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6 Nov 2019
20:39:27@ff777:matrix.orgFF777if i run out of duct-tape im going to do the fucking sugar method.. this is getting fucking stupid and ridiculous
20:39:35@ff777:matrix.orgFF777trailer houses are pieces of shit
20:39:48@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)whats the sugar method
20:39:50@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i think they might be getting in where floor meets the wall
20:40:08@ff777:matrix.orgFF777trailer houses basically have fucking holes every where as far as i'm concerned
20:40:19@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i mean how the fuck did a fucking RAT get in here that one time?..
20:40:28@ff777:matrix.orgFF777HOW DOES SOME THING THAT HUGE GET IN HERE
20:40:38@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)holes
20:41:06@ff777:matrix.orgFF777trailer houses are for poor hobos that don't mind living with bugs
20:42:36@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i probably should have done sugar method to begin with instead of duct-tape method..
20:42:51@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i didn't realize there would be endless ants on my fucking desk..
21:16:53@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep)My brother lives in a trailer house...
21:17:10@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep) although there's a lot more bugs in Oklahoma
21:17:14@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep)Redacted or Malformed Event
21:17:20@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep) * although there's a lot more bugs in Oklahoma
18 Nov 2019
00:45:34@anel_lena:matrix.orgLena changed their display name from 🦊Lena🦊 (gay dog men) to Lena.
00:45:53@anel_lena:matrix.orgLena changed their profile picture.
23 Nov 2019
08:59:49@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep) changed their display name from miasma#5344 to i.
21:41:24@anel_lena:matrix.orgLena changed their display name from Lena to Lena (Monkeybot/Monkeypill).
21:44:39@anel_lena:matrix.orgLena changed their display name from Lena (Monkeybot/Monkeypill) to Lena (😳/😀).
21:45:27@dell_employee:matrix.orggrannie420 (monkeypilled/islambotpilled) changed their display name from grannie420 (monkeypilled) to grannie420 (monkeypilled/islambotpilled).
21:54:37@anel_lena:matrix.orgLena changed their display name from Lena (😳/😀) to Lena.
24 Nov 2019
00:13:04@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep) changed their display name from i to miasma (pedosexual) πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦³.
00:13:15@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep) changed their display name from miasma (pedosexual) πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦³ to miasma (pedos.
00:14:48@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep) changed their display name from miasma (pedos to miasma (poosexual).
27 Nov 2019
05:52:31@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep) changed their display name from miasma (poosexual) to miasma#5344 (sleep).
28 Nov 2019
06:24:28@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online) changed their profile picture.
3 Dec 2019
21:28:35@fatwaw:matrix.org@fatwaw:matrix.org joined the room.
21:28:58@fatwaw:matrix.org@fatwaw:matrix.org left the room.
11 Dec 2019
19:17:14@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i hate stupid sites that don't allow me to use huge complicated passwords.. They limit which chars you can use, and even limit the size some times.. Why would having a long password be bad? A lot of the sites that impose these stupid restrictions seem to tend to be service providers like insurance or ISP or water bill or credit union site etc.. And lot of them seem to always log me out even if they have a "remember me next time" box, so i have to log in every time and i always forget the passwords because i can't use the long weird ones i want to

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