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2 Sep 2019
01:38:51@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason Maybe I'll move the checkpoint inside after the brick wall
01:39:04@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason I redid the lobby like three or four times
01:46:18@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CTND6W:matrix.orgshawnpierre Yeah, I died right away the first time. If you hold the jump button to jump higher, you'd be okay, but I can see it being annoying.
01:46:30@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CTND6W:matrix.orgshawnpierre Checkpoint before the clown cars?
01:55:10@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason Nah, right before the pipe
01:56:39@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason If you don't do anything after coming through the pipe you should kill the koopas and not take damage, but they're mostly a vestige of a prior iteration where the Yoshi was spawned from a ? Block, but I wanted a respawn opportunity
01:58:52@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason First version, the bank was a night ghost house but I figured that's too evil
02:29:41@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CTND6W:matrix.orgshawnpierre Ahh, okay. Also, some people make the case that banks are evil, so you could be speaking to that part of society
3 Sep 2019
02:33:10@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UFG72L3G8:matrix.orgCameron Konner changed their profile picture.
18:50:07@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason Okay, the data is in (watching two playtesters and checking online death records) and the vault is harder than the intended difficulty, so that's the big thing to fix!
23:02:56@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5N3JU340:matrix.orgwepv joined the room.
23:02:56@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5N3JU340:matrix.orgwepv I haven’t played on my Switch in a while but I’m hyped to have a go at this when I get a chance
5 Sep 2019
22:22:49@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5G4HRBR8:matrix.orgMark Black changed their profile picture.
22:22:49@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5G4HRBR8:matrix.orgMark Black There's a Meetup tonight, right? At Indy Hall?
6 Sep 2019
In reply to@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5G4HRBR8:matrix.org
There's a Meetup tonight, right? At Indy Hall?
13:48:34@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason https://kotaku.com/player-makes-duck-hunt-in-mario-maker-2-1837896668
7 Sep 2019
19:12:36@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UHQKR7ZB8:matrix.orgZack Spec The room in Mount Airy is still available, and I will cover utilities for the first three months, which will be $760/mo
8 Sep 2019
00:01:40@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UHQKR7ZB8:matrix.orgZack Spec I mean the room will be $760/mo first three months...
9 Sep 2019
02:33:28@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U67BVRMV4:matrix.orgjecreane changed their profile picture.
02:33:29@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U67BVRMV4:matrix.orgjecreane changed their profile picture.
10 Sep 2019
17:24:17@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U8YTW7A6L:matrix.orgNooka changed their profile picture.
12 Sep 2019
14:26:06@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CXPEK8:matrix.orgkotarofujita changed their profile picture.
14:43:13@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U9E02UKKJ:matrix.orgPhil Simmons changed their profile picture.
14:50:07@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason changed their profile picture.
15:37:42@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U051PBF08:matrix.orggeekwithtanlines changed their profile picture.
13 Sep 2019
15:28:02@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U67BVRMV4:matrix.orgjecreane changed their profile picture.
16 Sep 2019
14:57:35@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UDJ55SCSE:matrix.orgMichael Hudak changed their profile picture.
14:57:35@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UDJ55SCSE:matrix.orgMichael Hudak https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/we-ranked-animes-top-10-static-shots-of-power-lines-with-cicada-noises/
15:04:49@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CTND6W:matrix.orgshawnpierre changed their profile picture.
15:12:34@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U8F59TSP6:matrix.orgkylemagocs changed their profile picture.

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