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6 Jul 2021
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@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireI've done a few essays as written by in-world characters. I liked the results, but it was jarring with the third-person limited views of the other stories so I suspect I won't do much many more. But, it is fun to do... just didn't fit the world theme.16:08:42
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7 Jul 2021
@theandsys:tchncs.deKatie Ampersandin the case of this story, this works really well because the story's just a way to teach the reader about a board game i made00:46:02
@theandsys:tchncs.deKatie Ampersandso the story's written by renown competitive Baishu player Raokji Cîang00:46:47
@theandsys:tchncs.deKatie Ampersandand he narrates what baishu means to him and the people around him00:47:03
@theandsys:tchncs.deKatie Ampersandwhat, to him, made it pass from being "a silly taboo about a slab of wood" to a truly magical experience00:47:46
@level20mallow:matrix.orgFluffy Something-Or-OtherHrm. So I'm writing a special side thing and I'm out of ideas for the middle. I have a clear beginning and a clear climax and ending, but I can't think of stuff to put in the middle.02:37:14
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfire Fluffy Something-Or-Other: That can be hard. My main way of handling that is to go with Dwight V. Swain's idea of the MRU (Motivation-Reaction Unit) and basically start at the beginning. Have the character do something, what is the response that would guide them toward the ending (or a midpoint crisis or whatever) and then just keep going with the "something happens" -> "how do they react" (-> "how does something else react to that" -> "how do they react") cycle until I get there. 15:24:15
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireAlso, Swain's Scene/Sequel can help. Jim Butcher does it too, but basically you have scenes were something goes wrong or there is a conflict. Then a "sequel" is where the characters have a chance to go "well, that wouldn't work, how about we do this" which then leads into a "scene" where something goes wrong.15:25:16
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireThose two concepts, MRU and Scene/Sequel, are a good way of getting through a middle slog. MRU is more of the micro-level (paragraphs) while S/S gets you through the bigger ones. And a S/S is basically just a sequence of MRUs. :)15:26:20
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireThat's basically how I write. I start with how it ends, figure out where to start, and then just focus on "what's next" until I get to the end, with the "what's next" being something that would eventually lead to the end.15:27:59
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireYou can also tie this into the Snowflake Method, if you use that.15:28:12
9 Jul 2021
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10 Jul 2021
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11 Jul 2021
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12 Jul 2021
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17 Jul 2021
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19 Jul 2021
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20 Jul 2021
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21 Jul 2021
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23 Jul 2021
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