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4 Feb 2019
In reply to @pkfcojp:matrix.org
How do I enter a "soft newline" in gomucks; as in say I want to get one haiku poem in a single msg?
not (yet) possible
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5 Feb 2019
23:44:40@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/gomuks] LaPingvino opened issue #86: crash when trying to start under byobu on arch [open] - https://github.com/tulir/gomuks/issues/86
8 Feb 2019
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9 Feb 2019
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11 Feb 2019
12:33:20@pkfcojp:matrix.orgpkfcojpIn a e2ee room, my posts ( using gomuks-linux-amd64-68db26b ) are echoed, but responses are not seen; so I have to switch to riot to see responses. THis could be something dumb since I am new to gomuks.
12:35:00@tulir:maunium.nettulirgomuks doesn't support e2ee yet since it's fairly complicated and there are no libraries to do it
12:37:02@pkfcojp:matrix.orgpkfcojptulir: Thanks.
12 Feb 2019
12:31:36@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/gomuks] tulir pushed to master: Remove replaces in go.mod - https://github.com/tulir/gomuks/commit/ae36b9cddd1332fbf3ec3160ef4ad269619e445b
12:58:25@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/gomuks] tulir pushed to master: Fix go vet warning - https://github.com/tulir/gomuks/commit/01523ae8cee20695eb6e9d0c4ecd705c6a317baa
13 Feb 2019
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14 Feb 2019
16:30:06@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/gomuks] ricary37 opened issue #87: Windows build problem [open] - https://github.com/tulir/gomuks/issues/87
16:30:44@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/gomuks] ricary37 edited issue #87: Windows build problem [open] - https://github.com/tulir/gomuks/issues/87
16:55:25@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/gomuks] ricary37 edited issue #87: Windows build problem [open] - https://github.com/tulir/gomuks/issues/87
16:56:04@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/gomuks] ricary37 edited issue #87: Windows build problem [open] - https://github.com/tulir/gomuks/issues/87
15 Feb 2019
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18 Feb 2019
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19 Feb 2019
12:15:51@ptman:matrix.orgPaulgomuks is giving me unmarshaling errors
12:21:00@ptman:matrix.orgPaulok, so removing .config/gomuks and .cache/gomuks helped
12:21:06@ptman:matrix.orgPaulbut now it really doesn't like my terminal
12:24:14@ptman:matrix.orgPaulit's a bit better now, but is urxvt not really to its liking?
12:29:10@tulir:maunium.nettulirmight be missing the terminfo stuff
12:32:03@ptman:matrix.orgPaulalso, it seems that some of the stuff I write in riot doesn't make it to gomuks
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20 Feb 2019
21:26:23@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/gomuks] ReK2Fernandez opened issue #88: does it support e2ee yet? [open] - https://github.com/tulir/gomuks/issues/88
22:13:07@_neb_github_=40tulir=3amaunium.net:matrix.orgGithub [@tulir:maunium.net] [tulir/gomuks] tulir closed issue #88: does it support e2ee yet? [closed] - https://github.com/tulir/gomuks/issues/88

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