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21 Feb 2022
@_discord_828516335562129469:t2bot.ioAn๏nץmͥ๏uͣsͫ when needed 02:34:49
@_discord_535975289423921181:t2bot.ioИосиф Виссарионович Сталин#1707 They have the wrong place they should search up "genshin impact" they would probably find a lot of shit 02:34:51
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox You know how to heck insta? 02:35:00
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox Prolly 02:35:11
@_discord_840148279097688096:t2bot.ioMilk Truck Just Arrived#8731 Hack what? 02:35:43
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau FoxRedacted or Malformed Event02:35:49
@_discord_840148279097688096:t2bot.ioMilk Truck Just Arrived#8731 Bruh 02:36:01
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox People confuse the word hacking a lot, lol 02:36:16
@_discord_828516335562129469:t2bot.ioAn๏nץmͥ๏uͣsͫ bro wut ever u want 02:36:27
@_discord_828516335562129469:t2bot.ioAn๏nץmͥ๏uͣsͫ other than ios 02:36:35
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox People literally confuse the term 'raid a server' with 'hack a server' 02:36:42
@_discord_840148279097688096:t2bot.ioMilk Truck Just Arrived#8731 Hmmm sound expert 02:36:46
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox I see so you're an expert. 02:36:55
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox Professionalism I like that. 02:37:02
@_discord_828516335562129469:t2bot.ioAn๏nץmͥ๏uͣsͫ kinda type of 02:37:17
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox Can you hack Elon musk? 02:37:35
@_discord_828516335562129469:t2bot.ioAn๏nץmͥ๏uͣsͫ hmm ask can he hack me 02:37:52
@_discord_840148279097688096:t2bot.ioMilk Truck Just Arrived#8731 Phishing is more like scam than anything. If i ever phished someone i would be very embarrassed of myself 02:37:57
@_discord_465017966262485012:t2bot.ioXsavagegamer#1970 Isn't iOS like really easy to exploit? 02:38:08
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox Phishing is literally a joke 02:38:08
@_discord_340606374348193793:t2bot.iodatallboy#2845 joined the room.02:39:04
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox People who fall for phishing are dumbasses 02:39:07
@_discord_840148279097688096:t2bot.ioMilk Truck Just Arrived#8731 It's effective tho 02:39:09
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox 02:39:11
@_discord_535975289423921181:t2bot.ioИосиф Виссарионович Сталин#1707 Absolutely not 02:39:11
@_discord_828516335562129469:t2bot.ioAn๏nץmͥ๏uͣsͫ haa phishing is done by noobs and script kiddes hacker do brutal pc human interface attack 02:39:11
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox For skids, sure 02:39:12
@_discord_535975289423921181:t2bot.ioИосиф Виссарионович Сталин#1707 This made no sense 02:39:12
@_discord_535975289423921181:t2bot.ioИосиф Виссарионович Сталин#1707 02:39:12
@_discord_933429676309876788:t2bot.ioArtex Rennau Fox ^^ 02:39:12

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