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4 Mar 2024
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepman Reilly Brogan: Is that a decent explanation of the current facts? 19:16:34
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepmanAnd does it make clear enough the fact that hwcaps can be used by libraries outside of libc? 19:17:51
@reillybrogan:matrix.orgReilly BroganLet me poke at this for a bit before we open an issue19:18:23
@reillybrogan:matrix.orgReilly Brogan Is the current eopkg4-bin package recipe on main the latest? 19:18:55
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepman....It doesn't include my new fix for indentation in xml output, but that's immaterial here19:19:40
@reillybrogan:matrix.orgReilly BroganAs long as it reproduces the behavior of generating a binary that doesn't run on a system with < x86_64v3 CPU support19:20:13
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepmanit does19:20:19
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepmanNow, one thing I've been toying with in my head is using nuitka --standalone rather than --onefile19:20:43
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepman--onefile is easy to deploy, but comes with some overhead because it has to extract itself19:21:03
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepman--standalone might be harder to install correctly to an eopkg19:21:22
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepman but we could maybe find a way to haxor the .dist folder that --standalone creates to "solve" this problem 19:22:06
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepmanthough the nuitka docs do explicitly say to Never Ever Do That19:22:26
@reillybrogan:matrix.orgReilly BroganSo it looks like it's parsing the glibc loader19:29:12
@reillybrogan:matrix.orgReilly BroganShould be fixable then19:29:17
@ermo_:matrix.orgermo EbonJaeger: If you have a few cycles, would you mind reviewing Silke 's solbuild RS...? 19:32:56
@ebonjaeger:matrix.orgEbonJaegeralready on it. just thinking of a small and quick package to test with19:33:24
@ermo_:matrix.orgermo Reilly Brogan: Just FYI: https://github.com/getsolus/solbuild/pull/82 <- is the only remaining PR for 1.6.1. Was that the feature you said was holding you up or was that something else? 19:45:40
@reillybrogan:matrix.orgReilly BroganYes, it's holding up being able to do cherry-picks in linux-firmware19:46:04
@ermo_:matrix.orgermoOK. I think silke has changes requested for you.19:46:22
@ermo_:matrix.orgermo sheepman: I'm confused, are you working the nuitka angle, the solbuild/ypkg hwcaps: no angle or both...? 20:11:09
@reillybrogan:matrix.orgReilly Brogan
In reply to @ermo_:matrix.org
OK. I think silke has changes requested for you.
All fixed
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepmanI'm with Reilly on the nuitka angle and taking a small rest from this BS right now :P20:11:57
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepmanHad a couple emails to send for work and a website feature that needs to be ready to go by Wednesday which is nagging at the back of my head20:12:54
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepmanso I'm tackling that first and then getting back to eopkg20:13:14
@sheepman:m.stupid.frickin.websitesheepmansimple stuff but I need to work in the order my brain is letting me today20:13:33
@ermo_:matrix.orgermodon't I know it.20:17:57
In reply to @silex:slxh.eu
I was planning to do some work on it today, release will be later this week
I lied overestimated the amount of work 🙈
@ermo_:matrix.orgermo... lol21:13:37

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