22
@gitter_lucianobestia:matrix.orgLuciano (Gitter)Bug. I will solve that now. Thx11:03:25
@gitter_lucianobestia:matrix.orgLuciano (Gitter)Update published. The links now works if they are entered correctly. Some of them are just text and not links at all.11:44:56
@gitter_lucianobestia:matrix.orgLuciano (Gitter)I added the guide how to change the color palette with a Chrome extension.15:21:24
18 Jun 2020
@alfred:matrix.kiwifarms.netalfred 22:39:54
19 Jun 2020
@ramona:bau-ha.usramona 08:27:10
26 Jun 2020
@jacques:feneas.orgjacques 19:34:04
30 Jun 2020
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1 Jul 2020
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2 Jul 2020
@gitter_anghelcovici:matrix.orgIonut Victor Anghelcovici (Gitter) joined the room.10:25:56
@gitter_anghelcovici:matrix.orgIonut Victor Anghelcovici (Gitter) Hey all! I'm trying to use the binaries you provide for cargo-crev in a docker image, but keep getting a Error: Permission denied (os error 13) for pretty much any operation (e.g. cargo crev repo fetch url ...). It does work with cargo install though. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? 10:25:57
@dpc:matrix.orgdpcTry using `strace --f cargo crev` and see which operation exactly fails. 15:51:10
@gitter_anghelcovici:matrix.orgIonut Victor Anghelcovici (Gitter) I'll check, thanks. I do suspect I was doing something wrong (as in installing rustup as root in a docker image, which somehow breaks this). 16:58:05
@fritz:tchncs.defritz 19:26:13
@gitter_vi:matrix.orgVitaly Shukela (Gitter)Is there already some online version of crev where I can review packages with some a simple clickety-click without setting up any repositories and identities?21:31:15
@gitter_vi:matrix.orgVitaly Shukela (Gitter) (edited) ... some asimple ... => ... some simple ... 21:31:31
@gitter_vi:matrix.orgVitaly Shukela (Gitter) (edited) ... simple clickety-click without setting up any repositories ... => ... simple clickety-click, without setting up any special repositories ... 21:32:35

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