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27 Jul 2021
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28 Jul 2021
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@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275Redacted or Malformed Event21:28:01
Download E7UuHaOWUAEfFL0-1-01.jpeg
@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275That moment. When you are your cock block21:28:52
@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275* That moment. When you are your cock block21:29:02
29 Jul 2021
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31 Jul 2021
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@paravian:matrix.paravian.netParavianHi guys22:13:45
@paravian:matrix.paravian.netParavianHow is everyone?22:34:53
@ira:furry.loloʞᴉɥSʇoɥSɐɹI Does bluescreens answer it? 22:36:18
@paravian:matrix.paravian.netParavianMaybe...? *blinks*22:46:09
@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275It does22:46:39
@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275And my condolences 22:46:47
@chromeosexual:matrix.thisisjoes.siteDeux changed their display name from local antifaggot to Deux.23:32:01
1 Aug 2021
In reply to @paravian:matrix.paravian.net
Maybe...? *blinks*
You know what bluescreen means, yea?
@paravian:matrix.paravian.netParavianAs in an operating system crashing? Yes, I do00:06:40
@ira:furry.loloʞᴉɥSʇoɥSɐɹIWhen I'm in Protogen form I can forcefully bluescreen00:07:56
@paravian:matrix.paravian.netParavianHmm, I see00:13:10
@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275True but you actually cant 00:16:56
@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275Cus it is dependent on your view of what a protogen is00:18:09
@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275Id you take the original authors view then the underlying entity under the nanite visor has no control over the visors operating system so can not bluescreen it 00:19:32
@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275Or if the entity bluscreened there organic brain in some way they would die00:20:00
@kerjava:matrix.orgBot-59275As a critical failure of brain function virtually always results in death if unresolved by external forces00:20:44

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