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7 Jan 2020
16:09:47@gitter_garora123:matrix.orgGaurav Arora (Gitter)hope i am not responsible :)
16:56:50@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)tests are failing because the unit tests were not updated to include subnetwork in the payload
16:57:54@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) https://github.com/drone/autoscaler/blob/master/drivers/google/create_test.go#L79:L139
16:58:38@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) (edited) https://github.com/drone/autoscaler/blob/master/drivers/google/create_test.go#L79:L139 => tests are failing because the unit tests were not updated to include the newly added subnetwork field in the payload
17:07:00@gitter_garora123:matrix.orgGaurav Arora (Gitter)got it. will add. thx
17:14:35@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)one question I had is whether or not we should set a default subnetwork if empty. My concern is that this could break existing installations that do not expect this behavior.
18:27:30@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter)There seem to be a standard subnet, or do I get the option default wrong?
18:36:01@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) @tboerger what happens if I set a custom network, but subnetwork is blank and defaults to subnetworks/default? I do not know enough about gcp to know if this will cause problems.
18:36:21@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) It could be completely fine, but I'm just asking questions because I don't fully understand the consequences :)
18:36:53@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter)Idk, I never used gcp
18:39:05@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)I have only used gcp to test the autoscaler
18:39:16@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)in my testing (which was ~2 years ago) setting a subnetwork was not required
18:39:31@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)so there may be no need to default this value
18:40:02@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) (edited) ... this value => ... this value, although things could have changed
8 Jan 2020
05:29:32@gitter_garora123:matrix.orgGaurav Arora (Gitter) @bradrydzewski if custom network is specified and subnetwork is blank, then GCP instance creation will fail, as it happened in my case. this is bcoz GCP api expects subnetwork to be specified for custom networks. on the other hand, if custom network is provided and default subnetwork is used, then also GCP will crib. so net-net, when using custom network, a valid subnetwork has to be given as default subnetwork will fail. hope this helps
08:08:51@gitter_garora123:matrix.orgGaurav Arora (Gitter) @bradrydzewski i see the following in test stage logs: --- FAIL: TestCreate (0.00s)
create_test.go:53: Post https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/my-project/zones/us-central1-a/instances?alt=json&prettyPrint=false: gock: cannot match any request
panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference Seems instance creation is failing before any tests can be invoked
08:26:55@gitter_garora123:matrix.orgGaurav Arora (Gitter) removed defaults for subnetwork, tests are passing now. thx for the help
19:39:57@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter) @bradrydzewski time for a new autoscaler tag :)
19:46:49@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)good call ... tagging now
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10 Jan 2020
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24 Jan 2020
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29 Jan 2020
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30 Jan 2020
10:06:44@gitter_prakritish_twitter:matrix.orgprakritish (Gitter) joined the room.
10:06:44@gitter_prakritish_twitter:matrix.orgprakritish (Gitter) Hi All! I am trying to use Hashicorp Vault for Secret Store with Drone. Any tutorial available? I followed the steps mentioned in https://github.com/drone/drone-vault and https://docs.drone.io/configure/secrets/external/vault/ but it does not work for me. Even with DEBUG enabled, I don't see a single line of log which may help me in debugging.
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3 Feb 2020
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5 Feb 2020
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28 Feb 2020
05:12:21@gitter_appleboy:matrix.orgBo-Yi Wu (Gitter) @tboerger Please help to review: drone-plugins/drone-gh-pages#28

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