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23 Oct 2019

Yeay! I can see rooms now!


Ooh.. Gomuks is way snappier than it was the last time I had it working.

12:32:06@tulir:maunium.nettuliryeah I did a bunch of performance improvements in april and june
16:09:04@rek2:hispagatos.orgrek2I was trying yesterday to use it with the e2ee bridge but never got my rooms or anything to show on the UI, even do on my other computers/phone I will explain more later, first I thouht it could be a wayland problem but im not to sure now since I tried with xorg with same results
16:09:27@rek2:hispagatos.orgrek2the bridge aparently was working fine since I was able to get the new keys to pop on my other clients
16:10:14@rek2:hispagatos.orgrek2honestly was going to give up though this project was dead since there is no updates on github in a couple months and no activity here, i am happy to see some chatter today
24 Oct 2019

I still have problems with the UI locking during sync and rooms being permanently stuck as unread

25 Oct 2019
16:53:30@digital:sorunome.dedigital changed their display name from didi-digital (she/her) to digital.
28 Oct 2019
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29 Oct 2019
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31 Oct 2019
13:02:28@reedwade:synapse.misterbanal.netReed joined the room.

Hello there


I'd like to tell that gomuks seems to be my prefered clients for now. And I just discovered it


Is the project still alive ? :)

In reply to @reedwade:synapse.misterbanal.net

Is the project still alive ? :)

well kind of, not quite sure

What that means ?

2 Nov 2019
13:57:37@midov:midov.plmidov changed their profile picture.
19:38:49@rek2:hispagatos.orgrek2Not very alive no
19:39:21@rek2:hispagatos.orgrek2No updates at all and still missing mayor functionality like e2ee
19:42:16@travis:t2l.ioTravisRgomuks works great with https://github.com/matrix-org/pantalaimon
19:42:24@travis:t2l.ioTravisRfree e2ee for any client
3 Nov 2019
19:46:11@wobbol:matrix.orgwobbolWhat is required to bring e2ee to gomuks?
19:53:08@tulir:maunium.nettulirsomeone writing code that does all the things needed for e2ee
22:39:47@rek2:hispagatos.orgrek2@travis pantalaimon does not work for me with gomuks I tried many times I never get anything on the screen, pantalamoin does work
22:39:57@rek2:hispagatos.orgrek2but gomuks hangs
22:42:49@travis:t2l.ioTravisR¯\_(ツ)_/¯ works fine for me
4 Nov 2019
08:23:08@wobbol:matrix.orgwobbolAh, so everything.
15:34:52@ya:matrix.allmende.ioyala changed their profile picture.
10 Nov 2019
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