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24 Sep 2023
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachoyo this true?07:31:13
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachoain't no way ive been lied to07:31:29
@jasmonate_danzel:matrix.orgjasmonate_danzelI believe they have more resistance against phishing attacks07:34:36
@jasmonate_danzel:matrix.orgjasmonate_danzelAs in the browser cant be as easily tricked into autofilling a fake form or website07:34:58
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachobut bitwarden doesn't do that07:35:19
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachothe login doesn't appear when its from another domain07:35:54
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachowhat about the saving credit card on browser?07:36:33
@phyto:catgirl.cloudphytoi mean, depending on threat model it can be more secure than copy-pasting07:40:30
@57bby:matrix.org57bby joined the room.07:41:23
@whitecoatblackhat:matrix.orgwhitecoatblackhat joined the room.07:43:58
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachobitwarden uses autofill07:47:43
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachodont have to copy paste07:47:58
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachobut i guess its true that bitwarden has access to read and change site data so that increases the attack surface07:48:30
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachowhat about your apps on phones07:49:22
@soupslurpr:matrix.orgsoupslurprwhitecoatblackhat: You might have to try to force only LAN syncing07:49:24
@soupslurpr:matrix.orgsoupslurprDoes it say LAN or WAN?07:49:31
@soupslurpr:matrix.orgsoupslurprI assumed that's what you want to do, right?07:49:56
@gorillaquest:matrix.orgNachoI use the overlay that autofills my logins07:49:58
@whitecoatblackhat:matrix.orgwhitecoatblackhatYeah, I'm syncing over TCP LAN07:49:57
In reply to @whitecoatblackhat:matrix.org
Yeah, I'm syncing over TCP LAN
And it says that on syncthing?
@whitecoatblackhat:matrix.orgwhitecoatblackhatStill doesn't work though07:50:21
@whitecoatblackhat:matrix.orgwhitecoatblackhatYeah, TCP LAN is the connection type07:50:40
@soupslurpr:matrix.orgsoupslurprYou might have to try manually entering an IP address but sounds strange07:50:45
@soupslurpr:matrix.orgsoupslurprThere's no issues for me when I used it the same way07:51:04
@whitecoatblackhat:matrix.orgwhitecoatblackhatYeah, I thought about adding a manual IP, the problem this limits syncthing to just the same IPs. In which case, I might as well just use a flash drive to move files around lol07:52:13
@gleeok:matrix.orggleeokso what would be the benifit to using orbot08:26:01
In reply to @opsecs_xmpp_bridge:matrix.org
what are your thoughts on this flawedworld:
@shadow:hackliberty.orgshadowRecommended android apps I can remove internet connection for and good for waisting time?10:20:18

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