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Discussion about RiotX matrix client. https://github.com/vector-im/riotX-android/ Download nighly build here: https://matrix.org/jenkins/job/RiotXAndroidDevelop/165 Servers

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20 Nov 2019
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21 Nov 2019
00:53:59@tjader:tjader.xyztjaderMessage timestamps are showing wrong by one hour for me in RiotX, anyone seen that?
00:58:39@tjader:tjader.xyztjaderDoes riotx by any chance use an embedded version of tzdata instead of the system's?
06:00:02@ctskarl:matrix.orgKarl (AT)

Packaging it shouldn't take that much time tbh. There is clearly demand for it, and you'll get more testers. Tbh for an open-source app that caters to people that care about privacy and such, I would've put it on F-Droid first before GPlay really

+1, especially where Google blocked most Yalp access. I only have 1 app left coming via Yalp/Play everything else F-Droid or direct apk download and install. We have no Google accounts here nor do we use services from them. Riot via buildkite install. Running LineageOS on all tablets/phones.

In reply to @tjader:tjader.xyz
Message timestamps are showing wrong by one hour for me in RiotX, anyone seen that?
Mine are fine. I'm in CET / UTC+1
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22 Nov 2019
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23 Nov 2019
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24 Nov 2019
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25 Nov 2019
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26 Nov 2019
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28 Nov 2019
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