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26 Jan 2022
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireSome said "write more words, don't be a dick" so I wrote a chapter or story a week for 300 consecutive weeks.02:47:18
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-slmao I get told that a lot, but then I don't do it, because I'm stubborn and have issues and people telling me to do things is the opposite way to make it happen.02:48:05
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sShould beg me not to write ever again. Then I'd be writing like Stephen King. Just got finished unpublished manuscripts falling out of my pockets, and stacked up on the toilet tank and stuff.02:48:54
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireI'm... strange. The problem is more words doesn't make great words. I would say I'm good but not great.02:49:14
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireI started using CC because of Cory Doctrow's essay about obscurity verses piracy. I'm obscure and probably will remain that.02:50:08
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-s Hey, the truism is just that, a truism. BUT most people sit around fapping and never actually get any words down, so grinding more words may not be all it's talked up to be, but it is half the battle. You got no problem putting words down. That's great. 02:50:18
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sI would just publish my stuff for money, and then be the first person to pirate my own work to some place like the eye or b-ok.cc lol02:50:51
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireI fail at capitalism. 😁02:52:23
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sThat's only half joke. I would honestly try to do something like what u/verastahl did on reddit. Large body of work available for free. Compendiums available for money if one chooses to donate to him.02:52:26
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sIt's a good thing to fail at imo02:52:38
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireNot with a partner and two offsprings. It would be nice to have money but... not my primary driver. I have a story in my head it will take twenty years to let it out.02:54:54
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sIf you got a partner and two kids and you're still barfing out words like that you have a freakin' gift.02:55:46
@jiangshanghan:o3o.cafe@jiangshanghan:o3o.cafe changed their display name from Leseratte to 我换号啦!.02:56:24
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@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireI'm really good at time management plus sleep is optional. 😋02:57:19
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sSleep is definitely optional, but when my wife sleeps I have to sleep, so I don't get to do all the all nighters and staying awake for 48h at a time like I like to do.02:58:20
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireYeah, my twenties were great for that.02:59:18
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sWas I supposed to stop that in my 20s? lol02:59:36
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireI'm not allowed to sleep at the same time because I snore, so I get 1-2 hours alone time to write most nights.02:59:53
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@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sI just don't have the time management skills part. I had all day alone and unemployed. I should have written at least a few thousand words.03:05:43
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sInstead I built Trilium from source with some personalized changes to the CSS >>; and tweaked my scripts for various things for several hours.03:06:44
@dmoonfire:matrix.orgdmoonfireYeah, I burned out last year so I'm taking a year to work on websites and infrastructure.03:10:35
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sI also have someone else's manuscript I'm supposed to be editing/beta-reading and I have been putting it off for a month and a half x_X Just. No time management skills what so ever, and also poorly motivated.03:13:02
@n-m-s:matrix.orgn-m-sDon't worry. It's not a payed service. I would, I hope, take that more seriously. :303:14:57
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