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2 Nov 2019
04:54:04@dpc:matrix.orgdpcThere's a weekend to iron out any big issues, and release 0.11.1 :D
4 Nov 2019
09:46:54@gitter_zoechi:matrix.orgGünter Zöchbauer (Gitter) joined the room.
09:46:55@gitter_zoechi:matrix.orgGünter Zöchbauer (Gitter) Hi, just tried crev and somehow didn't properly save the passphrase for my newly created id.
I created another id.
Now I'm looking for a way to remove the first id where I forgot the passphrase.
How can I do that?
16:12:38@dpc:matrix.orgdpcHa. Not implemented yet. Id is a file in a config dir
16:19:44@dpc:matrix.orgdpcYou can you remove it
20:25:27@gitter_zoechi:matrix.orgGünter Zöchbauer (Gitter) @dpc thanks, will try
7 Nov 2019
06:30:34@dpc:matrix.orgdpc @room Opinions needed about overriding other peoples' rating. Something I have been thinking about a long now, but only recently actually got a reason to need it. https://github.com/crev-dev/cargo-crev/issues/264
14:55:37@Remram:matrix.orgRemramMaybe your own review should always overwrite reviews from other people?
14:56:08@Remram:matrix.orgRemram at least if the thoroughness is greater?
14:57:01@Remram:matrix.orgRemram Do we really want to allow other people to overwrite other people, or is it always something that the user should decide by themselves?
In reply to @Remram:matrix.org
at least if the thoroughness is greater?
Interesting. But how will it work with redundancy requirements
18:12:15@gitter_zoechi:matrix.orgGünter Zöchbauer (Gitter)

I was searching a while already how I can get more information about
who did a negative review for what reasons that caused this warn

8F3CHDJEfafSHmohelw3lbPmUtMThY4Oe7pQk9gRqE8 warn    1  2  3412746   3445452  1  1   0/0      26       0      foreign-types-shared

but wasn't able to figure out how to proceed from here

18:42:38@dpc:matrix.orgdpc cargo crev repo query review foreign-types-shared
18:43:05@dpc:matrix.orgdpc cargo crev repo query review foreign-types-shared 0.1.1 actually for this one particular version.
23:13:16@Remram:matrix.orgRemramDo reviews for other versions affect the output? And "diff" reviews?
23:13:57@Remram:matrix.orgRemram(apart from last column with ↑ ↓)
23:51:32@dpc:matrix.orgdpcOf verify cmd? No.
23:52:19@dpc:matrix.orgdpc Except one column but I don't remember what was it
8 Nov 2019
10:01:25@gitter_zoechi:matrix.orgGünter Zöchbauer (Gitter) @matrixbot thanks.
I found it cumbersome to figure out all the supported commands several levels deep.
I'd find it great if there were a way to get the whole tree of subcommands for cargo crev --help or perhaps for cargo crev -v
10:02:20@gitter_zoechi:matrix.orgGünter Zöchbauer (Gitter) (edited) @matrixbot thanks. I ... => @matrixbot thanks! That was what I was looking for. I ...
15:19:06@dpc:matrix.orgdpc Yeah. I'll have to produce one manually somehow. I even asked on clap github already.
16:01:51@Remram:matrix.orgRemram Maybe you made too many categories? cargo crev repo query review clap could be cargo crev reviews clap or something
16:02:06@Remram:matrix.orgRemramit's nice and organized, but it's really a lot of words to type in practice
16:06:00@Remram:matrix.orgRemramalthough 29 commands total is quite a few 🤔
16:07:43@Remram:matrix.orgRemram * although 29 commands total is quite a few 🤔
17:23:59@dpc:matrix.orgdpcThey can be shortened.
17:24:11@dpc:matrix.orgdpc cargo crev r q r clap
17:24:37@dpc:matrix.orgdpc * They can be shortened.
17:29:00@dpc:matrix.orgdpc I think I'll just manually prepare a tree of commands and put it in --help

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