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11 May 2018
17:25:12@josmo:matrix.orgjosmo Going really well about to go sail in the BVI for two weeks so about to get better ;). Yeah it seems like I good mix between the two. I may move the teams I'm on to it. How long you been on it?
17:25:25@tboerger:matrix.orgtboergerThis channel just needs more users :D
17:26:27@tboerger:matrix.orgtboergerCan't remember when I started to move projects over here 😂
17:42:29@josmo:matrix.orgjosmo True, probably not super hard to get the word out :) oh speaking of plugins I put out https://github.com/josmo/drone-k8s-deployment it's basically the kubernetes script in go. Not sure who all is on k8s these days
18:34:26@tboerger:matrix.orgtboerger Interesting... So far I'm using the kubectl plugin of kubeciio made by @metalmatze
18:35:01@tboerger:matrix.orgtboerger And possibly I will switch to ksonnet or jsonnet if I get more familiar with it
18:39:57@josmo:matrix.orgjosmowow that's a bigger picture of my face then I thought... I hadn't seen that one yet. Seems like it might be nicer since it wouldn't only be deployment updates.
18:42:55@josmo:matrix.orgjosmo set a profile picture.
18:46:40@josmo:matrix.orgjosmoat first glance I like ksonnet... I'll have to test it out on a few things :)
19:53:09@matthiasloibl:matrix.orgmetalmatzeksonnet is only for kubernetes. Thus I personally want stick with pure jsonnet. I'm actually helping with https://github.com/jsonnet-bundler/jsonnet-bundler and https://github.com/kubernetes-monitoring/kubernetes-mixin. This should make life easier without ksonnet too.
20:59:59@cbrgm:matrix.orgcbrgm joined the room.
21:00:26@cbrgm:matrix.orgcbrgmHello world!
23:02:19@tboerger:matrix.orgtboerger lo cbrgm :)
22 Jun 2018
03:25:25@nico202:matrix.org@nico202:matrix.org joined the room.
2 Aug 2018
19:39:55@josmo:matrix.orgjosmo tboerger: I've been starting to move my plugins in a way that makes it easier for people to fork and plublish their forked version ie. https://github.com/josmo/drone-k8s-job (the .drone.yml) what's your though on possibly doing something similar on the maintained plugins? It makes it super nice to be able to have the ability to use forked version till the features get merged :)
19:52:22@tboerger:matrix.orgtboerger Hum... Brad said at some point that the repo name variables could change or disappear, that's why we have not done that
19:53:17@josmo:matrix.orgjosmoah, well really it's the repo owner that matters anyways
19:53:37@josmo:matrix.orgjosmothe dockerfile depend on the repo name and forks snag that anyways
19:54:13@josmo:matrix.orgjosmoI'll ask Brad in slack unless you see any other reasons not to
20:31:44@tboerger:matrix.orgtboergeri'm open for improvements
20:31:53@tboerger:matrix.orgtboergerbtw, you could use the template lib :)
20:32:10@josmo:matrix.orgjosmothere's a template lib?
20:39:07@josmo:matrix.orgjosmoyep looks like a few libs could use moving to that :)
20:39:13@josmo:matrix.orgjosmoI'll put it on my doto :0
20:41:39@tboerger:matrix.orgtboergerplugins like slack and others are already using this lib :)
20:56:42@josmo:matrix.orgjosmowell moved k8s-job to the template lib :)
20:56:46@josmo:matrix.orgjosmothanks for the heads up
21:37:50@josmo:matrix.orgjosmo ok I think all my plugins are using the template project :) thanks again tboerger
3 Aug 2018

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