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24 Jan 2021
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice MicroI wrote down my vote method suggestion in the above linked doc on Nextcloud14:52:33
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microif anyone else has an idea, please write it down there14:52:43
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyAn altered version of the among us method14:56:40
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyLimited time14:56:47
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazySpeaking goes around the order players joined14:57:15
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazy5 players(ordered by order they joined): NM, BOC, 1diego, Dan071, cmk .14:59:19
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazy * 5 players(ordered by order they joined): NM, BOC, 1diego, Dan071, cmk .14:59:42
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyNM speaks first. Each player has only 1 dialog piece they can use15:00:34
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyIt spins around until time is up15:00:52
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazy Nice Micro: What do you think? 15:01:09
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Micro bestonecrazy: good start, think about it in a detailed way and add it to the document 15:29:42
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microlike when to vote, how exatly to vote15:30:00
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microit'd be nice to have a few different versions written down15:30:11
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microso everyone in the house15:31:04
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Microthink about a discussion / vote mechanism and add it to the document!15:31:17
@gobbel:matrix.orggobbelI have added another option for voting. It goes off of the idea of accusing but not in a way that restricts players.19:53:54
@gobbel:matrix.orggobbelIn my opinion everyone being able to speak at the same time is not really an issue. Maybe it is if we want to support games with more than 15 players but we kind of decided that this won't happen anyway.19:55:53
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice MicroWell maybe less of an issue in text chat, but in a voice chat case it just sucks to be the person with a more quiet personality if people can just shout over you easily22:41:18
28 Jan 2021
@rand_0moide:matrix.orgRand0moide changed their display name from %Random to Rand0moide.20:20:40
@rand_0moide:matrix.orgRand0moide changed their profile picture.20:20:44
29 Jan 2021
@nayko:matrix.org@nayko:matrix.org joined the room.15:09:24
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3 Feb 2021
@julien-deoux:matrix.orgjulien-deouxHey people, I see 2 map sketches on Nextcloud. Which one, if either, are we going to use for the MVP?09:45:37
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Micro julien-deoux: neither 09:47:52
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice MicroThese are just used at the moment to know what rooms to make09:48:22
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice MicroAnd a kind of inspiration09:49:52
@julien-deoux:matrix.orgjulien-deouxI see09:50:56
21 Feb 2021
@nicemicro:matrix.orgNice Micro gobbel: did you see moxvallix 's room designs in the #open_sus_art:matrix.org room? 14:26:07
@gobbel:matrix.orggobbelYeah they are really nice, I was just looking at them. Seems like it's time to settle on a map layout. 15:39:34
@bestonerazy:matrix.orgbestonecrazyit's time23:24:29

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