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22 Sep 2022
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfire@niza_: But I really appreciate your feedback and opinions, thank you. 💙17:35:51
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfire Ah, it isn't tagging niza_ because I'm putting a colon at the end. Well, thank you for posting the critiques, I really appreciate them and I'll keep them in mind as I write new stories. 17:44:18
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The idea of those cluster of stories came from Mark Rosenfelder's Planet Construction Kit in using short stories and characters to explain those complex concepts that you suggest I take from others.

Oh, I did not mean to suggest you took your ideas from others. (Well we all do to sone extent.)
I meant that very litterally, as in most people writing these genres use terms/traits already established. Without adding much of their own. That does not mean to insinuate you did it.

Always throws me off when the 137th author writes about steriotypical dwarves, doing dwarvish things.

In reply to @dmoonfire:matrix.org
I find it interesting that you picked A Cup of Soup because that was written originally as a concept that didn't work but was always intended as a story to flesh out the concept that magic came at puberty during moments of stress with the degree of trauma impacting the relative power. This leads into stories like I Will Only Hurt You Once (a cultural foundation of maximizing the trauma to produce the most power) is the opposite of this one since Tarsan/Gepaul/Kormar have been decreasing the trauma as magic becomes less important, the abuse of Sand and Blood, and even some of the motivations behind Flight of the Scions.

I actually liked 'A Coup of Soup' a lot. As said your writing style is really good. The only issue really, was that I was halfway into the story before I had any idea about what was going on.
Making the details about things like the knife, or vegetable gloss completely over my head. Which is more of a timing thing.

For instance, the knife was magical, but why was that relevant to what I was reading at that point. If you said, for instance; 'the blue kitchen knife'. Then I would subconciously pick up that there is something uniqie about this kitchen knife. So when it becomes relevant to explain why it is unique later down the line, I already know about it.

Othervise known as the Chekhov's gun principle.

@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfire niza_: The knife thing was part of the experiment. I was creating a in-world "Women's World" type of zine and basically having specific names as advertising (much like how TV soaps got started in our world) but it didn't feel right. I just didn't gut the advertising (even drew pictures of the ads between pages) out of that story. 22:53:51
23 Sep 2022
@segfau1t:matrix.orgsegfaultCould anyone give me feedback on this vignette https://github.com/blueForestIcarus/writing/blob/master/doll_named_marnie.md07:32:14
@segfau1t:matrix.orgsegfault dmoonfire: I missed it, where is your stuff posted? 07:40:51
In reply to @dmoonfire:matrix.org

Three published novels, a fourth one this November, and about seventy short stories at https://fedran.com/sources/

Everything is free to read but I'm always looking for reviews/comments.

segfault: Here was his link.

This is a cute little story. You could easilly add Marnie as part of a larger story. Adding the perspective of an inanimate object, or maybe just something seeming like an inanimate object can be a valuable thing.

@niza_:matrix.orgniza_ segfault: 13:15:30
@segfau1t:matrix.orgsegfault dmoonfire: you have a very nice website by the way 14:34:11
@segfau1t:matrix.orgsegfaulthow was it made?14:34:25
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In reply to @segfau1t:matrix.org
how was it made?

That's a dangerous question. 💙 Every story of mine has its own Git repo (https://src.mfgames.com/fedran-sources/) as does the "wiki like". I have a static site generator (various incarnations including one I wrote and the current broken GatsbyJS one) that pull them all together and do the massive cross-linking that most generators couldn't handle. This is why the bottom of the chapters, such as https://fedran.com/sand-and-blood/chapter-01/ has links to every character, location, etc. And if you look at a character, say https://fedran.com/rutejimo/, you can see every chapter they are leading, present, or even referenced. Tying all those together, you get things like https://fedran.com/timeline/.

I'm in the process of redoing the site because I pretty much hit a point with Gatsby where I can't easily move forward (and it keeps moving), but I got... distracted by trying to get Flight of the Scions out.

In reply to @niza_:matrix.org

segfault: Here was his link.

This is a cute little story. You could easilly add Marnie as part of a larger story. Adding the perspective of an inanimate object, or maybe just something seeming like an inanimate object can be a valuable thing.

This entire writing project (all the stories and novels) are part of a bigger story. The basis of this 20+ year project is going to be showing a world in a short period of time and how so much different things happen.

Mostly it was inspired by my father's talk about the moment he found out that World War 2 was over and the various interviews with soldiers who were in the fields at basically at that exact moment on the other side of the world.

So, the characters and events from one story tie into the other in various ways. While Second-Hand Dresses has someone falling in love, at the same moment, Rutejìmo is running for his life. And there are murder mysteries going on, adventures, and even slice of life (A Cup of Soup) where nothing major happens other than a young girl had a bad day.

@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfire There are a lot of cameos in the stories that will tie them together, but I really like third-person limited, so I never explain them because the POV character wouldn't understand. The kindly patron in Second-Hand Dresses ends up being the villain in Flight of the Scions. The singer from A Songbird in the Kitchen shows up at the end of Allegro which ends up being a prequel for Linsan's war service. 17:59:26
@tynamite:matrix.orgtynamiteI get the feeling that we need to channels for this chat room, one for reviewing other people’s writing and one for everything else19:24:14
@tynamite:matrix.orgtynamite* I get the feeling that we need 2 channels for this chat room, one for reviewing other people’s writing and one for everything else19:24:23
@niza_:matrix.orgniza_That would be easier if the rooms were visually connected somehow.19:40:51
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaI suppose I can setup a space for this with a few dedicated rooms. This has been suggested before but I've never been in the correct mind space or had time to really take it on.20:25:45
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaWhat would a fun and clear name be for such a space? Suggestions welcome :)20:26:01
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponia"Writers in the Matrix"? "Writing in the Matrix"? Ideally it would be broad enough to cover all manners of writing, such a fiction, short stories, blogs, fan-fiction etc.20:27:36
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponia For now I've started adding and creating some rooms in the #writers-in-the-matrix:matrix.org Space and then we can change the name later if people have great ideas. :) 20:41:08
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaAlso feel free to shout out any topic you feel should have its own room in the Space20:41:28
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaSetup a few rooms already. Going to hold off a bit for now to see what people think and if they want to add more topical rooms etc. I know there has been some interest in having a room for erotic fan fiction as well, for example.21:01:36
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@niza_:matrix.orgniza_'Scribblers Club' perhaps?22:38:02
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireBah, my home server can't handle spaces but fortunately my matrix.org one can.23:00:24
24 Sep 2022
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25 Sep 2022
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